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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • DIY Halloween from Oopsy Daisy!

    DIY Halloween ideas are a great way to get everybody involved in one of the best nights of the year. We here at Oopsy Daisy love Halloween decorations that are creative and fun, not scary (but a little spookiness can be fun!).

    Over on Pinterest, we have a whole board dedicated to DIY Halloween projects. (Follow us on Pinterest to see all 85 of our boards!)

    Here are some highlights:

    1. Sparkle Pumpkin: We found this one at hgtv.com, and it's brilliant in its simplicity. Clean and dry a pumpkin, spray it with spray adhesive, and cover it in glitter. That's it! When dry, you have a gorgeous accent piece that works in the window, on the table, or next to the treat bowl.
    2. Scuba Diver Costume: This one's from delineate your dwelling via  buzzfeed.com, and you can probably put it together from stuff you already have in your house. Empty out two 2-liter bottles and spray paint them the color of your choice. Tape them together with black electrical tape and use more tape to create two straps (like a backpack). There's your oxygen tank! Add black clothes and a scuba mask (you can probably find one at a dollar store if you don't have one from the pool) and voila! A scuba diver.
    3. Witches' Broom Treats: So easy, so yummy, so tempting to pop them in your mouth one after the other! Upside-down Reese's mini-cups + pretzel sticks = witches' brooms to sweep aside any other treat this Halloween!

    And don't forget, for DIY Halloween treats, crafts, and general Halloween fun, add a personalized Halloween placemat, designed by Jill McDonald.

    Happy Halloween!!

  • Celebrate Global Art on United Nations Day!

    Global Art is important, because kids of all walks of life need to see what the world looks like. And we here at Oopsy Daisy think it's more fun, too, to be surrounded by art that reflects all sorts of people back at you.

    The most globally diverse organization in the world is the United Nations, also known as the UN. Sunday, October 25 is United Nations Day, and this year is the 70th anniversary of the UN.

    Here are some facts about the United Nations:

    There are 193 Sovereign Member States in the UN.

    The Secretary-General of the UN is Ban Ki-moon.

    The name "United Nations" was coined by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942.

    There are 6 official languages of the UN: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

    What does global art mean? It means art that includes subject-matter from lots of different countries, backgrounds, and experiences. Come shop our site and click on "global" in the topic list to see art for kids' rooms that includes all sorts of globally culturally diverse subject-matter.

    Happy United Nations Day!


  • National Reptile Awareness Day

    Reptile Art Makes Every Day National Reptile Awareness Day!

    October 21 is National Reptile Awareness Day! This unofficial holiday celebrates reptiles of all kinds. It's not just for people who already love reptiles, it's for everyone who wants to learn more about them.

    It's a pretty well-known fact that kids love these little creatures. Dinosaurs, snakes, lizards--we're willing to bet that the person in your life who knows most about them is probably a kid. That's why we at Oopsy Daisy love our collection of Reptile Art--including Dinosaur Art. We have art that educates in the form of charts and diagrams, displays in the form of realistic illustration, and celebrate in the form of fun, artsy, interpretation.

    Here are a few facts that you can use to impress the reptile fan in your life:

    Q: Is a reptile a mammal or a bird?
    A: A reptile is neither!

    Q: Are reptiles warm-blooded or cold-blooded?
    A: Reptiles are cold-blooded.

    Q: What is the scientific term for the plates or shells that reptiles have?
    A: This outer covering is called a scute (examples are turtle shells or crocodile skin).

    Whether your little ones know a lot or are just learning the facts, Oopsy Daisy has Reptile Art and Dinosaur Art they'll love!

    Reptile Art Featuring Chameleon Pals by Amy Schimler-Safford Reptile Art Featuring Chameleon Pals by Amy Schimler-Safford
  • National Farmers Day is October 12 - Celebrate!

    October 12 is National Farmers Day!

    The holiday was once known as Old Farmers Day. It has been around since the 1800s, although no one remembers exactly when it started or who started it. The holiday takes place at a good time for farmers, since this time of year is toward the end of the harvest, one of the only times a busy farmer can take a little break!

    The holiday celebrates everyone around the country who works to grow food for us.

    Ways to celebrate National Farmers Day:

    1. Go to a Farmers Market! Go see what your local farmers are growing and buy what they're selling. A farmers market is a great way to learn about food, so be sure to ask the farmer questions, like - How do I know what is fresh? Or - Do you have a favorite recipe for this food?
    2. Eat! Enjoy your food and think about the people who grow it.
    3. Browse some Farm Art! You can search for different topics on our site, and one of those is Farm. You'll find art about cows, tractors, vegetables, roosters, and just about everything else that makes a farm run. Happy National Farmers Day!
      by Eric Carle by Eric Carle
  • Smile Big!

    Happy World Smile Day! :)

    The first Friday in October is World Smile Day and we here at Oopsy Daisy couldn’t be happier about it.

    The whole reason we do what we do—curate and sell fine art for kids—is to bring smiles to people’s faces.  Whether it’s discovering a new favorite artist, receiving a personalized growth chart to celebrate the birth of a baby, or seeing your own name in art, we are all about it!

    So here’s some info all about this day, along with some smile-making art to help you celebrate.

    Who started World Smile Day?

    American artist Harvey Ball, who created the iconic yellow smiley face, started the holiday in 1999.

    What's the slogan of the day?

    “Improving the world, one smile at a time.”

    How can we celebrate?

    Most importantly, share a smile today. It will make other people happy! And you can ask your mom or dad to show you some happy smiley posts from social media using #WorldSmileDay.

    How can we turn World Smile Day into not just a day but the whole year?

    We suggest finding some art that will make you smile year ‘round! How about some circus art or sweet animal art or art for your favorite sport? Or keep track of how much you grow between today and next year’s World Smile Day. That will definitely make a parent smile!


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