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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Perfect Placemats for Kids

    Last week we talked about picnics, and that brought placemats to mind. So this week we'd like to tell you about our personalized placemats for kids!

    We have hundreds and hundreds of placemats for kids. Browse our site and see what we mean--there is something for every kid, no matter what their interests or hobbies. Here are some fun facts about our placemats:

    They last a long, long time: these mats are made of vinyl. That means they can be wiped clean or hand-washed with soap and warm water again and again. They are super-resistant to stains and even when they're wet, they hold up and protect the surface below. (They're also independent lab-tested and meet all CPSIA guidelines)

    They're a very good size: at 17" x 12", these placemats protect the eating surface with room left over for plate, utensils, napkin and cup.

    They're totally portable: Roll it up! You can tuck this in a diaper bag and bring it along to grandma's house. Or on a picnic, or to a restaurant, where it's comforting to know you've got a clean surface for your little one.

    They're educational: some of the themes include the alphabet, space, animals and nature, and maps. Who says mealtime can't be learning time as well?

    They're entertaining: each image is created by a professional artist. These placemats are true works of art, just in placemat form. So a child can spend a whole meal marveling at the details of the image.

    They can be personalized: nearly all of these placemats can be finished with the child's name. No more wondering who sits where, and what an imaginative gift for kids! Imagine a birthday party where every child gets his or her own placemat to take home. Talk about a memorable party favor.

  • Summer Fun Times Two!

    Summer fun is twice as nice this week! June 18 is International Picnic Day and International Go Fishing Day. It's a perfect chance to combine two favorite summer fun activities into one unforgettable day.

    Bring a picnic with you and go fishing, or catch a fish and cook it up for a picnic! If you can't go fishing, how about picnicking before or after a trip to the aquarium, or packing a picnic to take along to a pond?

    Here are three ways to bring favorite foods along to a picnic. There are all one-hand treats, so you can have the other hand free to hold the fishing pole!

    Chip Bags: use regular brown paper bags (maybe there are some left over from packing school lunches!) and trim them so they're about half as tall as before. Use fancy scalloped scissors for a fun look. Then fill the bags with individual portions of popcorn or chips.

    Fruit Salad Cones: Ice-cream cones aren't just for ice cream anymore! Fill a few with cut-up fruit for a fruits salad in an edible container.

    Ants on a Log: It's a classic for a reason! These super-simple snacks (fill celery with peanut butter and dot some raisins on top) are ideal for a picnic because they're healthy, easy to eat, and a funny nod to the ants-and-picnic cliche (as in, it's not a successful picnic without them!).

    Have a terrific week. Enjoy your Summer Fun day and here's to many more! (and here's some picnic art and some fishing art we think you'll enjoy)

  • Flag Day Crafts for Kids

    Flag Day is June 10. We've rounded up some fun Flag Day Crafts for Kids, but first here's some background on the holiday:

    On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress voted to adopt the Stars & Stripes as our national flag (of course, it looked a little different back then!). More than 100 years later, in 1885, a teacher in Wisconsin had the idea for his students to celebrate the flag on its birthday. The holiday caught on pretty quickly, but it wasn't until 1949 that President Truman declared the holiday a national one.

    Today, Flag Day isn't celebrated as much as it once was, perhaps because it falls between Memorial Day and Independence Day. Still, Flag Day is a great time to display your flag as well as your patriotic pride. Here are some fun Flag Dy Crafts for Kids:

    Flag Handprint: We love this one because it tickles! Get a paintbrush, piece of paper, and red, white, and blue paint. Paint one quarter of your palm blue (the quarter that's furthest away from any fingers). Don't worry about the stars just yet. Then paint each finger with one stripe of red and one stripe of white. Now carefully make a print of your hand on a piece of paper. Don't move your hand or the paint will smear! When the flag is dry, add a few white stars in the blue part. Don't forget to put the date on your flag handprint.

    Sidewalk Chalk Flag: This one is pretty easy! Just grab some red, white, and blue chalk and draw a big flag. This one is fun because you can place your big proud flag in your sidewalk, your driveway, or on your front steps.

    Flag Cake: The yummiest one of all! Make a sheet cake according to directions, then frost it white. Slice strawberries and gather a bunch of blueberries. Use a toothpick to lightly divide the cake into 4 equal parts. In the upper left part, place all the blueberries (leave spaces for starts to peek through!). Then place the sliced strawberries in a row for each tripe, with white showing in between. Enjoy.

    Happy Flag Day!


  • Summer Vacation!

    It's time for Summer Vacation at last! We love these next few months of outdoor fun, including everything from hammocks and green grass to rocky trails and the seashore. We've collected a bunch of fun summer vacation ideas over on our Pinterest site on our Venture Out! page.

    Make s'mores popcorn, plan a backyard campout, create a summer journal. These are a few of the ideas you'll find to help kick off your Summer Vacation in style!

    And here's a little something to kick things off: a scavenger hunt list! Print this out and grab some friends. Then see if you can find each of these items somewhere outside. You can even make it a contest by splitting into groups, setting a time limit (maybe an hour), and seeing which group can find the most items before time is up. Don't forget to give everyone a paper bag for collecting the items. And have fun!

    A feather

    A bottlecap

    A penny

    A four-leaf clover

    A purple flower

    A leaf that's shaped like the state you live in (use your imagination on this one!)


    And come by our site to take a look at some of our favorite nature-themed art for kids' rooms.

    Let Summer Vacation begin!

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