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Meet Cathy Walters

Meet Cathy Walters

When Colorado artist Cathy Walters was a little girl, her stuffed animals were very special to her. “All my stuffed animals had names,” she remembers. “I traded out each and slept with each individually so none of them would be lonely.” This appreciation for each individual shows in her work, especially her animal portraits. Each animal seems to have a lot of feeling behind the eyes.

“I think animals have this internal world that we know nothing about,” Walters says. “I think of that while I’m painting them: What has this little guy been through? What is his background? Is this one healing from a barnyard heartbreak?”

Talk about soulful! Hang a few of these realistic canvases on the wall and you may find yourself wondering the same. That’s probably one reason why Walters’ baby animal portraits are so popular with parents: the works give little ones an instant companion.

Walters was a painting major at San Jose State and UCLA and used to work primarily in oils and large abstract pieces, she says.

But the art she creates for Green Box and Oopsy Daisy is made in a way that wasn’t even possible when she was in school. “Almost everything I do for the site is digitally, on my iPad,” she says. “It’s super fun. It really works just like traditional painting but much faster. I didn’t realize how fast a painter I was until I didn’t have to wait for the paint to dry. Most of my painting is done in thirty minutes to two hours.” Walters doesn’t have to find room to store her paintings, either, since they’re all stored on the iPad.

Best of all, she can create her art anywhere, even with her whole family around her. “I want to do something creative every day but I want to hang out with my teenagers,” she explains (she and her husband have two). “So I sit cross-legged on our sectional and watch TV and paint.”

Walters creates art every day, and posts art journaling pages on her website, cathywalters.com. She encourages other artists, especially kids, to keep making art. “Do it every day,” she urges. “When I started a daily practice of sketching and painting, I really got proficient with being able to see something and sketch it. Be brave enough to make bad art. If you go into it saying, ‘I’m going to make this amazing thing,’ that’s too much pressure. It’s okay not to be too great at first.”

Cathy Walters does so much painting that it’s hard for her to choose a favorite, though she says she is partial to the turtle in her piece “Swimming Sea,” in part because she loves the ocean. When asked her favorite animal, her answer is a little quicker. “I really like goats,” she says. “They’re super curious and I feel like they’re way more intelligent than people give them credit for. I think I relate to that a bit. I’m a pretty cheery person; I love laughing and making people feel good. I think that sometimes makes people underestimate my intelligence. I’m smarter than I think people think I am.”

Just like the thoughtful, soulful animals she paints, Cathy Walters has a lot going on inside.


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