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Sherri Blum Interview

This month we are delighted to feature an artist that comes from an extensive background in interior decorating, design, and art. She has been featured in numerous magazines  for her wonderful whimsy creations and keen eye for nursery decor. We are so very happy to introduce you to Oopsy Daisy artist Sherri Blum! Sherri draws her inspiration from a vast number of avenues and never ceases to amaze us with her artistic flare and talent for creating art that is timelessly adorable. Recently, we had a chance to ask her a few questions about her work and here's what she had to say:


OD: Can you explain the inspiration behind your art and Jack and Jill Interiors?

SB: I had a wonderful childhood. I grew up in rural PA and my family owned and operated a horseback riding business. We had no TV to distract us for several years, and my brothers and I lived a wholesome childhood full of make-believe and outdoor fun while helping around the farm. My childhood was picture perfect and full of love and magic. As I grew up, my biggest aspiration in life was to become a mother and enjoy the magic of childhood all over again with my own children. That whimsical time in our lives when we have very few inhibitions and endless possibilities for our future is what I try to capture in my work.

As an interior designer sixteen years ago, I made the (then) unpopular decision to focus solely on nurseries and kids’ rooms and changed my company name from Bare Walls Design Co. to Jack and Jill Interiors. I took a risk by limiting my opportunities for work to something people at that time didn't typically spend their money on- kids’ rooms. But I had found something I was truly passionate about and decided to build a new company around baby and kids design. I absolutely love being a part of that special time in a couple’s life when they’re preparing to welcome their little blessing into the world. I also enjoy interacting with children to help create a magical space that is as unique as they. Little did I know sixteen years ago that I was pioneering a field of design that would grow into the booming business that it is today. For me, it’s all about love, nostalgia, and whimsy and how best to express it through what I do daily. I don’t know many people who can truly say that they wake up each day loving their work. I am blessed indeed.

OD:  Your art has such a vintage and modern feel to it at the same time – how do you capture this diversity but make it look so easy?

SB: Why, thank you! I never really sat down and thought about or defined my own “style” of art or design. I always look to the fashion runways to project what colors and patterns will become popular next in the home décor market. Typically bedding designers’ selections will follow the lead of fashion designers. I look to them to consider what patterns and colors are on trend at the moment. I combine those on-trend colors and patterns with timeless themes and images consistent with childhood nostalgia. I don’t want my art to become passé at any point. I want it to have lasting qualities so that customers find themselves using it for years and possibly generations to come.

OD:  How would you describe your style in 3 words?

SB: Timeless, nostalgic, whimsical

OD:  “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” has such a cool and soft set of colors. What were you feeling when you created this piece?

SB: This is one of my oldest designs and has been the most popular among celebrities. When I created this piece, my youngest son was just a toddler but seemed to be growing up so quickly! And his brother at six years older was quickly outgrowing his need for Mommy time. I remember often reminding myself that I needed to slow down each day and spend some individual time with each of my boys at bedtime. I didn't want to miss a thing and have regrets later. As a busy mom, I know how easily we can get caught up in the business of life and miss out on so much with our kids. I wanted to create a piece that might help other parents to remember to slow down daily and spend a few minutes singing a favorite lullaby or saying bedtime prayers together.

OD:  How has your style changed over time or has it not changed at all?

SB: I honestly think my style has remained fairly consistent over the years. I love the classics and am a creature of habit and tradition. I tried briefly a few years ago to create some modern art pieces, but my heart wasn't really in it. I am inspired by memories of my children and of my own childhood.

OD:  Believe You Can Fly” is another amazing piece of yours. Can you explain the history and meaning behind this piece?

SB: Thank you! This piece was inspired in several ways. First and foremost, I always enjoyed swinging from and climbing trees. We had tire swings, rope swings and even had a rope swing tied to a high branch to swing out over the lake that was literally in my back yard as a child and teen! (Picture the old Mountain Dew commercials with teens swinging on a rope out over a lake and dropping into the water from 12 feet up. Yep! That was my childhood!) On any given day, I could be found on one of those tree swings. My second inspiration for the piece came from my friend, Katy Mimari, owner and designer behind the fantastic bedding brand, Caden Lane. Katy wanted something special to coordinate with her popular bedding designs that feature the aqua and pink combination. Thirdly, while trees have already been a popular mural theme in nurseries for the past few years, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to their popularity so I figured I might as well get in on the action and paint a tree!

OD:  Your entire “Oui Paris” set is extremely adorable and chic – any plans on creating more pieces for this set or moving on to a similar type set?

SB: I really had fun with this set! I often get requests for pink/black/white rooms and anything French is eternally popular. I do have plans to create a British set this year (one for boys and one for girls). I figured I might as well monopolize on the current infatuation with the new British heir, Prince George and create some fun art in honor of him.

OD:  Finally, what are your future plans as an artist – any sneak peeks or teasers for things to come?

SB: Since signing on with Oopsy Daisy, I’m more inspired than ever to create new artwork. It’s great to work with a company so supportive of their artists. I have a sketchpad full of ideas that I’m dying to put onto canvas. I’m currently working on a piece for girls that will bring a new twist to an old favorite and have plans to complete a nautical inspired set for boys. If only there were more hours in a day…