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Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids

  • Holiday Crafts for Kids

    Winter is here! And with it brings our favorite holiday crafts for kids. As you count down to the holidays, here are some very easy and very cute crafts the whole family can make together. We've provided instructions for each, and for more details you can click on the link for each one to go to the original site where we found it.

    Cotton Ball Snowmen

    Cotton ball snowmen are ideal to make just about any old day. That's because you most likely have all these items on hand: cotton balls, construction paper, glue, and magic markers. That's it! Draw a snowman shape (or download a template from the link) and use that as the guide to glue in cotton balls. You can decorate the snowman with buttons or glitter or cut-out hats or beads, or you can use those magic markers. Easy-peasy.

    Candy Cane Chenille Stick Ornaments

    These candy cane beaded ornaments look great on gifts, doorknobs, and of course, Christmas trees! Just take a green chenille stick (that's a pipe cleaner, for those of us of a certain age!) and string it with red and white craft beads. This is the ideal size for little hands, since the holes in the beads and the chenille sticks are both nice and big. Crimp the ends so the beads don't fall off and bend the stick into a candy cane shape. Voila!

    Hand Print Wreath

    This hand print wreath is pretty lovely, don't you think? All you need is green construction paper (two different shades look extra nice), red construction paper, glue, and ribbon. If you'd like a little more stability, cut out a cardboard ring to glue everything onto. Trace your child's hand onto the paper and cut around it. Double up a couple sheets so you only have to make half as many cuts. Then glue the hands overlapping, into a circle. decorate with red holly berry circles, and once it's dry, hang with a pretty ribbon. A lovely gift!

    Most of all, have fun with these holiday crafts for kids. They're perfect for long days off from school or evenings when the grownups want to get together and celebrate.

    And if you love art for kids, come see what we've got at Oopsy Daisy. We know you'll find some art you love.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Cookies for Santa

    The clock is ticking! It's time to make cookies for Santa. We leave a nice big bowl of oatmeal and some carrots for the reindeer (did you know that Santa's reindeer love uncooked oatmeal? Just pour some in a big bowl and it is gone by morning!). For Santa, there are lots of options. We know he loves cookies of any kind, but why not have fun with making them?

    Here are three different types of cookies for Santa that you can make. And here's the best part: you can follow a recipe (we've included a link for each one), or you can take some shortcuts. The shortcuts are included on this page. Because time is running out! Santa is packing his sleigh right this very minute.

    reindeer cookies

    Follow the recipe here to make these super-cute reindeer cookies, or just do what we did: buy a tube of sugar cookie batter, some chocolate-covered pretzels, and some chocolate candies (like M & M's). Decorate the sugar cookies and bake according to package directions. Ta da! Maybe the reindeer will try a few with the oats. If Santa's willing to share.

    snowman hats

    These snowman hats look difficult but they don't have to be! The recipe is actually pretty simple, but we like to make it even simpler: get chocolate wafer cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate frosting.Cover the wafers with frosting. Stick the marshmallow in the center and decorate the rim of the hat with sprinkles or candies (from the baking or cake decorating aisle of the store, the kind of sugar decorations that are meant for cakes).  Then decorate with all sorts of sprinkles and candies. Fruit leather makes a great hat rim.

    peppermint thumbprints

    The recipe (here) is for red velvet cookies with peppermint tops, which sounds simply amazing. But our favorite shortcut is to mix red food coloring into sugar cookie batter (get a tube of it at the store) and then press an upside-down peppermint Hershey's Kiss into each. Bake according to package directions. Delicious!

    While you're cooking, check out our festive Santa art to get you inspired. We've included this very sweet ornament by Amy Blay to get you in the spirit, and we've got many, many more.

    Now start baking! And have fun.

  • Gift Guide for Everyone!

    Our Gift Guide is here! It's a carefully curated guide of some of our very favorite art pieces for kids and teens. Gift-giving feels overwhelming for lots of us, and we hope this gift guide will help you find the perfect piece of art for everyone on your list. Our art is Spirited, Eclectic, and Hand-Crafted, and here's a preview:


    There's no spirit like a child's, and our art celebrates that every day. Bright baby animals by Brett Blumenthal, inspirational phrases by Katie Daisy, and sports-themed art by some of our favorite artists: these are just a few of the ways to reflect a child's irrepressible spirit  on his or her walls.


    Our collection of art is eclectic in style: we've got realistic renditions of ballerinasabstracts that tickle the imagination, and everything in between. Our art is eclectic in form, too. Many of your favorite pieces are available on ornaments, wall decals, and growth charts. And you can choose our canvases framed or unframed.

    Hand Crafted

    Every piece we sell is made by hand. One at a time. In the USA. We're proud of that. And we know you'll be proud to give the gift of Oopsy Daisy art.

    Happy Holidays and

    Happy Shopping!

  • American Housewife features Oopsy Daisy Art!

    American Housewife on ABC was already one of our favorite new shows of the season. But when we recently caught sight of Oopsy Daisy art in Anna-Kat's room we loved it even more. English Horse Show by Donna Ingemanson hangs in the youngest Otto's room (played by Julia Butters).

    Our customers love this print too, with C. Jacqueline raving that it's "so cute and colorful!!" (note the double exclamation points - that's some serious enthusiasm!)

    Come see more of Donna Ingemanson's art on our site. She's got a whole series of horse-themed art, along with maps and alphabet art. In fact, her subject matter is so varied, and her colors are so vibrant, that everyone will find a favorite piece.

    And thanks again to American Housewife for showing some Oopsy Daisy love!



  • Holiday Ornaments!

    Holiday ornaments are among our very favorite gifts. That's because they pack so much art and sentiment into one little present. The holidays are just around the corner and you can check lots of people off your list with personalized Christmas ornaments.

    Fun Uses for Holiday Ornaments

    You can hang these on your tree, of course, and it's an annual thrill for kids to get a brand new ornament with their name on it. And did you know the date is on the back of many of our styles? Imagine sending a child off to college (yes, that day will come!) with a collection of dated, personalized ornaments that each hold a special memory. Now that's a meaningful collection that a child will enjoy year after year.

    But here are a few other ways to display holiday ornaments that lets you enjoy them even before they get on the tree:

    Gift Tags

    Personalize an ornament for everyone on your list. Attach one of our porcelain ornaments to the bow of a special gift to make the gift even more special. Each ornament comes with a coordinating ribbon that can be tied right on the gift, and every0one will know whose it is.

    Place Cards

    Setting a holiday table? Make sure everyone knows where to sit by placing a specially chosen,  personalized ornament on their plate. The best part is that these place cards are outstanding, one-of-a-kind party favors that your guests can bring home.

    Mini Art

    Check out our Katie Daisy ornaments that feature inspirational quotes and coordinating art, Eli Halpin ornaments that depict interesting and imaginative animals, or Creative Thursday by Marisa ornaments with sweet characters to brighten a little corner of a room. These ornaments work year-round as mini masterpieces to hang on the wall, maybe above a dresser, next to a window, or in a grouping of several.

    Now's the time to take a look at our personalized holiday ornaments and choose one for everyone on your list. You'll guarantee a wonderful gift-giving moment and even an art-filled year to come.


  • Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

    Thanksgiving crafts are an excellent way to keep little ones busy while the grownups are cooking (or conversing!). We have some fun crafts for kids straight from our Pinterest Page.

    Footprint Turkeys

    These are a terrific spin on the tried-and-true handprint turkeys we've been making for years. Unlike those handprint turkeys which are right-side up, the footprint is placed upside down. The toes become feathers! Use brown paint for the print and then draw or paste colored feathers around it. Or you can use fingerprints to make little feathers all around the turkey!

    Craft Stick Turkey

    These little charmers make great place cards for Thanksgiving dinner guests. (Bonus: guests can take them home!) Start with a craft stick, then paint it and glue on googly eyes and a beak (or draw them on). On the back, glue on craft feathers at the top. Once it's dry, you can use a permanent marker to write a person's name on the stick.

    Turkey Leaves

    This craft can involve a leaf hunt, which is a great way to get everyone outside - and out of the kitchen - before dinner! Find two perfect leaves and glue the larger on the back of the smaller (to look like lots of feathers). Add eyes and a beak, and then bend the two stems to look like legs.

    Have fun making your Thanksgiving crafts! There's nothing we at Oopsy Daisy love more than art for kids, except maybe art BY kids.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Modern Family art from Oopsy Daisy!

    Oopsy Daisy loves the hit ABC show Modern Family. And Oopsy Daisy loves Modern Family art! Our Cherry Blossom Birdies by Winborg Sisters hung in Baby Lily's room. And now in a recent episode we caught sight of three of our favorite pieces, grouped together in a way we hadn't thought of but that works beautifully.

    Bunny Friends - Pale Pink by Eli Halpin

    Baby Bear Standing by Cathy Walters

    Baby Fox by Cathy Walters

    It's in a scene where Gloria takes Joe in for speech therapy. (She hilariously attempts to tamp down her gorgeous Colombian accent, thinking it was causing him to mispronounce English words.) On the wall above Gloria's head, three Oopsy Daisy art pieces decorate the speech therapist's cheery office.

    Thanks, Modern Family!

    Looks like you love Oopsy Daisy as much as we love you. We'll keep watching your show and we hope you'll keep watching our site for more Oopsy Daisy pieces to add to your Modern Family art collection.

  • Election Day!

    Election Day is Tuesday, November 8! Every year in the United States, elections are on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. You may be having mock elections at school, and you probably know the name of at least one or two people who are running for President. But did you know that there is an election day every November, even when there is no Presidential election? On the years when our country is not electing a new president, we still hold elections for positions including school board members, mayors, senators, judges, representatives, and for issues like school levys.

    Election Day Facts

    Here are some other interesting Election Day facts:

    We have never had a president whose last name began with the letter S. (There are other letters that's true for as well, but S is a very common letter!)

    Women received the right to vote in 1920.

    The voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971.

    Abraham Lincoln was our nation's tallest president. He was 6'4".

    Ask an adult if you can come with him or her to the polls. It's interesting to see our election process at work!

    And take a look at some of our patriotic art, perfect for election day or any day. All our art is proudly made in the USA.

  • Halloween Jokes

    Finally, Monday is Halloween! Our treat for you is a bunch of very funny Halloween jokes. Maybe when you trick or treat, you can tell these jokes to the neighbors when they hand out candy. Talk about a treat for them!

    What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?


    What do witches put in their hair?

    Scare Spray.

    Where do ghosts waterski?

    On Lake Erie.

    What kind of dog does Dracula have?

    A bloodhound.

    Why does Dracula take cold medicine?

    To stop his coffin.

    How do monsters like their eggs?


    What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?

    I Scream.

    How do you make a witch itch?

    Take away the W.

    What is a witch’s best subject in school?


    Now that you’re laughing, have fun checking out our Halloween art. And Happy Halloween!

    Do you know any good Halloween jokes? Maybe you can make some up!

  • Halloween Costumes for Kids

    Check out our Halloween-themed Pinterest page! We corralled a bunch of cute, easy Halloween Costumes for Kids. The big day is just over two weeks away, so now's the time to get started on the perfect costume! Here are a few suggestions:

    Charlie Brown:

    As if bald babies weren't cute enough already! Decorate a yellow shirt or onesie with black electrical tape to make Charlie's iconic zig-zag. Draw a wisp of hair and eyebrows on your little one's head with eyeliner and give him a Snoopy to cuddle. Adorable.

    Parisian Artist:

    A black-and-white striped shirt and a black beret are all you need to become an instant artiste! Add a little moustache with eyeliner for flair. Or if you'd rather be a mime, just finish this off with white face paint. Of course then you'll have to come up with a way to mime "trick or treat" at every house!

    TY Dog:

    Ok, this one isn't a Halloween Costume for Kids, but it's a super-cute one for dogs so we threw it in. Just fold a piece of poster board in half and cut out a large hear, leaving the left side together so it opens like a book. Decorate it like a TY label and inside, write a little information about your sweet pet. Tie it to Fido's collar and voila!

    And as you get ready for Halloween, don't forget to check out this Halloween placemat by Jill McDonald. Personalize with a child's name for Halloween day meals, or with a family name to place under the treat bowl!


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