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Design Tips

  • Thanksgiving Table Crafts for Kids

    Thanksgiving Placemat

    It's almost Thanksgiving! If you are as excited as we are, you might need some ways to keep yourself busy. How about helping to get the table ready? Here are some Thanksgiving table crafts for kids to do while they're waiting for the big dinner.

    thanksgiving table crafts for kids

    Wrap the Silverware

    Grab some bright napkins (doesn't matter if they're paper or cloth) and wrap each one around a knife, fork, and spoon. Tie thew bundle with twine or pretty ribbon. Put one at each person's place at the table.

    thanksgiving table crafts for kids

    Create a Fruit Tray

    Here's the cutest turkey we've ever seen! Follow this picture or use your favorite fruits. Just make sure you start with a pear for the turkey shape and fan out lots of fruits around it. It's healthy and it's fun.

    thanksgiving table crafts for kids

    Decorate a Candle Holder

    The one in the picture uses popcorn kernels, but candy corn would look pretty, too. Put a candle in a glass holder and then carefully pour the kernels or candies around it and voila! Be sure not to fill up too close to the flame!

    Make Placemats

    This one's our favorite, because at Oopsy Daisy, we love personalized placemats! Get a large piece of paper (or tape 4 standard drawing papers together) and draw something that's special to one guest at your Thanksgiving dinner. Put that person's name on it so they know where to sit and that the artwork is just for them. Make one for every guest and your friends and family will have a treasure to take home with them after the meal is over.

    Next year, how about an Oopsy Daisy Thanksgiving placemat for everyone? Come take a look, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Home Decor Trends for Spring/Summer 2017!

     Home Decor Trends Spring Summer 2017


    Winter is over and now we can trade in our blanket scarves and Sherpa jackets for light layers and ankle-length skinnies! We can also begin transitioning our homes for a new season. This month we are happy to bring you a list of some of the coolest and most prominent upcoming trends for spring and summertime!


    Let’s jump into the list with a bold and innovative use of an everyday material. This season, gold and silver will have to take a backseat to copper! This metal is no longer just for pennies - its reddish, orange hue is incredibly gorgeous and will add a special touch of elegance to your home. You can find décor and accessories with copper accents in ultra-luxe furnishing stores, but have no worries, retailers like Target are also catching on to the trend! Take a quick glance at some of our favorite copper pieces and their even better price points:

    Flatware 5 pc Set Copper - Modern by Dwell Magazine - $24.99, Target

    Large Metal Wire Basket - $24.99, H&M

    Large Metal Wire Basket from H&M


    The next decor trend will truly give your home a unique and Instagram-worthy look. It goes without saying that marble has cemented its place in the design world. From cell phone cases to jewelry, let’s face it - marble is everywhere! Marble is formed by minerals and is recognized as one of the oldest art mediums, historically used to create beautiful sculptures for imperial families. Fast forward to springtime of 2017 and you can officially have marble accents in your own home, with or without a royal link! In case you’re looking to add some marble into your life, here is some inspiration:

    Marble Dipping Bowl - $29.95, William-Sonoma


    Marble Dipping Bowl


    Marble Terracotta Planter - $12, Urban Outfitters


    Next up, one of the trend we’re highlighting interior design for the spring/summer season is not an actual item or pattern, but rather a concept. It’s actually a trend that originated during winter 2016, but is definitely rolling over into the sunny seasons ahead! Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is Danish for “coziness” and essentially embodies all things heartwarming. and comfortable. Of all the trends mentioned, hygge is by far our favorite - who doesn’t want to make their home even MORE cozy?  Try adding some hygge into your kitchens, bedrooms, and overall space by adding small touches that will make a huge difference:


    Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle - $28.00, Anthropologie

    Slide View: 1: Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle


    Jaipur Spirit Hand Loomed Throw Blanket - $49.00, Nordstrom

    Main Image - Jaipur Spirit Hand Loomed Throw Blanket

    Modern Floral

    Last is the fun and flirty floral trend that can be seen everywhere from Pinterest to the pages of ELLE. Florals add a touch of feminine flair to any room and, although they aren’t the most innovative design trend, they are the prettiest! Recently, florals have appeared in modern style bedding and unique home décor accents. They aren’t just wilting in a glass vase anymore, florals are becoming a part of the space and making a lasting impression on the home décor world. Take a look at some of our favorite contemporary uses of florals:

    Cobalt Blue Montgomery Duvet Cover & Sham – $89.00-159.00, Crane & Canopy

    Bedroom inspiration and bedding decor | The Montgomery Cobalt Blue Duvet Cover | Crane and Canopy

    Sunflowers Forever Wall Tapestry – $39.00-79.00, Society 6

  • Start an Art Collection: A how-to

    We're sharing tips this week on how to start an art collection, because we know that it can be a little daunting to choose art for your child's room when there's so much to choose from!

    A Focal Piece

    It's likely that one canvas from our Oopsy Daisy collection will catch your eye immediately. That's a great place to start. Begin with a piece that makes you or your child smile, whether it's the subject matter or the colors. You want to build a collection that you love, first and foremost. The example we'll use is Cherry Blossom Birdies, by Winborg Sisters. It's one of our most popular pieces.

    Choose a Theme

    Once you've chosen your central piece of art, you can add others by building on a theme. Our website is set up to make this pretty simple to do: just look on the left side of the home page at "shop by" and "filters." Then, choose something about the first art piece that you'd like to focus on. Some ideas:

    1. Color: For Cherry Blossom Birdies, decide which color you want to call out. You could choose to add other pieces that play off the red in the canvas, or the blue, or the pink. Or all three! You can search oopsydaisy.com by color to see an assortment of pieces that will compliment the central piece.
    2. Subject Matter: What is it about the first piece that you like, in terms of subject? You might decide, for example, to go with a theme of nature, or birds, or trees or springtime. Again, you can search by subject on our site, either by using the "theme" dropdown or entering your word into the search box.
    3. Artist: Start a collection of works by an artist whose work you admire. Search our site by artist and find pieces that you like as much as the initial one you chose.

    And now you've got an art collection!



  • Gift Guide for Everyone!

    Our Gift Guide is here! It's a carefully curated guide of some of our very favorite art pieces for kids and teens. Gift-giving feels overwhelming for lots of us, and we hope this gift guide will help you find the perfect piece of art for everyone on your list. Our art is Spirited, Eclectic, and Hand-Crafted, and here's a preview:


    There's no spirit like a child's, and our art celebrates that every day. Bright baby animals by Brett Blumenthal, inspirational phrases by Katie Daisy, and sports-themed art by some of our favorite artists: these are just a few of the ways to reflect a child's irrepressible spirit  on his or her walls.


    Our collection of art is eclectic in style: we've got realistic renditions of ballerinasabstracts that tickle the imagination, and everything in between. Our art is eclectic in form, too. Many of your favorite pieces are available on ornaments, wall decals, and growth charts. And you can choose our canvases framed or unframed.

    Hand Crafted

    Every piece we sell is made by hand. One at a time. In the USA. We're proud of that. And we know you'll be proud to give the gift of Oopsy Daisy art.

    Happy Holidays and

    Happy Shopping!

  • Holiday Ornaments!

    Holiday ornaments are among our very favorite gifts. That's because they pack so much art and sentiment into one little present. The holidays are just around the corner and you can check lots of people off your list with personalized Christmas ornaments.

    Fun Uses for Holiday Ornaments

    You can hang these on your tree, of course, and it's an annual thrill for kids to get a brand new ornament with their name on it. And did you know the date is on the back of many of our styles? Imagine sending a child off to college (yes, that day will come!) with a collection of dated, personalized ornaments that each hold a special memory. Now that's a meaningful collection that a child will enjoy year after year.

    But here are a few other ways to display holiday ornaments that lets you enjoy them even before they get on the tree:

    Gift Tags

    Personalize an ornament for everyone on your list. Attach one of our porcelain ornaments to the bow of a special gift to make the gift even more special. Each ornament comes with a coordinating ribbon that can be tied right on the gift, and every0one will know whose it is.

    Place Cards

    Setting a holiday table? Make sure everyone knows where to sit by placing a specially chosen,  personalized ornament on their plate. The best part is that these place cards are outstanding, one-of-a-kind party favors that your guests can bring home.

    Mini Art

    Check out our Katie Daisy ornaments that feature inspirational quotes and coordinating art, Eli Halpin ornaments that depict interesting and imaginative animals, or Creative Thursday by Marisa ornaments with sweet characters to brighten a little corner of a room. These ornaments work year-round as mini masterpieces to hang on the wall, maybe above a dresser, next to a window, or in a grouping of several.

    Now's the time to take a look at our personalized holiday ornaments and choose one for everyone on your list. You'll guarantee a wonderful gift-giving moment and even an art-filled year to come.


  • New Year's Resolutions for Kids!

    In 2016, lots of adults make new year's resolutions. But how about New Year's Resolutions for Kids? At Oopsy Daisy we think kids are pretty terrific as they are. But lots of kids are asked, at school or at home, "what's your new year's resolution?" Some kids may decide to study more, or to keep their room clean. Or maybe to get outside and play!

    We've got some ideas for New Year's resolutions for kids, as well as a few ways to keep those resolutions.

    Study More: If your resolution is to study more, it's not too hard to do! Just find yourself a quiet spot and set it up as your study space. If you don't have your own desk, that's okay. Maybe it's a corner of your room or maybe it's a spot at the kitchen table. Make that your work spot and try not to use it for anything else. Once you set a pattern of using that space to study, you may find that your mind automatically switches into "study mode" whenever you sit there! We've got some fun art that can help you learn, too, like map art and alphabet art.  It's a perfect way to decorate your study spot!

    Keep Your Room Clean: It's your spot (or maybe your spot with a brother or sister), and you can keep it nice and clean if you want to. Start by making your bed every morning. And every evening, set a timer for five minutes. Just five! Spend those minutes tidying. And before you know it, these two simple steps will help you keep your room nice and neat. Here's another way to keep your room tidy: take a look at our selection of wall decals! They are like giant stickers for your wall. If you ever want to re-do your room, you can peel off the decal and move it wherever you'd like.

    Get Outside and Play: This one is so easy! If you want to get more exercise, just move around. If it's too cold to go outside, or if there's no outdoor space where you like to play, put on some music and dance, dance, dance. We've got some fun art to help you get pumped to exercise, too.

    Happy New Year!

  • Set a Thanksgiving Table

    There must be as many ways to set a Thanksgiving table as there are tables full of loved ones for this annual feast!

    At Oopsy Daisy, we like to set a Thanksgiving table that's personal, artistic, and a celebration of the holiday itself. And in keeping with this most American of celebrations, all our art is proudly made in the USA. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

    Personalized Placemats: Serious fun happens at the kids' table, and these personalized placemats set the scene. Choose a theme, color, or artist that each child loves, have his or her name added to the placemat, and then let each little guest take it home to use every day. Or keep them all at Grandma's house and start a yearly tradition! (Phthalate-free, flexible vinyl mean s you can roll them up to store or bring along!)

    Personalized Ornaments: Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, and these personalized ceramic ornaments help get everyone in the spirit. Choose kid art for the little ones and more refined fine art for the adults, personalize it, and then place each one at the center of the guest's plate or use the attached ribbon as a napkin ring. It's a great way to kick off the season!

    Personalized Centerpiece: This one is up to you! Check out our Pinterest page for some do-it-yourself Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas. Note: do not overlook that oldy-but-goody hand-outline turkey! Our Pinterest page features several variations on this beloved theme.

    Let's get hungry, everybody!!

  • Top 10 Beach-Themed Ideas for Kids' Rooms!

    Beach decor is a perennial home decor favorite, and we've got more ways to make your kids' rooms beachy-keen than there are grains of sand on the beach. Summer doesn't last forever, but here are 10 beach-themed ideas for kids' rooms that let you keep that warm, sunny feeling year 'round:

    Make it personal:

    Take a look at our personalized beach art with your child. Let him or her choose a favorite canvas art piece and then have your child's name printed right on it. Instantly, your child will feel a sense of pride and ownership in his or her beach-themed room!

    Light it up:

    Did you know you can customize our artistic beach-themed lamps? Choose the colored resin base that best fits your child's beach-themed room.

    Even after dark:

    The fun doesn't end when the sun goes down! Try a seashore night light with a cheerful whale or happy starfish. Take some of the nervousness out of the dark by helping your child feel like nighttime is a walk on a sandy shore.

    Watch them grow:

    Really good art grows with your child! A lighthouse or seaside growth chart is a fun way to see how much they've grown and watch their beach-themed room grow right along with them.

    Throw in some comfort:

    We've even got beachy throw pillows! Try one with a turtle on one side and a starfish on the reverse. Cozy and cute.

    Hang out:

    Dangle a surprise from the window lock or bedpost: a personalized ornament is an ideal way to add a little bit of the ocean to any room.

    Stick with it:

    Wall decals are a fun way to make the whole room feel like the sea shore. You can reposition these canvas decals wherever you'd like, so your child can feel like she's a mermaid or a fish, frolicking beneath the surface of the ocean!

    Spell it out:

    BEACH or SEASHORE or OCEAN KID: what word or phrase best fits your child's beach-themed room? That's entirely up to you with our individual letter decals.

    Say it!:

    Word-themed art makes a statement, from "Take Me to the Sea" to "I long for Salt Air in My Hair" or "Life Is Better in Board Shorts". Customize it for a whimsical beach-themed idea for kids' rooms!

    Learn a little something:

    Sharks, whales, fish, nautical flags--take the opportunity to educate your child about his favorite things. Add some graphic educational art to the mix and see how quickly he becomes an expert!




  • Oopsy Daisy Spotted in Pregnancy and Newborn

    We love it when our art shows up in various magazines. This month, artist Vicky Barone's Because You're You makes the Warm It Up spread in Pregnancy & Newborn.

    April's Edition of Pregnancy and Newborn

  • Woodland Wonders


    Woodland art is more than a brief sighting on the landscape; it's a trend that's here to stay.

    And we here at Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids couldn't be happier about it.

    Woodland art is perfect art for kids' rooms. It combines sophisticated designs and colors with fanciful, appealing creatures. Woodland art can grow with a child (and we don't just mean growth charts!), because it can contain elements of storybook fantasy (what could be cuter than a baby bunny?) alongside more mature color palettes and realistic elements.

    We're proud of our collection of Woodland art because it's as varied as a busy forest floor. In addition to canvas wall art, we have personalized growth charts, night lights, throw pillows, lamps, and even feltidermy with a woodland theme.

    Come explore!

    Mr. Sly Fox Woodland Art Mr. Sly Fox

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