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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Christmas Countdown!

    December 1 is almost here! The Christmas Countdown has begun.

    Waiting can be hard, so we have a clever suggestion for creating a DIY Christmas Countdown--otherwise known as a DIY advent calendar.

    There are lots of ideas on our Pinterest page for some terrific DIY crafts that can be created in sets of 25 (like garland flags or pom poms).

    Here is a favorite of ours:

    Envelope Advent Calendar

    You'll need:

    25 envelopes (get creative! Use anything from #9 business envelopes to tiny jewelry envelopes or brown craft envelopes to bright greeting-card envelopes. Or use a combination for an artsy, eclectic look!)

    a place to display them (on the fridge with magnets, on a string with clothespins, on a corkboard with thumbtacks)

    crayons or markers

    25 little trinkets (candy always works, or plastic blocks, stickers, or a combination)

    Decorate each envelope. Be sure to incorporate a number on each one, from 1 to 25. Put a trinket in each one and seal it closed.

    Display the envelopes in order. Starting on December 1, open one per day and open to discover the prize inside. Christmas will be here before you know it!


  • 3 Ways to Give Thanks

    Happy Thanksgiving! As we take a day to think about all the ways in which we are thankful, here are 3 ways to give thanks this year - 3 ways for kids and families to show their gratitude.

    1. Make a Thankful Garland - This one is from our Pinterest page. It's so easy and looks beautiful. Cut out some paper leaves and decorate one side with glitter or crayons. On the other side, write down one item for which you're thankful. Attach the leaves to a string (punch a hole in the top of each and tie them on). Have some blank leaves on hand for guests to fill out before Thanksgiving dinner!
    2. Make a Thankful Jar - Get a stack of notecards or, if you're feeing extra creative, make some leaves as in the instructions above. Have guests complete this sentence: "I am thankful for..." Have everyone drop his or her card into a bowl, and when you sit down to dinner, pass the bowl around, Everyone takes a card and reads it aloud. (little ones can draw a picture!)
    3. Give a Thankful Hug - This one is easy and always welcome. Give a big hug to everyone you're thankful for! When you hug them, tell them exactly why you are so thankful. You'll get a lot of hugs in return!

    Those are our favorite 3 ways to give thanks - what are yours?

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving - we here at Oopsy Daisy are Thankful for you!

  • Set a Thanksgiving Table

    There must be as many ways to set a Thanksgiving table as there are tables full of loved ones for this annual feast!

    At Oopsy Daisy, we like to set a Thanksgiving table that's personal, artistic, and a celebration of the holiday itself. And in keeping with this most American of celebrations, all our art is proudly made in the USA. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

    Personalized Placemats: Serious fun happens at the kids' table, and these personalized placemats set the scene. Choose a theme, color, or artist that each child loves, have his or her name added to the placemat, and then let each little guest take it home to use every day. Or keep them all at Grandma's house and start a yearly tradition! (Phthalate-free, flexible vinyl mean s you can roll them up to store or bring along!)

    Personalized Ornaments: Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, and these personalized ceramic ornaments help get everyone in the spirit. Choose kid art for the little ones and more refined fine art for the adults, personalize it, and then place each one at the center of the guest's plate or use the attached ribbon as a napkin ring. It's a great way to kick off the season!

    Personalized Centerpiece: This one is up to you! Check out our Pinterest page for some do-it-yourself Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas. Note: do not overlook that oldy-but-goody hand-outline turkey! Our Pinterest page features several variations on this beloved theme.

    Let's get hungry, everybody!!

  • Veterans Day Facts

    Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11.

    Ever wonder exactly what Veterans Day is and why we celebrate it? Here are some facts about the holiday:

    Q: What does Veterans Day celebrate?

    A: Veterans Day celebrates and honors men and women in the United States who have fought for our nation in wars.

    Q: Why is it marked on November 11?

    A: On November 11, 1918 (at 11 o'clock!), an agreement was signed between the Allied Nations (including the USA) and Germany to temporarily end fighting in The Great War (now known as World War I). The agreement was called an armistice, so the holiday was first known as "Armistice Day." It became a legal federal holiday in 1938.

    Q: Why do some people wear a red flower on Veterans Day?

    A: A poet named John McCrae wrote a poem about World War I, called "In Flanders Fields." The poem mentions red poppies. In Canada, the United Kingdom, and some parts of the US, groups sell red paper poppies on Veterans Day to raise money for veterans charities. (In Canada and the UK, the holiday is called "Remembrance Day.")

    Q: How can I celebrate Veterans Day?

    A: You may have a veteran in your family. If you do, be sure to thank him or her for serving our country. You can also make a card for a veteran. Ask a parent or a teacher to help you get the card to a veteran through a local VFW or VA hospital.  You don't have to address the card to anyone in particular, just write "Dear Veteran."

    Veterans Day is a good time to stop and think about our veterans. Happy Veterans Day to you!


    fun fact:

    At Oopsy Daisy, all our art is made in the USA!

    Come check out our Patriotic Art.



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