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Oopsy At Home

  • Thanksgiving Table Crafts for Kids


    Thanksgiving Placemat

    It's almost Thanksgiving! If you are as excited as we are, you might need some ways to keep yourself busy. How about helping to get the table ready? Here are some Thanksgiving table crafts for kids to do while they're waiting for the big dinner.

    Wrap the Silverwarethanksgiving table crafts for kids

    Grab some bright napkins (doesn't matter if they're paper or cloth) and wrap each one around a knife, fork, and spoon. Tie thew bundle with twine or pretty ribbon. Put one at each person's place at the table.

    thanksgiving table crafts for kidsCreate a Fruit Tray

    Here's the cutest turkey we've ever seen! Follow this picture or use your favorite fruits. Just make sure you start with a pear for the turkey shape and fan out lots of fruits around it. It's healthy and it's fun.



    Decorate a Candle Holderthanksgiving table crafts for kids

    The one in the picture uses popcorn kernels, but candy corn would look pretty, too. Put a candle in a glass holder and then carefully pour the kernels or candies around it and voila! Be sure not to fill up too close to the flame!

    Make Placemats

    This one's our favorite, because at Oopsy Daisy, we love personalized placemats! Get a large piece of paper (or tape 4 standard drawing papers together) and draw something that's special to one guest at your Thanksgiving dinner. Put that person's name on it so they know where to sit and that the artwork is just for them. Make one for every guest and your friends and family will have a treasure to take home with them after the meal is over.

    Next year, how about an Oopsy Daisy Thanksgiving placemat for everyone? Come take a look, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Creative School Lunches

    Now that kids are settling into a new school year, let's talk about Creative School Lunches! Now, we don't mean creative as in works of art, necessarily, but if you want to see some amazing works of lunch art check these out.

    Now, what we at Oopsy Daisy mean by Creative School Lunches is something a little new. Something a little different. Something in addition to the predictable tuna sandwich. Start with our Pinterest board of A+ Back-to-School lunches. Here's a highlight of some of our favorites:

    Butterfly Baggies: Lay a slide-lock plastic baggie flat. Gather the middle of it and clip with a clothespin. Fill the "wings" with grapes, pretzels, or other small healthy treats. You can even do two different treats, one in each wing. Zip the bag shut and decorate the clothespin. Bonus: the pin is reusable!

    Pizza Muffins: Divide refrigerated pizza dough into balls large enough to fill cupcake pan openings. Fill each individual pan about 3/4 full. Top refrigerated pizza dough with sauce, cheese, and any pizza toppings your kids love. Bake according to package directions. Yum! Bonus: these freeze well, so you can make some for now, some for later.

    Banana Dog: This one is so, so easy and so, so smart! Peel a banana and put it, hot-dog like, into a bun. Top with strawberry jelly and a smear of peanut butter (or treat your kid and use chocolate-nut butter!). Bonus: your kid will be the talk of the table.

    On Saturdays, celebrate the weekend with our favorite creative lunch tip: a personalized placemat. At Oopsy Daisy, we have hundreds--hundreds!--to choose from. So take a look and find the sports, colors, activities, or animals your kid loves most. Then serve up lunch atop it. Bonus: nothing makes a kids feel more special than personalized art.

    Bon Appetit!

  • Our Growth Charts are Big-Time Cute!

    It's back-to-school time (sorry kids!) and for parents and grandparents, that means lots of head-shaking and comments about how fast the time goes. ("Kindergarten already?")

    We here at Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids understand that feeling. We also understand how important childhood is. That's why we are proud to have a wide assortment of growth charts for kids. Our growths charts are created by artists and printed on artist-quality canvas.

    Even better, our growth charts can be written on and personalized. That means that this fine art can be personalized in more ways than one--with the child's name, and also with the dates and drawn lines that show how fast they really do grow.

    For new babies or brand-new kindergarteners, a personalized growth chart is a beautiful gift. Turn those "my how you've grown" comments into art that will be treasured for many years (and inches!) to come.

    We're not ones to toot our own horns, but we want to share with you some customer comments that make us very proud.

    "My favorite gift to give parents is ANYTHING from Oopsy Daisy. Their products are cute and unique and of the very best quality. I've given many personalized Oopsy Daisy growth charts and ornaments as gifts and they're always cherished."

    "So whimsical and cute, and love that it's a piece of artwork that can be kept as a treasured memory."

    "I ordered the green sports growth chart with personalization for my grandson. It arrived promptly and looks great. It is a high quality product."

    "Very easy to order and my daughter absolutely loves the growth chart with her daughter's name on it."

    Why not take a look? We have hundreds of different growth charts for kids, ones that feature sports, animals, the alphabet, flowers, space--truly something for every child! Come find one for yours.

    And keep on growing!

  • Animal Families

    Animal Families are our focus this week, because this is the week to celebrate family. July 24 is Cousins Day. It's also Parents Day. And July 26 is National Aunt and Uncle Day. That's a lot of family!

    Here at Oopsy Daisy, we love to celebrate Animal Families. Our Oopsy Daisy artists have uniquely imaginative ways to do it.

    Check out the work of Creative Thursday by Marisa. She creates images of sweet collections of animals and kids doing fun things together, from celebrating to flying away on a balloon to setting off on an adventure.

    Eli Halpin paints colorful, dramatic animals in interesting, often unexpected family groups. A barnyard menagerie of donkey, llama, goat, and sheep, for instance. Or a group of rainbow-tusked walruses, or a group of dancing fawns.

    Meghann O'Hara's sweet monkeys appear in groups of two (perfect for twins!) and in parent/child groups of three. She's also got parent/baby horses, elephants, and cows. Awfully sweet in a new baby's room.

    Here's a fun way to celebrate all the family-related holidays this week: why not draw a picture of your own family? It can include cousins, parents, aunts and uncles and, of course, animals!

  • Perfect Placemats for Kids

    Last week we talked about picnics, and that brought placemats to mind. So this week we'd like to tell you about our personalized placemats for kids!

    We have hundreds and hundreds of placemats for kids. Browse our site and see what we mean--there is something for every kid, no matter what their interests or hobbies. Here are some fun facts about our placemats:

    They last a long, long time: these mats are made of vinyl. That means they can be wiped clean or hand-washed with soap and warm water again and again. They are super-resistant to stains and even when they're wet, they hold up and protect the surface below. (They're also independent lab-tested and meet all CPSIA guidelines)

    They're a very good size: at 17" x 12", these placemats protect the eating surface with room left over for plate, utensils, napkin and cup.

    They're totally portable: Roll it up! You can tuck this in a diaper bag and bring it along to grandma's house. Or on a picnic, or to a restaurant, where it's comforting to know you've got a clean surface for your little one.

    They're educational: some of the themes include the alphabet, space, animals and nature, and maps. Who says mealtime can't be learning time as well?

    They're entertaining: each image is created by a professional artist. These placemats are true works of art, just in placemat form. So a child can spend a whole meal marveling at the details of the image.

    They can be personalized: nearly all of these placemats can be finished with the child's name. No more wondering who sits where, and what an imaginative gift for kids! Imagine a birthday party where every child gets his or her own placemat to take home. Talk about a memorable party favor.

  • Make Back-to-School Easier with 3 Simple Steps!

    It's back-to-school time! Here are three of our favorite ways to make back-to-school a little easier on everyone:

    1) Get all set the night before: That means you, too, mom and dad! Make and pack lunch (don't forget a thinking-of-you note!), get backpacks all set, choose clothes for the first day, and, most importantly (in our house at least!) find both shoes.

    2) Swap stories: Kids love to hear about the adults in their lives when they were kids. Can you share some stories about your own back-to-school jitters? Hearing about what concerned you, and how you dealt with it, can help kids conquer their own challenges too.

    3) Get a good night's sleep: (Parents should too, but we mostly mean the students here!) Back-to-school is easier to tackle when you're well rested. So tuck them in, switch on their night light, and let them drift off early. It's even more stressful to face back-to-school jitters when you're running on limited sleep!







    Happy Back-to-School, Everyone!

  • Art for Coastal Homes

    Here at Oopsy Daisy, we love to showcase artists from coast to coast (and everywhere in between)! And speaking of the coasts, there's a certain vibe that comes with them: relaxed, laid back, and all about the gorgeousness that nature has to offer.

    Art for beach front homes can be described in the same way: the colors, the themes, even the brushstrokes are in harmony with the beauty of the ocean and bays.

    And even if you don't live on a coast, beach-themed art is a great choice for kids' rooms (fishies, sand castles, waves & sea turtles, anyone?).

    We make it easy for you to find the perfect art for beach cottages: just search by topic (Beach & Ocean), color (Blue and Aqua), or artist. Here are a few artists in particular who we think capture that coastal vibe to a T.

    Anne Bollman's work uses simple, bold shapes to create happy, sandy scenes. Her "Let's Set Sail"  series is a great chance for kids to start their own collection of art for coastal homes. Gale Kaseguma's collection at Oopsy Daisy showcases the distinctly playful collage style that makes her art a favorite of parents everywhere. Her series of fish-themed prints will add instant cheer to kids rooms from Venice beach  to Cape Cod . Jennifer Mercede uses color in a dream-like, inspired way to create art that's equal parts decoration and illustration. With art based on hippos, starfish, jellyfish, seahorses and more, there's something for every coastally minded mini art collector.

    Depending on where you live, you may be looking out your window and seeing snow right now. But that's all the more reason to peruse our art for coastal homes, and add some sunshine and art to your walls.

  • The Best Gift Tags Ever

    It's official--these are the best gift tags ever. Of course we're biased, but that's why we're offering these on our site, right? Because we really believe these are the ideal gift.

    Because our "best gift tags ever" are also--you guessed it--our ceramic personalized ornaments.

    Talk about the perfect gift.  Our ceramic ornaments are bright and durable ceramic discs with a contemporary design on one side and a complimentary pattern on the other.  Each ornament comes on a ribbon and is ready to hang.

    Which is part of what makes them the best gift tags ever. Each personalized ornament can be gifted atop a package, and the recipient is getting two gifts in one. No matter what's in the gift, the gift tag/personalized ornament attached to it ensures that your recipient will never forget your generosity. Because year after year, the personalized ornament will be a reminder of you and of Christmas past!

    We especially love these as new baby gifts (we've got a bunch of baby-themed ornaments) and as teacher gifts. At only $16 a pop, you can cross everyone off your list.

    And if that's not the best gift (tag) ever, then we don't know what is!!


  • Great Gifts Under $50 for All the Kids on Your List!


    Do not, we repeat, do not get bogged down with holiday gift-giving this year. We have all sorts of memorable gifts for kids--

    great gifts under $50.

    And even gifts for kids starting at $15.

    If you're anything like us, you vow every year not to get stressed out about Halloween decor, Thanksgiving decor, Hanukkah gifts, Christmas gifts, and New Year's Eve decor. (We're not gonna lie; just writing all that out got us a tiny bit worked up.) That's why we've collected a whole group of items that make great, low-priced holiday gifts for kids. And we're not talking ordinary gifts or boring ones. We're talking:

    Children's Night lights

    Halloween can be spooky. It's hard to wait up for Santa all night in a dark room. And have you tried staying up till midnight without a night light to keep you company? So many reasons, so many artistic night lights for kids' rooms.

    Children's Placemats

    Imagine sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with your very own  Thanksgiving placemat. Or eating dinner on a Halloween placemat before going out trick-or-treating. We've got kids' placemats for Hanukkah and Christmas dinners, too.

    Growth Charts

    Holidays make everyone nostalgic, so growth charts are a terrific gift at any family get-together. Every year, the growth chart can be revisited--maybe an annual photo in holiday finery! We've got new  growth chart wall decals, too, that can be easily relocated.

    Wall Decals

    If you're visiting friends or family out of town and want to bring a little something special, how about a monogrammed wall decal to thank your littlest host for giving up his or her room?

    We at Oopsy Daisy are proud that we can offer so many great gifts under $50 for the holidays and any day. It shouldn't cost a lot of money, or time and stress, to get something truly special for everyone on your list!





  • Let's Make Things Personal (with personalized art for kids!)

    Kids love to see their name in print--it makes them feel special and important, which of course they already are. We at Oopsy Daisy have plenty of artistic ways to highlight a kid's name with

    personalized art

    by Meghann O'Hara by Meghann O'Hara






    by Winborg Sistersby Winborg Sisters


    Here are some other fun ways to make a child feel special by celebrating her name:

    Personalized Pancakes:

    This is a two-step process. First, use a teaspoon to write the child's initial in pancake batter, backwards, in the heated pan. Let it cook until it's a little burned, then pour the rest of the batter over it to form a pancake. Let cook for the regular time, flipping once. Voila! The initial will be darker than the rest. Serve them up on a personalized placemat for the ultimate birthday breakfast!

    Personalized Pencil:

    Using alphabet beads (available at any craft store), string the child's name onto a cord and wrap the cord around a removable eraser. Tie it tightly, or use a bit of glue to keep it in place. These make great classroom party favors!

    Personalized Growth Charts:

    A growth chart, by its very nature, is already a wonderfully personal addition to a child's room. What starts out as wall art for a child's room becomes, over time and the addition of myriad hash marks, a one-of-a-kind record. Go one step further by putting the child's name onto his growth chart. It's a treasure that is as personalized as a snapshot. At Oopsy Daisy, we've got growth charts for boys, growth charts for girls, growth charts for babies--dozens of personalized growth chart choices. Come take a look.

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