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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • Meet Maren Devine

    Meet Maren Devine


    Maren Devine finds inspiration all over, and she tries to return the favor as much as she can. “Magazines, being outside, looking at other people’s work, that’s all very inspiring,” she says. “And Instagram has been a wonderful source of people and inspiration.” Devine posts her own work on Instagram, providing inspiration for others. “I try to post at least once a day,” she says, “and sometimes more than that. New works, a lot of paintings, prints, that kind of thing.”

    Once she has the spark of an idea, though, Devine lets her imagination take over. “I love doing flowers. Previously, I would work from ones around the house. Now I make them up. They’re more abstract. I do use subject matter [as a starting point] but I find if I don’t have a preconceived idea of what something should look like, I like the end result better.”

    This idea of trusting her instincts has served Devine well over her career. She earned an MFA and worked as a designer, but when her daughters were small she went back to school and became a high school art teacher. “I loved teaching high school,” she remembers. “The students were so fun to talk to. They were fearless. There is a lot of happiness being around high school kids.”

    But she also started painting every day, and quickly realized she’d missed working with her hands. She started showing her art. And soon she knew she was ready to make the leap and start working on her own art full time. She says her husband was a major supporter of that decision, which helped her take the important step.

    Devine loves being a full-time artist, and she says she always has music playing—any music. “If I have music on everything goes better,” she explains. “I love jazz and old music like ’70s or new stuff that my daughters are listening to. Anything that sounds good that day. It just puts me in the mood. I’ll just have it on in the background. I don’t sing along,” she adds. “That would not be good!”

    In addition to flowers, Devine finds herself drawn to painting marshes, probably because she remembers them fondly from her childhood. “We’d go for drives to the marshes [she grew up in Florida and New Orleans]. My paintings remind me of that. We did a lot of traveling growing up. We even have them in South Texas, where I live now, that look very similar. Some of the ones I paint are memories I’ve had or pictures I’ve taken from driving down the coast.”

    Devine says she loves color but doesn’t have a particular favorite. “Right now I like a lot of blue,” she explains. “I love pink too. Last year I was using a lot of lime green. It always changes.” She pauses. “But if you looked at my paints you’d think my favorite color is pink. I have one large box for each color but two for pink. I can’t not buy a tube of pink paint. I love them all: the light ones, fuchsias, magentas…”

    Maren Devine considers for a moment, perhaps letting inspiration find her again.

  • All About Baby Names!

    All About Baby Names!

    Whether you settle on a family name that’s been passed down through generations or something completely unique and unexpected – choosing a baby name is an adventure! Nameberry recently released a list of what they predict to be the most popular infant names of 2017. This list spans the entire alphabet from A to Z, so there is truly something for everyone, even those who prefer a little extra je ne sais quoi in their baby's name.

    Here are the top 5 names for boy + girl:

    Boy - Aiden, Baxter, Benno, Cyrus, Lionel

    Girl - Arcadia, Astrid, Ciara, Emilia, Sadie

    A few of our favorites off of this coveted list are:









    Whether you decide to go the traditional route with names like Elizabeth and Anthony or get a little more creative with a son named Ryder and a daughter named Sasha, one thing is certain –someday, your child will ask how they received their name.  Names are reflections of a precious memory or a unique thought. The best way to help your child start appreciating their awesome name is to put it in places where a they can view it often. Some of our favorite ways to showcase names is to hang personalized wall art and growth charts are in the bedroom or playroom and, of course, the trusty night light belongs next to their bed to help them drift off to sleep!

    As a company that was inspired by children, we know firsthand that giving your little one something that makes them feel special is a feeling they’ll remember for a lifetime. So next time you find yourself searching for a one-of-a-kind gift for little Aiden or Sophia, try looking through our wide and incomparable selections of customizable art! Many of our products can be personalized with your child’s name – from a personalized canvas to a custom placemat, with over 3,000 designs to choose from, the possibilities are HUGE.

    Here are a few examples of personalized art that will inspire you:


    Baby Bunnies Nightlight




    Baby Bunnies by Cathy Walters Night Light, $39.00

    One of our favorite ways to comfort our kids is with the use of a night light. This bright little device is all you need to keep the monsters away once the sun sets and bedtime rolls around. Sure, night lights aren’t necessarily a new invention – but we’ve taken a childhood favorite and kicked it up a notch by adding the option of personalization! Our night light’s not only feature miniature versions of our best-selling art pieces, but they also proudly display your child’s name for that extra special touch that every kid deserves. One of the cutest personalized styles we currently offer is the Baby Bunnies Night Light by one of our most beloved artists, Cathy Walters.


    ABC Animalia Blues Canvas Wall Art




    ABC Animalia – Blues Canvas Wall Art by Ampersand Design Studio, starting at $69.00

    If you’re looking for an educational and stimulating gift for your curious little kiddo – try one of our many alphabet-themed personalized canvas wall art pieces. Art is one of the most effective learning tools and the moms of Oopsy Daisy swear by these unique artworks. Not only will this one-of-a-kind gift help your little one learn their ABC’s, but it will also excite them to see their own name in big letters! Teaching a child to actively focus is hard work – but personalizing an educational work of art specially for them will be a positive way to capture their attention. Take our ABC Animalia – Blues canvas art piece by Ampersand Design Studios as an example of effective educational art with a precious personal touch.



    Ways To Wheel Growth Chart



    Ways To Wheel Growth Chart by Vicky Barone, $49.00

    As much as we hate it, our kids grow every day. One day, they might even get tall enough to tower over us and we won’t be able to call them “little ones“ anymore. Although we wish our tiny tots could stay, well . . . tiny, all we can do is enjoy their cute stature for as long as possible. And what better way to treasure their every budding inch than with the use of a Growth Chart! Our Growth Charts are thoughtfully curated to be durable for years and can be easily stored as a keepsake. One day, your matured young adult will thank you for showing them how much you cared about their development as a growing toddler. One of our best customizable Growth Charts is the Ways to Wheel by Vicky Barone.



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