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Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids

  • Meet Maren Devine

    Meet Maren Devine


    Maren Devine finds inspiration all over, and she tries to return the favor as much as she can. “Magazines, being outside, looking at other people’s work, that’s all very inspiring,” she says. “And Instagram has been a wonderful source of people and inspiration.” Devine posts her own work on Instagram, providing inspiration for others. “I try to post at least once a day,” she says, “and sometimes more than that. New works, a lot of paintings, prints, that kind of thing.”

    Once she has the spark of an idea, though, Devine lets her imagination take over. “I love doing flowers. Previously, I would work from ones around the house. Now I make them up. They’re more abstract. I do use subject matter [as a starting point] but I find if I don’t have a preconceived idea of what something should look like, I like the end result better.”

    This idea of trusting her instincts has served Devine well over her career. She earned an MFA and worked as a designer, but when her daughters were small she went back to school and became a high school art teacher. “I loved teaching high school,” she remembers. “The students were so fun to talk to. They were fearless. There is a lot of happiness being around high school kids.”

    But she also started painting every day, and quickly realized she’d missed working with her hands. She started showing her art. And soon she knew she was ready to make the leap and start working on her own art full time. She says her husband was a major supporter of that decision, which helped her take the important step.

    Devine loves being a full-time artist, and she says she always has music playing—any music. “If I have music on everything goes better,” she explains. “I love jazz and old music like ’70s or new stuff that my daughters are listening to. Anything that sounds good that day. It just puts me in the mood. I’ll just have it on in the background. I don’t sing along,” she adds. “That would not be good!”

    In addition to flowers, Devine finds herself drawn to painting marshes, probably because she remembers them fondly from her childhood. “We’d go for drives to the marshes [she grew up in Florida and New Orleans]. My paintings remind me of that. We did a lot of traveling growing up. We even have them in South Texas, where I live now, that look very similar. Some of the ones I paint are memories I’ve had or pictures I’ve taken from driving down the coast.”

    Devine says she loves color but doesn’t have a particular favorite. “Right now I like a lot of blue,” she explains. “I love pink too. Last year I was using a lot of lime green. It always changes.” She pauses. “But if you looked at my paints you’d think my favorite color is pink. I have one large box for each color but two for pink. I can’t not buy a tube of pink paint. I love them all: the light ones, fuchsias, magentas…”

    Maren Devine considers for a moment, perhaps letting inspiration find her again.

  • All About Baby Names!

    All About Baby Names!

    Whether you settle on a family name that’s been passed down through generations or something completely unique and unexpected – choosing a baby name is an adventure! Nameberry recently released a list of what they predict to be the most popular infant names of 2017. This list spans the entire alphabet from A to Z, so there is truly something for everyone, even those who prefer a little extra je ne sais quoi in their baby's name.

    Here are the top 5 names for boy + girl:

    Boy - Aiden, Baxter, Benno, Cyrus, Lionel

    Girl - Arcadia, Astrid, Ciara, Emilia, Sadie

    A few of our favorites off of this coveted list are:









    Whether you decide to go the traditional route with names like Elizabeth and Anthony or get a little more creative with a son named Ryder and a daughter named Sasha, one thing is certain –someday, your child will ask how they received their name.  Names are reflections of a precious memory or a unique thought. The best way to help your child start appreciating their awesome name is to put it in places where a they can view it often. Some of our favorite ways to showcase names is to hang personalized wall art and growth charts are in the bedroom or playroom and, of course, the trusty night light belongs next to their bed to help them drift off to sleep!

    As a company that was inspired by children, we know firsthand that giving your little one something that makes them feel special is a feeling they’ll remember for a lifetime. So next time you find yourself searching for a one-of-a-kind gift for little Aiden or Sophia, try looking through our wide and incomparable selections of customizable art! Many of our products can be personalized with your child’s name – from a personalized canvas to a custom placemat, with over 3,000 designs to choose from, the possibilities are HUGE.

    Here are a few examples of personalized art that will inspire you:


    Baby Bunnies Nightlight




    Baby Bunnies by Cathy Walters Night Light, $39.00

    One of our favorite ways to comfort our kids is with the use of a night light. This bright little device is all you need to keep the monsters away once the sun sets and bedtime rolls around. Sure, night lights aren’t necessarily a new invention – but we’ve taken a childhood favorite and kicked it up a notch by adding the option of personalization! Our night light’s not only feature miniature versions of our best-selling art pieces, but they also proudly display your child’s name for that extra special touch that every kid deserves. One of the cutest personalized styles we currently offer is the Baby Bunnies Night Light by one of our most beloved artists, Cathy Walters.


    ABC Animalia Blues Canvas Wall Art




    ABC Animalia – Blues Canvas Wall Art by Ampersand Design Studio, starting at $69.00

    If you’re looking for an educational and stimulating gift for your curious little kiddo – try one of our many alphabet-themed personalized canvas wall art pieces. Art is one of the most effective learning tools and the moms of Oopsy Daisy swear by these unique artworks. Not only will this one-of-a-kind gift help your little one learn their ABC’s, but it will also excite them to see their own name in big letters! Teaching a child to actively focus is hard work – but personalizing an educational work of art specially for them will be a positive way to capture their attention. Take our ABC Animalia – Blues canvas art piece by Ampersand Design Studios as an example of effective educational art with a precious personal touch.



    Ways To Wheel Growth Chart



    Ways To Wheel Growth Chart by Vicky Barone, $49.00

    As much as we hate it, our kids grow every day. One day, they might even get tall enough to tower over us and we won’t be able to call them “little ones“ anymore. Although we wish our tiny tots could stay, well . . . tiny, all we can do is enjoy their cute stature for as long as possible. And what better way to treasure their every budding inch than with the use of a Growth Chart! Our Growth Charts are thoughtfully curated to be durable for years and can be easily stored as a keepsake. One day, your matured young adult will thank you for showing them how much you cared about their development as a growing toddler. One of our best customizable Growth Charts is the Ways to Wheel by Vicky Barone.



  • Meet Cathy Walters

    Meet Cathy Walters

    When Colorado artist Cathy Walters was a little girl, her stuffed animals were very special to her. “All my stuffed animals had names,” she remembers. “I traded out each and slept with each individually so none of them would be lonely.” This appreciation for each individual shows in her work, especially her animal portraits. Each animal seems to have a lot of feeling behind the eyes.

    “I think animals have this internal world that we know nothing about,” Walters says. “I think of that while I’m painting them: What has this little guy been through? What is his background? Is this one healing from a barnyard heartbreak?”

    Talk about soulful! Hang a few of these realistic canvases on the wall and you may find yourself wondering the same. That’s probably one reason why Walters’ baby animal portraits are so popular with parents: the works give little ones an instant companion.

    Walters was a painting major at San Jose State and UCLA and used to work primarily in oils and large abstract pieces, she says.

    But the art she creates for Green Box and Oopsy Daisy is made in a way that wasn’t even possible when she was in school. “Almost everything I do for the site is digitally, on my iPad,” she says. “It’s super fun. It really works just like traditional painting but much faster. I didn’t realize how fast a painter I was until I didn’t have to wait for the paint to dry. Most of my painting is done in thirty minutes to two hours.” Walters doesn’t have to find room to store her paintings, either, since they’re all stored on the iPad.

    Best of all, she can create her art anywhere, even with her whole family around her. “I want to do something creative every day but I want to hang out with my teenagers,” she explains (she and her husband have two). “So I sit cross-legged on our sectional and watch TV and paint.”

    Walters creates art every day, and posts art journaling pages on her website, cathywalters.com. She encourages other artists, especially kids, to keep making art. “Do it every day,” she urges. “When I started a daily practice of sketching and painting, I really got proficient with being able to see something and sketch it. Be brave enough to make bad art. If you go into it saying, ‘I’m going to make this amazing thing,’ that’s too much pressure. It’s okay not to be too great at first.”

    Cathy Walters does so much painting that it’s hard for her to choose a favorite, though she says she is partial to the turtle in her piece “Swimming Sea,” in part because she loves the ocean. When asked her favorite animal, her answer is a little quicker. “I really like goats,” she says. “They’re super curious and I feel like they’re way more intelligent than people give them credit for. I think I relate to that a bit. I’m a pretty cheery person; I love laughing and making people feel good. I think that sometimes makes people underestimate my intelligence. I’m smarter than I think people think I am.”

    Just like the thoughtful, soulful animals she paints, Cathy Walters has a lot going on inside.


  • Oopsy Daisy's Very Hungry Staff Celebrates Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar Day

    Around here, we love a reason to celebrate. So, with Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day right around the corner (March 20) we had a picnic in honor of that little guy with all of his delicious favorites on the menu to feed our Very Hungry Staff! It was a Vegetarian lunch with foods mentioned in Eric Carle's beloved book, like cherry pie, lollipops, cup cakes, strawberries, apples, oranges, and all those types of delightful goodies.  To keep the presentation playful, all the grapes, cucumber slices and cupcakes were arranged in the shapes of caterpillars. We simply felt it was necessary to take every opportunity to honor The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day in all it's treasured glory, and keep it FUN.

    While The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day is a perfect excuse to have an Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party, it's also a perfect theme for any birthday party, summer party, back to school party, etc. ! The decor is bright and fun, it gives you incentive to serve your guests a healthier selection of party treats, and think of the fun games and activities you can put together!

    Our activities included "Pin the Antennae on the Caterpillar" and "Create the Best PLAY-DOH Caterpillar" for prizes. It's fun to see the creativity of each participant with their supply of PLAY-DOH making big caterpillars, small caterpillars, flat, tall, and rainbow caterpillars! To pin an antenna on a caterpillar, we used one of our giclée canvas prints of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, cut out antennae shaped colorful papers adding a little tape, added a blindfold to the contestants, and voila! This is a simple and safe game that definitely got some laughs from our crew!

    Lastly, our team challenge involved groups of employees gathering together to create tissue paper collage masterpieces inspired by Eric Carle's characteristic style. The results weren't quite as spectacular as The Master's, but we had a blast! The winners in this competition received a small army of caterpillars to care for while they mature (which is typically 7-10 days), at which time they get to release them as butterflies! The event was a hit, and we can't wait for the butterfly release.

    Whether it's home décor or party décor, we are all about it! So, we had a great time getting crafty with party decorations, and our kids' wall décor line of Eric Carle artwork fit in perfectly wi15th the festivities.

  • Home Decor Trends for Spring/Summer 2017!

     Home Decor Trends Spring Summer 2017


    Winter is over and now we can trade in our blanket scarves and Sherpa jackets for light layers and ankle-length skinnies! We can also begin transitioning our homes for a new season. This month we are happy to bring you a list of some of the coolest and most prominent upcoming trends for spring and summertime!


    Let’s jump into the list with a bold and innovative use of an everyday material. This season, gold and silver will have to take a backseat to copper! This metal is no longer just for pennies - its reddish, orange hue is incredibly gorgeous and will add a special touch of elegance to your home. You can find décor and accessories with copper accents in ultra-luxe furnishing stores, but have no worries, retailers like Target are also catching on to the trend! Take a quick glance at some of our favorite copper pieces and their even better price points:

    Flatware 5 pc Set Copper - Modern by Dwell Magazine - $24.99, Target

    Large Metal Wire Basket - $24.99, H&M

    Large Metal Wire Basket from H&M


    The next decor trend will truly give your home a unique and Instagram-worthy look. It goes without saying that marble has cemented its place in the design world. From cell phone cases to jewelry, let’s face it - marble is everywhere! Marble is formed by minerals and is recognized as one of the oldest art mediums, historically used to create beautiful sculptures for imperial families. Fast forward to springtime of 2017 and you can officially have marble accents in your own home, with or without a royal link! In case you’re looking to add some marble into your life, here is some inspiration:

    Marble Dipping Bowl - $29.95, William-Sonoma


    Marble Dipping Bowl


    Marble Terracotta Planter - $12, Urban Outfitters


    Next up, one of the trend we’re highlighting interior design for the spring/summer season is not an actual item or pattern, but rather a concept. It’s actually a trend that originated during winter 2016, but is definitely rolling over into the sunny seasons ahead! Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is Danish for “coziness” and essentially embodies all things heartwarming. and comfortable. Of all the trends mentioned, hygge is by far our favorite - who doesn’t want to make their home even MORE cozy?  Try adding some hygge into your kitchens, bedrooms, and overall space by adding small touches that will make a huge difference:


    Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle - $28.00, Anthropologie

    Slide View: 1: Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle


    Jaipur Spirit Hand Loomed Throw Blanket - $49.00, Nordstrom

    Main Image - Jaipur Spirit Hand Loomed Throw Blanket

    Modern Floral

    Last is the fun and flirty floral trend that can be seen everywhere from Pinterest to the pages of ELLE. Florals add a touch of feminine flair to any room and, although they aren’t the most innovative design trend, they are the prettiest! Recently, florals have appeared in modern style bedding and unique home décor accents. They aren’t just wilting in a glass vase anymore, florals are becoming a part of the space and making a lasting impression on the home décor world. Take a look at some of our favorite contemporary uses of florals:

    Cobalt Blue Montgomery Duvet Cover & Sham – $89.00-159.00, Crane & Canopy

    Bedroom inspiration and bedding decor | The Montgomery Cobalt Blue Duvet Cover | Crane and Canopy

    Sunflowers Forever Wall Tapestry – $39.00-79.00, Society 6

  • Top 5 Valentine's Day Treats!

    Our Fave Valentine's Day Treats Are Here!

    Valentine’s Day is upon us and we are loving it! This happy holiday is all about doing a little extra for those special people you keep close to your heart! What better way to show them how much you care than with a unique seasonal treat!

    Here’s our list of the top 5 candies, pastries, and delicacies that everyone should try this Valentine’s Day:

    Molten Chocolate Trio from Starbucks

    Starbucks lovers rejoice!

    If you (or someone you love) is a Starbucks gold-member, then drop by your local coffee shop and grab one of the limited edition Molten Chocolate Trio beverages – all of which are unbelievably tasty and GreenBox Art approved!

    According to the official Starbucks site, these sweet drinks are only sticking around till V-Day so don’t miss out!

    Starbucks Chocolate Molten Drinks Starbucks Chocolate Molten Drinks

    Ice Cream Flowers

    Here’s one for So Cal!

    If you’re in the Santa Monica area and want to make someone’s day, take them to Cauldron Ice Cream shop. This eclectic ice cream store is serving up a the most beautiful rose-shaped cone you’ll ever see - plus it tastes like a dream!

    With a variety of flavors, we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect treat for yourself and your significant other as well!

    Ice Cream Flowers Ice Cream Flowers

    Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies

    They are just as adorable as they sound!

    Found via one of our favorite bloggers, Cupcakes and Cashmere, we determined this snack is perfect for sharing with anyone from coworkers to close friends. Take a timeless milk chocolate like the Hershey’s Kiss and transform it into an easy to make treat that fits perfectly in your mouth!

    We’re in love!

    Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies

    Red Cherry Pie Envelopes

    Let that sink in – delicious red cherries presented in an envelope shaped Pillsbury pasty! We can hardly believe how much Valentine’s Day brings out our artistic sides, but we are very pleased with this new sweet treat. Not only is it thoughtful and creative, it’s also fairly simple to make!

    We discovered the recipe with a full tutorial on Cosmopolitan.

    Red Cherry Pie Envelopes Red Cherry Pie Envelopes
  • Start an Art Collection: A how-to

    We're sharing tips this week on how to start an art collection, because we know that it can be a little daunting to choose art for your child's room when there's so much to choose from!

    A Focal Piece

    It's likely that one canvas from our Oopsy Daisy collection will catch your eye immediately. That's a great place to start. Begin with a piece that makes you or your child smile, whether it's the subject matter or the colors. You want to build a collection that you love, first and foremost. The example we'll use is Cherry Blossom Birdies, by Winborg Sisters. It's one of our most popular pieces.

    Choose a Theme

    Once you've chosen your central piece of art, you can add others by building on a theme. Our website is set up to make this pretty simple to do: just look on the left side of the home page at "shop by" and "filters." Then, choose something about the first art piece that you'd like to focus on. Some ideas:

    1. Color: For Cherry Blossom Birdies, decide which color you want to call out. You could choose to add other pieces that play off the red in the canvas, or the blue, or the pink. Or all three! You can search oopsydaisy.com by color to see an assortment of pieces that will compliment the central piece.
    2. Subject Matter: What is it about the first piece that you like, in terms of subject? You might decide, for example, to go with a theme of nature, or birds, or trees or springtime. Again, you can search by subject on our site, either by using the "theme" dropdown or entering your word into the search box.
    3. Artist: Start a collection of works by an artist whose work you admire. Search our site by artist and find pieces that you like as much as the initial one you chose.

    And now you've got an art collection!



  • Friday the 13th

    Today is Friday the 13th, and last night was a full moon (the Wolf Moon). If you are a superstitious person, that's a double whammy! Here are some interesting facts about both events.


    Do you have paraskavedekatriaphobia? That means a fear of Friday the thirteenth. If you do, you're not alone. Here are some interesting facts about Friday the 13:

    -There were said to be 13 people at The Last Supper, and President Theodore Roosevelt reportedly refused to ever have 13 people at a meal, or to travel on Friday the 13th.

    -Plane tickets often cost less if you want to fly on Friday the 13th. That's because lots of people refuse to fly on this day!

    -Next time you get on the elevator of a tall building, take a look at the numbers. Is there a floor 13? Many buildings don't have one, because it's considered unlucky.


    Do you have selenophobia? That means a fear of a full moon. Full moons are said to bring about bad luck and strange behavior, which is where the legend of the werewolf comes from. (If werewolves come out on full moons and last night's full moon was a Wolf Moon, we wonder what that means!)

    -In a 2005 study, almost 70% of nurses interviewed said they believed that a full moon resulted in more patients in the ER.

    -Some police officers think that a full moon makes people act with less regard to the law.

    -And of course, those who believe in werewolves believe that the full moon causes them to turn into these hairy beasts.

    Do you believe in bad luck? We don't. But it's fun to learn more about these events. Have a lucky day, okay?


  • Snow Fun Crafts for Winter Days

    Winter is here, and no matter where you live, that means Snow Fun is here too. You may live in an area where there's lots and lots (and lots!) of snow, or you may only get a little, or you may never have actually seen real snow before. No worry. Here are some fun snow-related activities that can be done anywhere. All you need is your imagination!

    Snow in a bag

    This project is just one of many we found at a fun website with a science focus for kids. To make snow in a bag, you need a large zipper plastic bag, snow, and an Alka-Seltzer tablet. Don't have snow? Crush ice really, really fine in a blender. Fill the bag with ice, drop in the Alka-Zeltzer, and watch it expand. And expand!

    Snow Dough

    This one is pretty amazing because it's so incredibly simple! Just combine corn starch and lotion until it's in a clay-like consistency. You can add some peppermint extract for a nice scent or glitter for a glistening snow effect. Now use this just like clay and make a (tiny) snowman!

    Baby Snowmen

    These little guys are so cute we can't stop making them! All you need is white pom-poms of differing sizes, glue, and black felt. The rest is pretty explanatory; just build them, glue them, and decorate! Make a whole family or a whole classroom full.

    Be sure to take a look at our snow art, too--we love the snow as much as you do!

  • New Years Eve Noisemakers

    New Year's Eve is all about making some noise to ring in 2017. Here are a few of our favorite, kid-friendly, New Years Eve Noisemakers. Each of these is simple to make and a fun project for the kids while the grown-ups sing Auld Lang Syne.

    Easter-Egg Maracas

    These Easter Egg Maracas are a definite case of "why didn't I think of that?" All you need are 2 plastic spoons, a plastic Easter egg, beads or rice or pennies for inside, and tape (electrical tape or duct tape works best, but masking tape will do!). Fill the egg with the noise makers, hold it between the spoon heads, and wrap in tape. That's it! Then decorate and shake, shake, shake.

    Noise Maker Cups

    You just might have some of these clear plastic cups out for the party anyway--turn them into Noise Maker Cups. Fill one with beads or pebbles, and add some tinsel or confetti. Tape the two sides together. Decorate with stickers or magic markers.

    Jingle Bell Noise Makers

    We love these jingle bell noise makers because they incorporate sleigh bells! Paint a craft stick and hot-glue three jingle bells to it. Decorate with ribbon. That's it! Jingle all the way into the new year.

    Happy New Year from all of us at Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art for Kids!


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