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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Happy Noon Year!

    What do we mean by Happy Noon Year? We mean, who says all the New Year's Eve fun needs to happen at midnight? Just plan a daytime party with all the trappings of the classic New Year's Eve party and have a big countdown at noon. And then all the little ones can get a good night's sleep (and maybe the grownups can share a New Year's Eve kiss!).

    Here are a few fun ideas for your Happy Noon Year celebration:



    You will need: an empty disposable clear water bottle (with lid), glitter, dried beans or marbles, confetti or strips of colored paper.

    Just jam it all in the bottle! Then put the lid on and shake. It's a fun, colorful noisemaker that's just what kids need to make a big noise at midnight (oops: we mean Noon).


    Fireworks Rings

    You will need: Glittery pipe cleaners.

    It's easiest to create these on the finger, so you can make one for a buddy and have him return the favor. On a pointer finger, wrap one pipe cleaner loosely, then twist and separate the two ends. Repeat this with as many as you'd like (5 were used in the photo) to make a bursting firework.


    Wishing Wall

    You will need: a chalkboard, wall, or other clean, blank location that little ones can reach, Post-It notes, pens and Magic Markers

    Fill this one up! Everyone can write, draw, or scribble her good intentions for the year and post them for all to see. This often starts out with serious wishes and ends up with lots of laughs (a room-cleaning fairy, anyone?).


    These are just a few of our favorite ideas for your Noon Year's Eve celebrations. Of course, you'll want to have plenty of snacks on hand, and a few fancy glasses for ginger ale. And, if you're very brave and have a good vacuum cleaner, maybe even bowls of confetti.

    Happy Noon Year, Everyone!

  • Gifts for Santa

    Santa brings gifts for all the good girls and boys, but who brings gifts for Santa?

    You may know a little one who is too excited to sleep these days, waiting for Santa's arrival. We at Oopsy Daisy have a couple simple, fun ideas for excited little ones - why not make some gifts for Santa to leave out with the milk and cookies? It's a good way to stay busy in the final hours before the Big Guy arrives.


    Thank You Cards for Santa:

    You will need: Blank Card (or folded paper), Paint (finger paints or tempera), Glue, Glitter, Sequins, etc. (optional)

    Just press the child's thumb into paint and have him or her create a wreath, a tree, or anything that strikes your fancy. (hint: pinkie fingers make terrific holly berries or tree decorations!) When the card is dry, decorate with glue and glitter. The most important part? Have your child write a simple thank you note inside to thank Santa for all the gifts he or she is about to receive. It's a terrific way to teach kids about gratitude.


    Favorite Book for Santa:

    You will need: Your favorite read-aloud storybook. That's it!

    Place the book (you can even wrap it!) next to the cookies and milk so Santa can take a break while on his whirlwind night of deliveries. Who knows, Santa may even leave a little note telling your child how much Rudolph enjoyed hearing the story!


    Jingle Bells for Reindeer:

    You will need: Large Jingle Bells, Ribbon

    This one's so easy! Just tie ribbons to the bells and leave them for the reindeer. And be sure to listen well on Christmas Eve - you may hear them jingling as the reindeer take off into the night!


    If you still have time to spend before Santa arrives, check out our Pinterest page for more crafty ideas. The point is to spend time together, creating projects and memories along with a few special gifts for Santa.

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!


  • Enter the Belly Ballot Giveaway!

    A baby is the greatest gift, of course. The second greatest gift? Beautiful ornaments and a sweet night light.

    OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but we here at Oopsy Daisy loved teaming up with Belly Ballot for their awesome weekly giveaway. If you don't already know Belly Ballot, go check it out. It's a fun way for friends and family to weigh in on potential baby names: the parent-to-be picks 5 names, invites folks to vote, and wins prizes based on the number of votes received. Once the name is chosen, it is announced on Facebook and Twitter.

    Go to Belly Ballot and enter to win. Win an awesome prize to celebrate your little one. We teamed up with Belly Ballot to giveaway an awesome gift set including two ceramic ornaments and a sweet night light. We chose two of our favorite holiday ornaments for this special holiday giveaway: You Are So Loved by artist Katie Daisy and Baby's First Christmas by Yellow Button Studios. Both of these ceramic ornaments can be personalized with the new little one's name ("You Are So Loved" features the name on reverse, "Baby's First Christmas" features the name on the front) and each has the year on the reverse.

    These ornaments can begin their lives as unique gift tags and then live as beloved family traditions, well on their way to becoming heirlooms.

    The sweet night light is also by Yellow Button Studio: it's a personalized I Love You to the Moon and Back canvas night light. It's a treasure that will give a special little one some extra light while waiting up for Santa.

    The anticipation of a baby is made even more fun when you can make plans: from selecting the art for baby's room to asking loved ones to weigh in on the name. Oopsy Daisy and Belly Ballot are thrilled to be part of those plans!

    Head on over to Belly Ballot's website and enter to win this week's prize!

    Baby’s First Christmas by Yellow Button Studio

    You Are So Loved by Katie Daisy

    I Love You To The Moon by Yellow Button Studio

  • Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

    Monday, December 7 is the first full day of Hanukkah. We here at Oopsy Daisy want to wish you a very Happy Hanukkah and share some of our favorite Hanukkah crafts for kids. These are all simple and use things you probably have around the house already. A perfect way for little ones to celebrate the Festival of Lights!

    1. Handprint Menorah: Here's a terrific twist on the Thanksgiving turkey handprints we all know and love. Have kids trace both hands on construction paper or, if you don't mind a little mess, help them press their hands onto a dish of washable paint.Then connect the two hands so the thumbs overlap. Voila! Each finger is a "candle," with the overlapping thumbs creating the shamash. Decorate each tip with a star sticker or glue on some glitter.
    2. Popsicle Stick Star of David: All you need for this project is 6 popsicle sticks (craft sticks) and some glue. Create the star a glue the tips together. Then decorate with markers and glitter, and add a string to hang it in a window.
    3. Dreidel Game in a Jar: The craft involved is a fun gift container. Use a cleaned-out baby food or other small jar. Decorate the lid (this one is painted and has feathers glued on, but you can use stickers, too!) and fill it up with chocolate gelt and a small dreidel. This sweet little package is a perfect gift for friends or cousins. It travels well, too!

    Happy Hanukkah, everyone! (And check out our personalized Hanukkah Placemats--a great gift!)

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