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TV & Film

  • Oopsy Daisy Art in the Movies!

    We're always thrilled to spot Oopsy Daisy art in the movies. In fact, two of our favorite  recent films feature Oopsy Daisy art. The best part? You can still see these films in theaters or on DVD. And what's even better,  you can buy the same art for yourself.


    Daddy's Home, starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, is in theaters now. Check out the bedroom the kids in the film share: Modern Animals - Lion is hanging cheerily on the wall while Modern Animals - Red Fox is visible in the hallway. Both are graphic, bright pieces by Sass & Peril, by designer Shannon Kennedy. Check out our Sass & Peril assortment, which includes a whole collection of different, shape-based animals. Display one for a simple and clean look or create your own curated gallery. And, if you can stop laughing for a moment, see if you can spot the Lion and Fox in Daddy's Home. This isn't the first time Sass & Peril's Oopsy Daisy art has hit the screen: it's also been on TV shows including Revenge and Glee.


    our world


    If you're looking for a rental to watch at home, Ant-Man is out now. Not only is this Paul Rudd superhero film exciting and family-friendly, but it also features Oopsy Daisy art. Our World, by Donna Ingemanson, makes an appearance in the film. This perennial customer favorite can be personalized with your child's name (or "Ant-Man," if you'd like!) We've got many other Donna Ingemanson prints, too, so you can be a superhero and find one that's perfect for your favorite little bug.


  • Oopsy Daisy Art on Criminal Minds

    Nothing makes us happier than seeing people enjoy Oopsy Daisy artwork. So, when we spot an Oopsy Daisy canvas art or personalized growth chart on TV, we're as proud as peacocks! Ergo, seeing Oopsy Daisy art on Criminal Minds recently made us get out the remote and hit the ol' pause button to bask in our excitement!

    In one scene on Episode 3 of Season 9, we spotted artwork from not one, but two Oopsy Daisy Artists! (Well, three if you count one of those artists as a super sister duo).

    Carter Carpin's "Brilliant Swirl" and "Brilliant Petals" brighten up this hospital family space quite nicely. We saw these instantly, as she's simply got an energizing, unmistakable style that brings life to a room!

    oopsy daisy art on criminal minds Carter Carpin's Artwork on Criminal Minds

    In the same room, we were bowled over to see another favorite of ours, "Cherry Blossom Birdies" by the Winborg Sisters! There's nary a room that doesn't get a dose of sunshine when this sweet artwork is hung on the wall.

    oopsy daisy art on criminal minds Winborg Sisters' Artwork on Criminal Minds

    We think it's quite clear how proud we are to have our stellar artists in the spotlight! We know we're not the only ones who adore all their artwork for kids' rooms, and it's the icing on the cake to see them on the TV shows we love.


  • We ♥ Modern Family and Cherry Blossom Birdies

    If we were asked what we love more than the hit TV show Modern Family, we'd have to answer that it's when we see Cherry Blossom Birdies on Modern Family! There's no shortage of love around for the hilarious sitcom Modern Family and Cherry Blossom Birdies has gotten quite a following, as well! The Winborg Sisters really struck artistic gold when they created this adorable piece that is loved by people near and far, big and small. Cherry Blossom Birdies has such broad appeal, it's in the bedrooms of babies to big girls all around the country and we've created a slew of Cherry Blossom Birdies themed products to accent this canvas wall art and even in different colorways!

    In addition, we're super happy to spot a few of our other lovely pieces of artwork that have made appearances in Lily's room on Modern Family. Sally Bennett's vintage-inspired nursery wall art Hootie Owl and Ella Elephant along with Caroline Blum's "Making My Mark".

    While we enjoy tuning in as  much as humanly possible to Modern Family, nothing brings bigger smiles to Oopsy daisy faces than spotting our artwork in all the funny scenes.

    P. S. Don't forget about Aaron Christensen's I Love Rock & Roll Girl in Alex's room!

  • From Eric Carle’s Colorful World to Beloved Kids Wall Art

    Throughout our lifetimes, artists will touch our hearts at different stages and ages. With fans that last from their childhood to adulthood, no artist has touched more hearts than Eric Carle. Having sold over 36 million copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and over 118 million copies of Eric Carle books sold worldwide, countless minds have been transformed into book lovers through his heartwarming illustrations and memorable stories.

    AARP, The American Association of Retired Persons, recently featured the celebrated artist in an interview that ran on their PBS show My Generation. The interview introduces us to the life and childhood that shaped Eric Carle into a renowned collage illustrator of children's picture books. He grew up in Germany during World War II, getting introduced as a young teenager to so called "degenerate art" by an art teacher and mentor. This modern art, including Picasso and Expressionists, was banned by the Nazis for its avant-garde nature. His glimpse into this new world of art changed his life.

    All of his books have been an exciting creative process, starting with ideas which he credits, "Some come from the inside, and some come from the outside." He's created picture books he should have had as a child, and now gets to enjoy as an adult. Every character created by Eric Carle has a special place in the hearts of many. We at Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids are honored to capture his vibrant images providing visual memories as artwork for kids rooms to last for generations.



  • Brightening up House with Gale Kaseguma

    We are so happy that the Emmy Award-winning TV program House (going on their 8th season on the air) featured 3 of our very own Gale Kaseguma's art pieces in a recent episode. On last night's episode, you may have spotted Summertime with Birds, Spring Jazz Square, and Flower Stalks all in our white shadowbox frames in a scene or two. There's nothing like spotting our artwork on television to make us smile!

    Gale Kaseguma's canvas wall art pieces will perfectly accent any House scene with bright and warm colors, and tissue paper cutouts. Her wonderful talent will be celebrated forever.


  • Creative Thursday by Marisa on Criminal Minds

    We are so excited to see more artwork by Marisa Haedike on television! She now has one of her uber-adorable pieces Zoo Babies in a young lady's bedroom on the hit series "Criminal Minds". Be sure to check it out!

  • Up All Night Features Art We Know and Love

    Up All Night is a sitcom starring Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett). They are loving and caring, both with their baby and each other but overwhelmed and surprised by the current state of affairs created by the introduction of an infant into their world. We are thrilled to have The Gang Celebrates by Creative Thursday by Marisa grace the wall of the nursery on the set of this new hit show.


  • Modern Family (& Oopsy daisy) Sweeps Emmys

    Modern Family is a hysterical sitcom that once again swept the Emmys by taking home five of the winged lady statuettes. We'd like to think that our art had something to do with the it! Cherry Blossom Birdies by the Winborg Sisters, Making My Mark by Caroline Blum and Ella the Elephant by Sally Bennett all show up in the nursery of Cameron and Mitchell's baby daughter. The room of Haley Dunphy wouldn't rock without Aaron Christensen's art titled I love Rock & Roll.

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