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  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Activities


    Dream Cloud by Anne Bollman Dream Cloud by Anne Bollman


    Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It's a day we set aside to focus on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luth

    er King, Jr., a leader of The Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King's most famous speech is the one in which he said "I have a dream." Here some ways to remember that famous speech and create new ideas and plans to keep Dr. King's dream alive.

    I Have a Dream Mobile

    Draw one large cloud on a piece of paper and cut it out. Then draw and cut three smaller ones. On the large cloud, write "I have a dream." And then on each small cloud, write down a dream. Maybe one for yourself, one for your family, and one for the world. Or maybe just three things you hope to accomplish in the future. Punch three holes in the large cloud. Along the base, and one at the top of each small cloud. Cut three pieces of string, each around a foot long. Tie one end of each piece to a hole in the large cloud, then attach each small cloud to a string. Punch a hole at the top of the large cloud for hanging. And now you have a Dream Mobile! Find some examples here.


    Want to help make other people's dreams come true? You can be a volunteer. Maybe a small child you know has a dream of learning to read. Can you help? Maybe an elderly neighbor has a dream of seeing her yard neat and tidy. Can you help? Here's a Pinterest link that lists lots of good ways to find out where your volunteer help is needed.


    There are lots of really good books about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A new one just came out last year, called I Am Martin Luther King, Jr. by Brad Meltzer and illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos. Go to your local library and ask a librarian what books they have about this great man. You may even find a display of books about Dr. King in honor of the holiday.

    Most importantly, keep dreaming! (Here's a link to our featured art by Anne Bollman.)

  • Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

    Happy Hanukkah by Donna Ingemanson Happy Hanukkah by Donna Ingemanson

    Happy Hanukkah! We are a few days in to this eight-day Jewish holiday, and we're celebrating with some of our favorite Hanukkah Crafts for Kids.

    Craft Stick Menorah

    This clever project requires only a few things: 12 craft sticks, glue, and paper or tissue paper. Glue two craft sticks together, long-way, with a small overlap at the center for the glue. Make a base by gluing one stick to the bottom and another across it for the base. Then place nine candles along the long stick, gluing them in back. Make sure the center one, the Shamash, is a little higher than the rest. Cut flame shapes from the paper or tissue paper and glue them on top of each candle for the flame. You can glue them all at once for a decoration, or you can put new the "flame" on every night of the eight days of Hanukkah. Use colored paper and sticks or color them yourself with magic markers or paint.

    Marshmallow Dreidels

    How adorable are these? And so, so easy. Just stab a pretzel stick into a marshmallow and attach a Hershey's Kiss using frosting. Yum! If you'd like to decorate your dreidel, use frosting to glue on some sprinkles. These dreidels may not actually spin (but you can try it!), but they're delicious.

    Star of David Stamp

    For this Hanukkah craft, , you need a potato, paper, pen, knife, scissors, and paint. Draw a star of David on the paper and cut it out. Use that as the template for the potato. Cut the potato in half and put the star template on the cut part. Trace around it with the pen and then use the knife to cut away at all the parts around the star. Pour out some paint onto a plate or in a bowl and stamp away. There are a few nights of Hanukkah gift-giving left, so you can use this Star of David stamp to make wrapping paper!

    Happy Hanukkah to all! Check out our Hanukkah placemats, a perfect Hanukkah gift that will become a beloved part of you celebration.

  • Top 5 Valentine's Day Treats!

    Our Fave Valentine's Day Treats Are Here!

    Valentine’s Day is upon us and we are loving it! This happy holiday is all about doing a little extra for those special people you keep close to your heart! What better way to show them how much you care than with a unique seasonal treat!

    Here’s our list of the top 5 candies, pastries, and delicacies that everyone should try this Valentine’s Day:

    Molten Chocolate Trio from Starbucks

    Starbucks lovers rejoice!

    If you (or someone you love) is a Starbucks gold-member, then drop by your local coffee shop and grab one of the limited edition Molten Chocolate Trio beverages – all of which are unbelievably tasty and GreenBox Art approved!

    According to the official Starbucks site, these sweet drinks are only sticking around till V-Day so don’t miss out!

    Starbucks Chocolate Molten Drinks Starbucks Chocolate Molten Drinks

    Ice Cream Flowers

    Here’s one for So Cal!

    If you’re in the Santa Monica area and want to make someone’s day, take them to Cauldron Ice Cream shop. This eclectic ice cream store is serving up a the most beautiful rose-shaped cone you’ll ever see - plus it tastes like a dream!

    With a variety of flavors, we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect treat for yourself and your significant other as well!

    Ice Cream Flowers Ice Cream Flowers

    Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies

    They are just as adorable as they sound!

    Found via one of our favorite bloggers, Cupcakes and Cashmere, we determined this snack is perfect for sharing with anyone from coworkers to close friends. Take a timeless milk chocolate like the Hershey’s Kiss and transform it into an easy to make treat that fits perfectly in your mouth!

    We’re in love!

    Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies

    Red Cherry Pie Envelopes

    Let that sink in – delicious red cherries presented in an envelope shaped Pillsbury pasty! We can hardly believe how much Valentine’s Day brings out our artistic sides, but we are very pleased with this new sweet treat. Not only is it thoughtful and creative, it’s also fairly simple to make!

    We discovered the recipe with a full tutorial on Cosmopolitan.

    Red Cherry Pie Envelopes Red Cherry Pie Envelopes
  • Friday the 13th

    Today is Friday the 13th, and last night was a full moon (the Wolf Moon). If you are a superstitious person, that's a double whammy! Here are some interesting facts about both events.


    Do you have paraskavedekatriaphobia? That means a fear of Friday the thirteenth. If you do, you're not alone. Here are some interesting facts about Friday the 13:

    -There were said to be 13 people at The Last Supper, and President Theodore Roosevelt reportedly refused to ever have 13 people at a meal, or to travel on Friday the 13th.

    -Plane tickets often cost less if you want to fly on Friday the 13th. That's because lots of people refuse to fly on this day!

    -Next time you get on the elevator of a tall building, take a look at the numbers. Is there a floor 13? Many buildings don't have one, because it's considered unlucky.


    Do you have selenophobia? That means a fear of a full moon. Full moons are said to bring about bad luck and strange behavior, which is where the legend of the werewolf comes from. (If werewolves come out on full moons and last night's full moon was a Wolf Moon, we wonder what that means!)

    -In a 2005 study, almost 70% of nurses interviewed said they believed that a full moon resulted in more patients in the ER.

    -Some police officers think that a full moon makes people act with less regard to the law.

    -And of course, those who believe in werewolves believe that the full moon causes them to turn into these hairy beasts.

    Do you believe in bad luck? We don't. But it's fun to learn more about these events. Have a lucky day, okay?


  • Halloween Jokes

    Finally, Monday is Halloween! Our treat for you is a bunch of very funny Halloween jokes. Maybe when you trick or treat, you can tell these jokes to the neighbors when they hand out candy. Talk about a treat for them!

    What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?


    What do witches put in their hair?

    Scare Spray.

    Where do ghosts waterski?

    On Lake Erie.

    What kind of dog does Dracula have?

    A bloodhound.

    Why does Dracula take cold medicine?

    To stop his coffin.

    How do monsters like their eggs?


    What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?

    I Scream.

    How do you make a witch itch?

    Take away the W.

    What is a witch’s best subject in school?


    Now that you’re laughing, have fun checking out our Halloween art. And Happy Halloween!

    Do you know any good Halloween jokes? Maybe you can make some up!

  • Halloween Costumes for Kids

    Check out our Halloween-themed Pinterest page! We corralled a bunch of cute, easy Halloween Costumes for Kids. The big day is just over two weeks away, so now's the time to get started on the perfect costume! Here are a few suggestions:

    Charlie Brown:

    As if bald babies weren't cute enough already! Decorate a yellow shirt or onesie with black electrical tape to make Charlie's iconic zig-zag. Draw a wisp of hair and eyebrows on your little one's head with eyeliner and give him a Snoopy to cuddle. Adorable.

    Parisian Artist:

    A black-and-white striped shirt and a black beret are all you need to become an instant artiste! Add a little moustache with eyeliner for flair. Or if you'd rather be a mime, just finish this off with white face paint. Of course then you'll have to come up with a way to mime "trick or treat" at every house!

    TY Dog:

    Ok, this one isn't a Halloween Costume for Kids, but it's a super-cute one for dogs so we threw it in. Just fold a piece of poster board in half and cut out a large hear, leaving the left side together so it opens like a book. Decorate it like a TY label and inside, write a little information about your sweet pet. Tie it to Fido's collar and voila!

    And as you get ready for Halloween, don't forget to check out this Halloween placemat by Jill McDonald. Personalize with a child's name for Halloween day meals, or with a family name to place under the treat bowl!


  • Animal Families

    Animal Families are our focus this week, because this is the week to celebrate family. July 24 is Cousins Day. It's also Parents Day. And July 26 is National Aunt and Uncle Day. That's a lot of family!

    Here at Oopsy Daisy, we love to celebrate Animal Families. Our Oopsy Daisy artists have uniquely imaginative ways to do it.

    Check out the work of Creative Thursday by Marisa. She creates images of sweet collections of animals and kids doing fun things together, from celebrating to flying away on a balloon to setting off on an adventure.

    Eli Halpin paints colorful, dramatic animals in interesting, often unexpected family groups. A barnyard menagerie of donkey, llama, goat, and sheep, for instance. Or a group of rainbow-tusked walruses, or a group of dancing fawns.

    Meghann O'Hara's sweet monkeys appear in groups of two (perfect for twins!) and in parent/child groups of three. She's also got parent/baby horses, elephants, and cows. Awfully sweet in a new baby's room.

    Here's a fun way to celebrate all the family-related holidays this week: why not draw a picture of your own family? It can include cousins, parents, aunts and uncles and, of course, animals!

  • Flag Day Crafts for Kids

    Flag Day is June 10. We've rounded up some fun Flag Day Crafts for Kids, but first here's some background on the holiday:

    On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress voted to adopt the Stars & Stripes as our national flag (of course, it looked a little different back then!). More than 100 years later, in 1885, a teacher in Wisconsin had the idea for his students to celebrate the flag on its birthday. The holiday caught on pretty quickly, but it wasn't until 1949 that President Truman declared the holiday a national one.

    Today, Flag Day isn't celebrated as much as it once was, perhaps because it falls between Memorial Day and Independence Day. Still, Flag Day is a great time to display your flag as well as your patriotic pride. Here are some fun Flag Dy Crafts for Kids:

    Flag Handprint: We love this one because it tickles! Get a paintbrush, piece of paper, and red, white, and blue paint. Paint one quarter of your palm blue (the quarter that's furthest away from any fingers). Don't worry about the stars just yet. Then paint each finger with one stripe of red and one stripe of white. Now carefully make a print of your hand on a piece of paper. Don't move your hand or the paint will smear! When the flag is dry, add a few white stars in the blue part. Don't forget to put the date on your flag handprint.

    Sidewalk Chalk Flag: This one is pretty easy! Just grab some red, white, and blue chalk and draw a big flag. This one is fun because you can place your big proud flag in your sidewalk, your driveway, or on your front steps.

    Flag Cake: The yummiest one of all! Make a sheet cake according to directions, then frost it white. Slice strawberries and gather a bunch of blueberries. Use a toothpick to lightly divide the cake into 4 equal parts. In the upper left part, place all the blueberries (leave spaces for starts to peek through!). Then place the sliced strawberries in a row for each tripe, with white showing in between. Enjoy.

    Happy Flag Day!


  • Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

    Memorial Day is Monday, May 30 (it's always celebrated the final Monday in May so we can all have a 3-day weekend!). Memorial Day is a day to remember all of the men and women who have died while service our country. People commemorate it by getting together to celebrate our country's strength and the memory of the people who help keep it strong. So even though there is a very serious purpose for the day, it's also a day to celebrate our freedom.

    You may be planning on going to a parade (maybe even marching in one!), a Memorial Day service, or a picnic.

    Whatever you do to observe Memorial Day, why not bring along some patriotic art to celebrate? Here are a few of our favorite Memorial Day Crafts for Kids.

    Pom-Pom Flag Painting: All you need is paper, red, white, and blue paint, three cotton balls or pom-poms, and three clothespins. Put each cotton ball into a clothespin and dip one in each color. Then press the balls onto the paper to create a flag. The clothespins act as handles to keep your hands clean!

    Patriotic Flower Pots: Grab a couple terra cotta pots or any size. Paint them with red, white, and blue paint and then bring them along as a little gift for your host at your Memorial Day picnic (maybe it's your mom or dad!). You can fill it with dirt and flowers if you like.

    Parade Shakers: Make some noise when the parade goes by! Just fill an empty, dry water bottle with any of these red, white, and blue items: pipe cleaners, torn paper, glitter, sequins, beads, bells, or tissue paper. Don't have anything that makes noise? Toss in some dried beans or pebbles. Put the lid on very tightly, and shake away!

    Speaking of patriotic art, did you know that all of our art is produced right here in the USA? We also have quite a few canvas art pieces that feature the USA and other patriotic art. Come take a look!

  • Lucky Penny Day

    Monday, May 23 is Lucky Penny Day!

    Every year, it's a day to celebrate good luck and the joy of finding a lucky penny. You may have heard that it's only good luck to find a penny that's heads-up, but we disagree! Any penny is a lucky penny. And it's from the year you were born, then it's doubly lucky.

    In honor of the day, here's a fun poem to celebrate Lucky Penny Day. You may have heard the first part, but did you know the second?

    "Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck."

    That's the first part. Next time someone you're with finds a penny and recites that poem, here's what you can say in response:

    "Find a penny, give it to a friend, and your luck will never end!"

    When you say that second part, be sure and put out your hand for the penny. It's guaranteed to make your friend laugh!

    In addition to pennies, lots of other items are thought to be good-luck charms. Butterflies, four-leaf clovers, we love the idea of hanging some on your wall in the form of good-luck art! That way, good luck is never far.

    To celebrate Lucky Penny Day, why not drop a few pennies here and there throughout your day? You can help someone else have a bit of luck, which is a lucky thing for you too.

    Have a Lucky Day!

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