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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Eli Halpin: A Nature-Lover Creates Wildly Collectible Art

    If you could step into one of Eli Halpin’s nature paintings, you’d be stepping into an important part of her life. Eli (short for Elizabeth) grew up in Alaska, and a little bit of the 20 years she spent there ends up in nearly everything she paints.

    Eli is a rare artist whose work appeals to an especially wide market, including parents looking for art for a baby’s wall, teens wanting canvas wall art for a dorm room, and dedicated art collectors looking for a dramatic statement piece of oversized wall art. How does one artist appeal to so many people? Her secret has to do with her view of nature, a view that embraces both the wild and the tame.

    For instance, here's what she says about her own dog, Cashius: When asked to complete the sentence “I really shouldn’t, but…” she responds: “I really shouldn’t squeeze my dog’s cheeks one more time but I’m going to do it anyway.” Cute and cuddly, right? Yes, but consider that Cashius is a 110-pound Rottweiler who eats raw meat. Now you get an idea of the extreme views of nature Halpin incorporates into her work.

    “I grew up fly-fishing in the woods with bears that could eat you and eagles that could take little babies away—lots of danger, just being in the woods and around the river, with moose walking in the front yard—everything could kill you there,” she says. That view of nature is evident in works like Four Wolves Howling and The Chase.

    On the other hand, Eli says, she does have “a lot of more innocent paintings,” pieces like Deer Love and Bunnies in the Woods, which contain the insight of an artist who learned to coexist with wild animals, reflected in their gentle eyes.

    While these extremes seem like two different worlds, to the artist they are part of a whole, just like Cashius. “It’s all the same idea,” she says. “I like to paint about animals eating together, living together, working together—cheeks, paws, whiskers, and claws. I don’t see them as being separate, but they definitely have different places as far as the art market.”

    At Green Box, Oopsy Daisy, and Wheatpaste, Eli Halpin’s work is available in a number of creative ways: on stretched canvas, as a poster or wall decal, as a growth chart, pillow, lamp or night light. (Her originals are painted on hollow-core wood doors, each of which is certified as coming from a responsibly managed forest.) This wide selection of venues for displaying her art, as well as the wide selection of art pieces available (we have over 110 to choose from), means that art lovers of every age and personal style can own a piece of Eli Halpin art.

    And there's always more art to come from Eli Halpin:

    "I get inspiration from everywhere," she says, "and I feel like there’s an infinite amount of inspiration—there’s so many ideas of things to paint that I could never paint them all."

    So keep checking back with Green Box, Oopsy Daisy, and Wheatpaste to see what Eli Halpin and her boundless imagination will create next.

    Best Selling Art by Eli Halpin

    The Chase by Eli Halpin The Chase
    Deer Love by Eli Halpin Deer Love
    Whale in Seafoam by Eli Halpin Whale in Seafoam
    Three Giraffes on Cream by Eli Halpin Three Giraffes on Cream
    Manes of Color by Eli Halpin Manes of Color
    Designer Deer by Eli Halpin Designer Deer
    Six Lively Llamas Six Lively Llamas
    Trendy Trunk Trendy Trunk
    Donkey, Llama, Goat, Sheep Donkey, Llama, Goat, Sheep
  • Make Back-to-School Easier with 3 Simple Steps!

    It's back-to-school time! Here are three of our favorite ways to make back-to-school a little easier on everyone:

    1) Get all set the night before: That means you, too, mom and dad! Make and pack lunch (don't forget a thinking-of-you note!), get backpacks all set, choose clothes for the first day, and, most importantly (in our house at least!) find both shoes.

    2) Swap stories: Kids love to hear about the adults in their lives when they were kids. Can you share some stories about your own back-to-school jitters? Hearing about what concerned you, and how you dealt with it, can help kids conquer their own challenges too.

    3) Get a good night's sleep: (Parents should too, but we mostly mean the students here!) Back-to-school is easier to tackle when you're well rested. So tuck them in, switch on their night light, and let them drift off early. It's even more stressful to face back-to-school jitters when you're running on limited sleep!







    Happy Back-to-School, Everyone!

  • Back to School Art Is Everywhere!

    Way to go, Alice!

    Back to school means back to books and desks and classrooms...for many kids, at least. But what does it mean to kids around the world? There's a wonderful recent book that answers the question of what school days are like for kids across the globe, and it's illustrated by one of our favorite Oopsy Daisy artists, Alice Feagan!

    School Days Around the World, written by Margriet Ruurs and published by Kids Can Press, profiles Marta in Azezo, Ethiopia, Luciano in Mérida, Venezuela, and Alina in Taraz, Kazakhstan (among other kids and places around the world). Alice's vibrant images bring the book to life.

    School Days Around the World by Alice Feagan School Days Around the World by Alice Feagan

    To celebrate back to school, here and wherever kids are sharpening their pencils and tying their school shoes, we have a sale on Back-to-School art and all our other art that sparks kids' imaginations. Be sure to check out our collection of Alice Feagan's work, including educational art like her Super Solar System, pictured here (and read last week's blog post to find out about the exciting link between art and learning!).

    Super Solar System by Alice Feagan Super Solar System by Alice Feagan

    From all of us here at Oopsy Daisy, here's wishing you a great school year.

  • Can Art Help Kids Learn? Yes!

    A study in 2014 proved what lots of parents and educators had long suspected: yes, art can help kids learn.

    Specifically, the study, published in EducationNext, showed that “taking students to an art museum improved critical thinking skills, and more.” Even one visit, the study found, made “a definite impression on students,” one of the researches said. For the study, one visit consisted of looking at 5 paintings over the course of 1 hour, with no lecture.

    We here at Oopsy Daisy have long believed that art does wonders for a child’s mind and imagination: that art helps kids learn. But to find out that just looking at art for a few minutes can help develop a child’s critical thinking skills? Well, we were thrilled.

    Because we have a wide assortment of educational art that kids love and that looks terrific on their walls. And now we know, scientifically, that being exposed to this art on a daily basis is good for their brains. Talk about a win-win!

    Here’s some of our favorite educational art for kids, just in time for back-to-school (along with a few tips on how to share it with your child):

    This Is Your World by Paul Daviz This Is Your World
    by Paul Daviz
    Oh Say Can You See by Jill McDonld Oh Say Can You See
    by Jill McDonald
    Our World by Donna Ingemanson Our World
    by Donna Ingemanson

    Map art: Find your home + Find your places of origin + Find the furthest point from you + Where do you want to visit first?

    Vintage Alphabet by Aaron Christensen Vintage Alphabet
    by Aaron Christensen
    G is for Girls (Growth Chart) by Sarah Lowe G is for Girls (Growth Chart)
    by Sarah Lowe
    Classic Alphabet by Meghann O'Hara Classic Alphabet
    by Meghann O'Hara

    Alphabet Art: What's the first letter in your name? + Which letter is your favorite? + Which letter can you yell loudest?

    Retro Rocket by Jill Bachman Pabich Retro Rocket
    by Jill Bachman Pabich
    Outer Space by Winborg Sisters Outer Space
    by Winborg Sisters
    Counting Planets by Jill McDonald Counting Planets
    by Jill McDonald

    Outer Space Art: Where are we? + Show me Saturn + Do you have a favorite? + Which one should we fly to next?

    We've got even more educational art, like sports art, animal art, flower art, undersea art, and many, many more. And remember, like the study proved, all art can be educational art.

    Just add kids!

  • Fresh and Fruity Wall Art for Kids!

    It's August 11, and we're indulging in treats today!

    Raspberries and Cream - Sometimes the best recipes aren’t complicated at all. Sometimes it’s just about what’s fresh-and-fruity!

    Stay Sweet by Shelly Kennedy Stay Sweet by Shelly Kennedy

    It's the perfect time of year to indulge in this tasty treat. Here's a recipe we like:

    Raspberries and Cream

    1 Pint Fresh Raspberries, rinsed and dried

    1/4 C sugar

    1/2 tsp vanilla

    Combine cream, sugar, and vanilla in a mixing bowl and whip until stiff peaks appear.

    Put a couple generous spoonfuls at the bottom of individual serving bowls and add a layer of raspberries.

    Top off with more whipped cream and enjoy.

    Serves 4-8.

    Happy August 11, everyone!

    Check out our fresh-and-fruity wall art for kids. An added bonus if you order today: free shipping over $98!

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