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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

    Memorial Day is Monday, May 30 (it's always celebrated the final Monday in May so we can all have a 3-day weekend!). Memorial Day is a day to remember all of the men and women who have died while service our country. People commemorate it by getting together to celebrate our country's strength and the memory of the people who help keep it strong. So even though there is a very serious purpose for the day, it's also a day to celebrate our freedom.

    You may be planning on going to a parade (maybe even marching in one!), a Memorial Day service, or a picnic.

    Whatever you do to observe Memorial Day, why not bring along some patriotic art to celebrate? Here are a few of our favorite Memorial Day Crafts for Kids.

    Pom-Pom Flag Painting: All you need is paper, red, white, and blue paint, three cotton balls or pom-poms, and three clothespins. Put each cotton ball into a clothespin and dip one in each color. Then press the balls onto the paper to create a flag. The clothespins act as handles to keep your hands clean!

    Patriotic Flower Pots: Grab a couple terra cotta pots or any size. Paint them with red, white, and blue paint and then bring them along as a little gift for your host at your Memorial Day picnic (maybe it's your mom or dad!). You can fill it with dirt and flowers if you like.

    Parade Shakers: Make some noise when the parade goes by! Just fill an empty, dry water bottle with any of these red, white, and blue items: pipe cleaners, torn paper, glitter, sequins, beads, bells, or tissue paper. Don't have anything that makes noise? Toss in some dried beans or pebbles. Put the lid on very tightly, and shake away!

    Speaking of patriotic art, did you know that all of our art is produced right here in the USA? We also have quite a few canvas art pieces that feature the USA and other patriotic art. Come take a look!

  • Lucky Penny Day

    Monday, May 23 is Lucky Penny Day!

    Every year, it's a day to celebrate good luck and the joy of finding a lucky penny. You may have heard that it's only good luck to find a penny that's heads-up, but we disagree! Any penny is a lucky penny. And it's from the year you were born, then it's doubly lucky.

    In honor of the day, here's a fun poem to celebrate Lucky Penny Day. You may have heard the first part, but did you know the second?

    "Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck."

    That's the first part. Next time someone you're with finds a penny and recites that poem, here's what you can say in response:

    "Find a penny, give it to a friend, and your luck will never end!"

    When you say that second part, be sure and put out your hand for the penny. It's guaranteed to make your friend laugh!

    In addition to pennies, lots of other items are thought to be good-luck charms. Butterflies, four-leaf clovers, we love the idea of hanging some on your wall in the form of good-luck art! That way, good luck is never far.

    To celebrate Lucky Penny Day, why not drop a few pennies here and there throughout your day? You can help someone else have a bit of luck, which is a lucky thing for you too.

    Have a Lucky Day!

  • April Showers Bring May Flowers

    April showers bring May flowers. One of our favorite little saying because it's a nice reminder that there's a reward waiting after Spring rains. Plus, as you can see from our website, we love flowers! So now that we're in the middle of May, with flowers in bloom, let's find out about what different flowers mean:

    Pansy: Pansies stand for love and remembrance. Giving someone a pansy means "I love you and I admire you."

    Sunflower: Sunflowers stand for dedication. A gift of a sunflower means "I am always here for you."

    Rose: Roses stand for love. A red rose is romantic while a yellow rose is friendship. Giving a bouquet means "I love you so very much!"

    Cherry Blossom: Cherry blossoms signify spring. They also represent the beauty of life. Giving someone a cherry blossom means "You are beautiful and I hope your life will be too."

    There are many more flowers that have special meanings. Can you find some out? Do you have a favorite flower? Find out what it means. And you can always search for your favorite flower (or even your favorite color!) on our website. We love flowers, and we have lots of flower art to celebrate spring.

    Happy May!

  • Mother's Day Art for Mom

    Mother's Day is Sunday. We here at Oopsy Daisy think art makes a great gift for anyone, but we think it's an especially great Mother's Day gift.

    Why? Because fine art is a gift that lasts for years and years. And every time Mom looks at it, she'll think of the little ones who made her a mom, even after they're all grown up.

    One of the very best fine-art gifts for Mom is a personalized growth chart. We have hundreds to choose from. Our growth charts feature fine art by some of the finest artists working today. The charts themselves are high-quality, artist-grade canvas with metal grommets for hanging. A set of color-coordinated hardware covers is included.

    While a child is little, this measurement chart is a visual record of how quickly he's growing. But once he's all grown up, this is a treasured keepsake for Mom.

    Choosing a Growth Chart:

    If this is a shower gift, you might want to consider a gender-neutral chart. We've got space themes and animal themes that fit that bill. Similarly, if the child's name is not yet known, you can order any of our growth charts with or without personalization.

    Consider the child's room. Does she love the alphabet? Is there a Parisian theme? Or maybe The Very Hungry Caterpillar is his favorite book? A growth chart that compliments the decor ups the wow factor even more.

    Once you've chosen the perfect growth chart, we'll send it to you in a keepsake tube that's perfect for gifting.

    The beauty of this gift is that it quickly becomes an interactive part of a family's life. children love to check their height and parents love to marvel at how much they've grown.

    And once the child is all grown up, Mom can display this fine art for years and years of happy memories to come.

    It's really the ideal way to give Mother's Day Art.

    So choose the one you love and we'l get started on it for you (we make each one by hand here in the USA). Meanwhile, give mom a picture of it on Mother's Day. The promise of a treasure on its way will make her day.

    Happy Mother's Day!

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