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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Introducing Made of Sundays

    Have you met Made of Sundays? Allow us to introduce you.

    This tiny Finnish company delights in creating happy little creatures that make us smile. Every. Single. Time.

    The company is tiny and their little creatures are too: Tiny Haru the Bear, Tiny Tofu the Tiger, and Tiny Marcus the Hamster. Some of the little buddies have a banner below for personalization: anything from Smile to Hello to a child's name.

    A whimsical way to display Made of Sundays' art is as repositionable fabric wall stickers. That's right: Made of Sundays wall decals! These can be applied to any smooth surface and moved when you'd like. That means Tiny Haru can peek over a child's dresser or around a corner. Or perch on the wall above the desk.

    But here's our new favorite way to display some of Made of Sunday's creatures: on a door. The art consists of removable fabric wall stickers in a fun-to-apply kit. Choose a door of any size and put the creature fright on it. What an amazing and imaginative idea for a kid's bedroom! Aaron the Charming Dragon will keep watch over the closet, or Anni the Sleepy Bunny will remind visitors to tip-toe past Baby's room (she can be personalized, too!).

    We at Oopsy Daisy are awfully proud of our family of artists. And we are thrilled to include Made of Sundays among our talented group.

  • Animal Families

    Animal Families are our focus this week, because this is the week to celebrate family. July 24 is Cousins Day. It's also Parents Day. And July 26 is National Aunt and Uncle Day. That's a lot of family!

    Here at Oopsy Daisy, we love to celebrate Animal Families. Our Oopsy Daisy artists have uniquely imaginative ways to do it.

    Check out the work of Creative Thursday by Marisa. She creates images of sweet collections of animals and kids doing fun things together, from celebrating to flying away on a balloon to setting off on an adventure.

    Eli Halpin paints colorful, dramatic animals in interesting, often unexpected family groups. A barnyard menagerie of donkey, llama, goat, and sheep, for instance. Or a group of rainbow-tusked walruses, or a group of dancing fawns.

    Meghann O'Hara's sweet monkeys appear in groups of two (perfect for twins!) and in parent/child groups of three. She's also got parent/baby horses, elephants, and cows. Awfully sweet in a new baby's room.

    Here's a fun way to celebrate all the family-related holidays this week: why not draw a picture of your own family? It can include cousins, parents, aunts and uncles and, of course, animals!

  • Baby Animals!

    Baby animals are perfect for Baby's room. Just about the only thing that can hold a candle to the cuteness of a little baby person is a little baby animal. We're big fans of art by Cathy Walters, who manages to put heart and soul into each little lifelike critter she paints. Meghann O'Hara is another favorite: her whimsical interpretations of little creatures add a pop of color and personality to a nursery's walls.

    The two pieces of art we've included here are of a pair of bunnies (Cathy Walters) and a puppy (Meghann O'Hara). You probably already knew that a baby rabbit is called a bunny and a baby dog is called a puppy. But here are some other baby animal names that might come as a surprise. They sure surprised us!

    A baby ant is called an antling.

    A baby clam is called a larva.

    A baby crocodile is called a hatchling (so is a baby dinosaur!).

    A baby fish is called a fry.

    A baby gerbil is called a pup.

    A baby ox is called a stot.

    A baby platypus is called a puggle.

    Those are just a few of our favorite baby animal names. You can find many, many more at zooborns.com, which even includes a picture of each one. You could make a matching game out of the names and challenge a friend to see how much he or she knows about baby animals!



  • Diving Into Ocean Art

    Ocean art, mermaid art, seashore art, pirate art. We love it all, especially during summer days when a trip to the seaside is on the schedule.

    We have a wide variety of art that celebrates the ocean, from the realistic to the fantastic.

    What's your favorite ocean art? Here are some fun ideas to get you started on seashore art of your own:

    Collect some shells and make a rubbing. Gather a few shells with interesting patterns on them, like scallop shells, and place them under a piece of paper. Peel the paper off a crayon (or use chalk) and turn it on its side. Then rub lightly over the paper. You'll end up with images of the shells in a very artistic way.

    Create a brand-new octopus. What else could an octopus have on its eight arms: vacuum cleaners? Pool noodles? Spaghetti? Come up with an octopus no one's ever seen before, then give it a name.

    Underwater scene. What does the deep ocean look like? Draw an underwater scene with fish, plants, and maybe even a shipwreck. Now, what do you imagine might live in the ocean that scientists have never seen? Create a creature or two.

    Use your imagination to create some ocean art of your own, then check out what our artists have come up with.

  • Fourth of July Fireworks

    We want to talk about Fourth of July Fireworks in this week's blog, but first here's something else we're so excited about! We recently saw this photo of Kourtney Kardashian next to Cherry Blossom Birdies, one of our favorite fine art works, by Oopsy Daisy artists Winborg Sisters. It's a perennial best-seller, and we think it would look perfect in baby Reign's nursery! This canvas can even be personalized, so come on over and take a look.

    And now back to this week's topic, which is The Fourth of July, of course. Specifically, fireworks. We love those bright blasts, but did you know there are actually different types and names of fireworks? Here's a primer so that on the Fourth, you can identify the sparkles you're seeing in the sky:

    The Spider: These are fun to watch. They have a little wiggly trail of sparkle as they go up into the sky, often accompanied by a whistle. And then once they burst, the "legs" shoot out straight and fast.

    The Peony: These big round bursts have a center that crackles, almost in a secondary detonation.

    The Chrysanthemum: These are pretty classic. They "bloom" really large, with each point leaving a straight trail of sparks.

    There are other styles of fireworks, too, like The Willow and The Horsetail. Can you identify them? (hint" they look like their names!)

    Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Enjoy the fireworks. And check out our patriotic art!




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