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Global Art

  • Celebrate Global Art on United Nations Day!

    Global Art is important, because kids of all walks of life need to see what the world looks like. And we here at Oopsy Daisy think it's more fun, too, to be surrounded by art that reflects all sorts of people back at you.

    The most globally diverse organization in the world is the United Nations, also known as the UN. Sunday, October 25 is United Nations Day, and this year is the 70th anniversary of the UN.

    Here are some facts about the United Nations:

    There are 193 Sovereign Member States in the UN.

    The Secretary-General of the UN is Ban Ki-moon.

    The name "United Nations" was coined by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942.

    There are 6 official languages of the UN: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

    What does global art mean? It means art that includes subject-matter from lots of different countries, backgrounds, and experiences. Come shop our site and click on "global" in the topic list to see art for kids' rooms that includes all sorts of globally culturally diverse subject-matter.

    Happy United Nations Day!


  • Back to School Art Is Everywhere!

    Way to go, Alice!

    Back to school means back to books and desks and classrooms...for many kids, at least. But what does it mean to kids around the world? There's a wonderful recent book that answers the question of what school days are like for kids across the globe, and it's illustrated by one of our favorite Oopsy Daisy artists, Alice Feagan!

    School Days Around the World, written by Margriet Ruurs and published by Kids Can Press, profiles Marta in Azezo, Ethiopia, Luciano in Mérida, Venezuela, and Alina in Taraz, Kazakhstan (among other kids and places around the world). Alice's vibrant images bring the book to life.

    School Days Around the World by Alice Feagan School Days Around the World by Alice Feagan

    To celebrate back to school, here and wherever kids are sharpening their pencils and tying their school shoes, we have a sale on Back-to-School art and all our other art that sparks kids' imaginations. Be sure to check out our collection of Alice Feagan's work, including educational art like her Super Solar System, pictured here (and read last week's blog post to find out about the exciting link between art and learning!).

    Super Solar System by Alice Feagan Super Solar System by Alice Feagan

    From all of us here at Oopsy Daisy, here's wishing you a great school year.

  • Map Art Lets You Show Your Child the World

    At Oopsy Daisy we put the "art" in "cartography!"

    Map art satisfies our very human instinct to explore the world around us. And who is better at exploring the world around us than children?

    That natural curiosity is why kids love maps, and that's why we here at Oopsy Daisy curate such a wide variety of map art for kids. We love the idea of little ones growing up surrounded by maps, because it means they're growing up surrounded by possibility--there are so many people and places to discover in life! And with all the bright, interesting maps we offer, there will certainly be one that fits right into your child's room and imagination.

    Here are a few ways to incorporate map art into your child's life:

    Where did we come from?

    On a world map, show your child where your family's ancestors were born. How many countries are a part of your family's past? How many continents?

    Where have you been?

    If you're a traveling family, you can keep track of your globe-trotting (or country-exploring). If Mom or Dad travels for work, show the child where she or her goes.

    Where do our faraway loved ones live?

    Remember that friend who moved away after preschool? Where did she go? When that elderly neighbor went to live with his son, where did he end up?

    Where do your favorite animals live?

    Some kids love cheetahs. Some love exotic birds. Help your child find the habitat of his or her favorite creature on earth.

    Where do your favorite foods come from?

    What country originated sushi? Where do those green grapes grow? You could even turn this search into an adventure: go to the grocery store and choose something you've never eaten before (ugli fruit, anyone?). Sample it while you find out where it came from. (And don't forget we've got a wide assortment of map art placemats that you can even roll up and bring along to an exotic restaurant!)

    Where do you want to go?

    This use of map art just might be our favorite. Because parents want to give their children the world. While not all of us can actually do that, we all can show it to them. You and your child can dream about all the places you hope to visit some day. And then it's up to her to make it happen.

    Talk about a gift!

    This is Your World by Paul Daviz This is Your World by Paul Daviz
    What a World by Jill McDonald What a World by Jill McDonald
    America the Beautiful by Johnny Yanok America the Beautiful by Johnny Yanok
    Around the World by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw Around the World by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw



  • Bonjour Paris Art!


    Bonjour! What's better than springtime? How about springtime in Paris? Paris art is one of our most popular themes for children's wall art, and we're celebrating by giving you a few ideas of fun things to do with kids in Paris and some Paris art to go along with it.

    So grab your beret and start planning your Paris trip: on your walls or in your dreams!

    1. The Eiffel Tower: Of course (bien sur!) one must see the Eiffel Tower. Did you know that you can go in it? In fact, you can go at night, when it's all lit with white bulbs. Ride up in the elevator that, like the legs of the tower itself, is on an angle. Hold on to your beret!

    2. Musee Picasso: That's right, the Picasso Museum, closed for 5 years for renovations, is re-open. And this ultimate Paris art stop is a must-see. Kids, especially, are drawn to Pablo's bright colors and so-crazy-they-make-sense mishmosh of shapes.

    3. Musee Gourmet du Chocolat: Yep, there's a Gourmet Museum of Chocolate in Paris. This 3-level museum highlights the history of chocolate around the world (going back 4,000 years!), the methods of creating chocolate, and, of course, samples of all kinds. Talk about Paris art!

    4. Arc de Triomphe: Maybe not as flashy a landmark as the Eiffel Tower, L'Arc de Triomphe (the Triumph Arch) is nonetheless stunning in its own rite! Lots of tourists are content to walk past it, but those in the know actually go inside--you can, too!

    5. Just about any boulangerie you come across: Boulangerie is French for bakery, and these bakeries specialize in the ultimate in Paris art--the edible kind! From crepes to croissants to those artsy baguettes, no stroll through the streets of Paris is complete without a stop at one of these gems.

    Those are our top five Paris must-dos. What are yours? Plan your trip on a Paris Art Map and be sure to let us know where you're headed--even if you don't plan on leaving for a few more years.

    Bon voyage!

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