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Fun & Favorites

  • Map Art Makes Kids Rooms More Fun!

    Watercolor Map - Bright by Katie Vernon Watercolor Map - Bright by Katie Vernon

    Map Art is on our minds today because next month bring us Hawaiian Statehood Day! The third Friday in August is the official celebration of the day Hawaii became our fiftieth state on August 21, 1959.

    Hawaii Fast Facts

    Hawaii is the world's largest island chain.

    Hawaii's nickname is the "Aloha State." "Aloha" means hello and goodbye in Hawaii.

    There is only one land mammal native to Hawaii: the Hawaiian hoary bat. People brought all the other land mammals to the islands.

    Hawaii is the only state with 2 official languages: English and Hawaiian.

    The Hawaiian capital of Honolulu is the birthplace of our 44th president, Barack Obama.

    Hawaii expands more than 40 acres per year, thanks to Kilauea, Hawaii's largest volcano. Its eruptions add lava to the island that makes it larger every time.

    Can you find Hawaii on a map? Check out our map art!

    We can help! We have a lot of map art for kids, and some of it can even be personalized with a child's name. Some of our map art features the whole world and others feature the US. Map art combines learning and art in a creative and fun way.

    Happy Statehood Day (almost), Hawaii!

  • Art for Kids

    Art For Kids

    Summer is the perfect time for enjoying a book with the whole family. One of our favorites is about wintertime, and reading it is a great way to cool off on a hot day. Wolf in the Snow, by Matthew Cordell, is the 2018 Caldecott Medal winner for most distinguished American Picture Book of the year.

    We here at Oopsy Daisy love keeping track of the Caldecott Medal books, since we love books for kids almost as much as we love art for kids. The great thing about kids' art is that it sparks kids' imagination. The artwork on a child's wall can inspire a whole lifetime of stories and ideas.

    So in honor of Wolf in the Snow and summertime reading, we'd like to share some of our favorite art for kids' imaginations, and their walls! You can shop our site by theme, so it's easy to find the perfect art for the kids in your life, whether they love dinosaurs or dancing, sports or the circus. Here are a few others:

    For Kids Who Love Animals

    Sweet baby animals or exotic wild animals--find the animals that will spark your child's imagination. Invite your child to name the animals and make up adventures for them. Your art will inspire your own bedtime stories.

    For Space-Loving Kids

    Space art is so much fun! What sorts of adventures can your child dream up by looking at space art every night? He or she may be inspired to go see our vast Milky Way first-hand.

    Kids Who Love Words

    We've got all sorts of alphabet art for kids who like letters and words. Maybe your child will grow up to create a Caldecott winner some day!

  • Relax, It's Summer!

    Relax, It's Summer!


    Summer is finally upon us. What are your plans for summer vacation? We always like to take at least one day off before heading into summer. You have had a long school year, and you deserve a little time to relax. It's summer! Here are some ideas for taking a break.

    Read a Book (Outside)

    Grab a blanket and sit under a tree. Go to the park and find an empty bench. Sit on the front steps of your building. Wherever you live, find a little spot where you can sit in the fresh air and read.

    Star Gaze

    You can do this outside lying on a blanket. But all you really need is a window with a view of the sky. Or, if you live in a city with lots of lights even at night, find a big star book at the library. It's so relaxing, just gazing at stars and thinking about how far away they are. And if you're outside, you may see stars closer to the ground, in the form of fireflies!

    Make a Chalk Drawing

    Find a driveway or a sidewalk and grab some chalk. Create your own outdoor art! Our favorite thing about chalk art is that even after you've finished and gone home, your creations will still be there to make people smile.

    Have a Snack

    With all that relaxing, you're bound to get hungry. Here's a link to our Pinterest board, Silly Snacks. A fun way to refuel!

    Have a relaxing kickoff to your summer. Check back here all summer long for fun ideas and crafts to make this summer great.


  • Oopsy Daisy iPhone Sticker Packs Are Here!

    Can’t get enough Oopsy Daisy? Well, we have just the thing to make your day a little bit cheerier!

    Art lovers everywhere can now decorate texts with our brand new Oopsy Daisy Stickers. Available free (yay!) via the App Store on iPhone, the Oopsy Daisy app allows you to browse through a library of our cutest and coolest art images and send them through iMessage.

    You’ll find the perfect sticker for any occasion – whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because! We’ve taken the time to adapt over forty popular artworks from a few of your favorite artists, such as Eli Halpin, Heather Gauthier, Cathy Walters, and much more, to fit your unique messages. Art no longer has to live solely on your walls – spread your artistic side to your friends, family, and everyone in between with our creative Oopsy Daisy sticker pack.

    At Oopsy Daisy, we are an ever-evolving company that believes art can enlighten every aspect of everyday life. These delightful stickers were created with the help of experienced developers from THINKware, a leader in the tech industry that executes digital content for major corporations. We are proud to bring a touch of artistic flair to your mobile conversations and make each interaction more memorable than the last!

  • All About Baby Names!

    All About Baby Names!

    Whether you settle on a family name that’s been passed down through generations or something completely unique and unexpected – choosing a baby name is an adventure! Nameberry recently released a list of what they predict to be the most popular infant names of 2017. This list spans the entire alphabet from A to Z, so there is truly something for everyone, even those who prefer a little extra je ne sais quoi in their baby's name.

    Here are the top 5 names for boy + girl:

    Boy - Aiden, Baxter, Benno, Cyrus, Lionel

    Girl - Arcadia, Astrid, Ciara, Emilia, Sadie

    A few of our favorites off of this coveted list are:









    Whether you decide to go the traditional route with names like Elizabeth and Anthony or get a little more creative with a son named Ryder and a daughter named Sasha, one thing is certain –someday, your child will ask how they received their name.  Names are reflections of a precious memory or a unique thought. The best way to help your child start appreciating their awesome name is to put it in places where a they can view it often. Some of our favorite ways to showcase names is to hang personalized wall art and growth charts are in the bedroom or playroom and, of course, the trusty night light belongs next to their bed to help them drift off to sleep!

    As a company that was inspired by children, we know firsthand that giving your little one something that makes them feel special is a feeling they’ll remember for a lifetime. So next time you find yourself searching for a one-of-a-kind gift for little Aiden or Sophia, try looking through our wide and incomparable selections of customizable art! Many of our products can be personalized with your child’s name – from a personalized canvas to a custom placemat, with over 3,000 designs to choose from, the possibilities are HUGE.

    Here are a few examples of personalized art that will inspire you:


    Baby Bunnies Nightlight




    Baby Bunnies by Cathy Walters Night Light, $39.00

    One of our favorite ways to comfort our kids is with the use of a night light. This bright little device is all you need to keep the monsters away once the sun sets and bedtime rolls around. Sure, night lights aren’t necessarily a new invention – but we’ve taken a childhood favorite and kicked it up a notch by adding the option of personalization! Our night light’s not only feature miniature versions of our best-selling art pieces, but they also proudly display your child’s name for that extra special touch that every kid deserves. One of the cutest personalized styles we currently offer is the Baby Bunnies Night Light by one of our most beloved artists, Cathy Walters.


    ABC Animalia Blues Canvas Wall Art




    ABC Animalia – Blues Canvas Wall Art by Ampersand Design Studio, starting at $69.00

    If you’re looking for an educational and stimulating gift for your curious little kiddo – try one of our many alphabet-themed personalized canvas wall art pieces. Art is one of the most effective learning tools and the moms of Oopsy Daisy swear by these unique artworks. Not only will this one-of-a-kind gift help your little one learn their ABC’s, but it will also excite them to see their own name in big letters! Teaching a child to actively focus is hard work – but personalizing an educational work of art specially for them will be a positive way to capture their attention. Take our ABC Animalia – Blues canvas art piece by Ampersand Design Studios as an example of effective educational art with a precious personal touch.



    Ways To Wheel Growth Chart



    Ways To Wheel Growth Chart by Vicky Barone, $49.00

    As much as we hate it, our kids grow every day. One day, they might even get tall enough to tower over us and we won’t be able to call them “little ones“ anymore. Although we wish our tiny tots could stay, well . . . tiny, all we can do is enjoy their cute stature for as long as possible. And what better way to treasure their every budding inch than with the use of a Growth Chart! Our Growth Charts are thoughtfully curated to be durable for years and can be easily stored as a keepsake. One day, your matured young adult will thank you for showing them how much you cared about their development as a growing toddler. One of our best customizable Growth Charts is the Ways to Wheel by Vicky Barone.



  • Oopsy Daisy's Very Hungry Staff Celebrates Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar Day

    Around here, we love a reason to celebrate. So, with Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day right around the corner (March 20) we had a picnic in honor of that little guy with all of his delicious favorites on the menu to feed our Very Hungry Staff! It was a Vegetarian lunch with foods mentioned in Eric Carle's beloved book, like cherry pie, lollipops, cup cakes, strawberries, apples, oranges, and all those types of delightful goodies.  To keep the presentation playful, all the grapes, cucumber slices and cupcakes were arranged in the shapes of caterpillars. We simply felt it was necessary to take every opportunity to honor The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day in all it's treasured glory, and keep it FUN.

    While The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day is a perfect excuse to have an Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party, it's also a perfect theme for any birthday party, summer party, back to school party, etc. ! The decor is bright and fun, it gives you incentive to serve your guests a healthier selection of party treats, and think of the fun games and activities you can put together!

    Our activities included "Pin the Antennae on the Caterpillar" and "Create the Best PLAY-DOH Caterpillar" for prizes. It's fun to see the creativity of each participant with their supply of PLAY-DOH making big caterpillars, small caterpillars, flat, tall, and rainbow caterpillars! To pin an antenna on a caterpillar, we used one of our giclée canvas prints of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, cut out antennae shaped colorful papers adding a little tape, added a blindfold to the contestants, and voila! This is a simple and safe game that definitely got some laughs from our crew!

    Lastly, our team challenge involved groups of employees gathering together to create tissue paper collage masterpieces inspired by Eric Carle's characteristic style. The results weren't quite as spectacular as The Master's, but we had a blast! The winners in this competition received a small army of caterpillars to care for while they mature (which is typically 7-10 days), at which time they get to release them as butterflies! The event was a hit, and we can't wait for the butterfly release.

    Whether it's home décor or party décor, we are all about it! So, we had a great time getting crafty with party decorations, and our kids' wall décor line of Eric Carle artwork fit in perfectly wi15th the festivities.

  • Top 5 Valentine's Day Treats!

    Our Fave Valentine's Day Treats Are Here!

    Valentine’s Day is upon us and we are loving it! This happy holiday is all about doing a little extra for those special people you keep close to your heart! What better way to show them how much you care than with a unique seasonal treat!

    Here’s our list of the top 5 candies, pastries, and delicacies that everyone should try this Valentine’s Day:

    Molten Chocolate Trio from Starbucks

    Starbucks lovers rejoice!

    If you (or someone you love) is a Starbucks gold-member, then drop by your local coffee shop and grab one of the limited edition Molten Chocolate Trio beverages – all of which are unbelievably tasty and GreenBox Art approved!

    According to the official Starbucks site, these sweet drinks are only sticking around till V-Day so don’t miss out!

    Starbucks Chocolate Molten Drinks Starbucks Chocolate Molten Drinks

    Ice Cream Flowers

    Here’s one for So Cal!

    If you’re in the Santa Monica area and want to make someone’s day, take them to Cauldron Ice Cream shop. This eclectic ice cream store is serving up a the most beautiful rose-shaped cone you’ll ever see - plus it tastes like a dream!

    With a variety of flavors, we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect treat for yourself and your significant other as well!

    Ice Cream Flowers Ice Cream Flowers

    Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies

    They are just as adorable as they sound!

    Found via one of our favorite bloggers, Cupcakes and Cashmere, we determined this snack is perfect for sharing with anyone from coworkers to close friends. Take a timeless milk chocolate like the Hershey’s Kiss and transform it into an easy to make treat that fits perfectly in your mouth!

    We’re in love!

    Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies Snickerdoodle Kiss Cookies

    Red Cherry Pie Envelopes

    Let that sink in – delicious red cherries presented in an envelope shaped Pillsbury pasty! We can hardly believe how much Valentine’s Day brings out our artistic sides, but we are very pleased with this new sweet treat. Not only is it thoughtful and creative, it’s also fairly simple to make!

    We discovered the recipe with a full tutorial on Cosmopolitan.

    Red Cherry Pie Envelopes Red Cherry Pie Envelopes
  • American Housewife features Oopsy Daisy Art!

    American Housewife on ABC was already one of our favorite new shows of the season. But when we recently caught sight of Oopsy Daisy art in Anna-Kat's room we loved it even more. English Horse Show by Donna Ingemanson hangs in the youngest Otto's room (played by Julia Butters).

    Our customers love this print too, with C. Jacqueline raving that it's "so cute and colorful!!" (note the double exclamation points - that's some serious enthusiasm!)

    Come see more of Donna Ingemanson's art on our site. She's got a whole series of horse-themed art, along with maps and alphabet art. In fact, her subject matter is so varied, and her colors are so vibrant, that everyone will find a favorite piece.

    And thanks again to American Housewife for showing some Oopsy Daisy love!



  • Summer Fun Times Two!

    Summer fun is twice as nice this week! June 18 is International Picnic Day and International Go Fishing Day. It's a perfect chance to combine two favorite summer fun activities into one unforgettable day.

    Bring a picnic with you and go fishing, or catch a fish and cook it up for a picnic! If you can't go fishing, how about picnicking before or after a trip to the aquarium, or packing a picnic to take along to a pond?

    Here are three ways to bring favorite foods along to a picnic. There are all one-hand treats, so you can have the other hand free to hold the fishing pole!

    Chip Bags: use regular brown paper bags (maybe there are some left over from packing school lunches!) and trim them so they're about half as tall as before. Use fancy scalloped scissors for a fun look. Then fill the bags with individual portions of popcorn or chips.

    Fruit Salad Cones: Ice-cream cones aren't just for ice cream anymore! Fill a few with cut-up fruit for a fruits salad in an edible container.

    Ants on a Log: It's a classic for a reason! These super-simple snacks (fill celery with peanut butter and dot some raisins on top) are ideal for a picnic because they're healthy, easy to eat, and a funny nod to the ants-and-picnic cliche (as in, it's not a successful picnic without them!).

    Have a terrific week. Enjoy your Summer Fun day and here's to many more! (and here's some picnic art and some fishing art we think you'll enjoy)

  • April Showers Bring May Flowers

    April showers bring May flowers. One of our favorite little saying because it's a nice reminder that there's a reward waiting after Spring rains. Plus, as you can see from our website, we love flowers! So now that we're in the middle of May, with flowers in bloom, let's find out about what different flowers mean:

    Pansy: Pansies stand for love and remembrance. Giving someone a pansy means "I love you and I admire you."

    Sunflower: Sunflowers stand for dedication. A gift of a sunflower means "I am always here for you."

    Rose: Roses stand for love. A red rose is romantic while a yellow rose is friendship. Giving a bouquet means "I love you so very much!"

    Cherry Blossom: Cherry blossoms signify spring. They also represent the beauty of life. Giving someone a cherry blossom means "You are beautiful and I hope your life will be too."

    There are many more flowers that have special meanings. Can you find some out? Do you have a favorite flower? Find out what it means. And you can always search for your favorite flower (or even your favorite color!) on our website. We love flowers, and we have lots of flower art to celebrate spring.

    Happy May!

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