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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • <i>Uncovering Earth’s Secrets</i> eBook Illustrated by Alice Feagan

    Uncovering Earth’s Secrets  is a new eBook illustrated by our very own Alice Feagan. If you're not familiar with her artwork and illustrations, we invite you to fall in love with Alice's works , each seeming to tell its own story. Her artwork is full of imagination and details that transport you to another place.

    Thanks to the National Science Foundation and Deep Earth Academy, Uncovering Earth's Secrets is being offered as a free download on iTunes. Alice Feagan has brought this educational book for 1st-5th graders to life with her detailed and colorful illustrations. In this book, kids will learn about the JOIDES Resolution, an amazing scientific ship! This special ship was used to drill into our earth's surface to learn fascinating things about our oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes, and even dinosaurs! With so many amazing things to learn out there, finding fun and engaging educational tools makes a world of difference in getting your kids interested in learning. So, read along with them and make learning fun!

    Be sure to follow along on Alice Feagan's blog for more of her fun book illustrations and artwork endeavors.

     eBook image source



  • Give Your World Some Love on Earth Day 2013

    Our earth is a big place - HUGE! When faced with the changes happening all over our planet, it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, getting your kids interested and excited to learn about the world they live in can be simple and fun! Yes, there is a lot to learn - for the rest of our lives! But, take baby steps with your children to get them acquainted with the world right outside their doorstep. Look for events in your community to celebrate and work hard this Earth Day 2013 on April 22nd.

    If you and your family get to travel, remind your children about the different climates and landscapes you've visited. Your own town may have a beach and a desert very nearby! On car trips, you're unfortunately sure to see some litter and other evidence of people being careless with their surroundings. What a wonderful opportunity to encourage being responsible!

    While your little ones may see and realize the damage that we can easily do to our lovely surroundings, they may not know how to help or prevent it. Earth Day is a perfect time to join a group in a cleanup effort in your neighborhood, a park, or beach. When even a small group joins together (like your family!) big changes can happen quickly. Search for events and group gatherings online for trash pickup and cleanup in your community.

    Some other simple ways to get your kids involved in Earth Day 2013:

    1. Reuse and recycle plastic bags, and carry reusable totes to the store.
    2. Learn about your community's recycle programs if you're not already participating.
    3. Walk or ride a bike whenever you safely can instead of using your car.
    4. Pull weeds in the yard and garden instead of using herbicides.
    5. Plant a tree!

    Remind them how fun it is to swim in clean water, play in a clean park, and walk down a clean sidewalk. Now, listen to their ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day 2013!

    Source: Earth Day Network

    Featured Kids' Wall Art: Dear Earth by Katie Daisy & Go Green For All by Donna Ingemanson

  • Juice Box Interview

    Go grab a seat in the stands or put on your glove and get ready to take your place on the field! We have some awesome action packed art to discuss from April’s artist of the month – Juice Box. Here’s how the interview went:

    Oopsy Daisy: Has art always been your focus or did you just stumble upon it?

    Juice Box: I come from a family of artists. When I was younger I thought I would go into some sort of science or engineering as a form of rebellion against my parents. That didn't last too long. What  seemed like a good idea in theory was a bit different in practice. Especially once I realized how much math was involved. Luckily I figured out pretty quickly that art was the right path for me and I probably saved myself from a great deal of misery in the process.


    OD: What was your main job or area of expertise before you were an artist?

    JB: Well, I actually still have a day job as a graphic artist which is what I’ve been doing for well over a decade now. I often find myself overlapping my fine art work with my graphic work and figuring out ways to blur the lines between the two. It can feel a bit schizophrenic at times but it keeps it interesting for me on both sides.


    OD: Would you say you had a focused and specific style or is it generally broader and less defined?

    JB: To quote the band Pavement, "I've got style, miles and miles..."  I like to shift and change my style whenever I feel the need. A lot of artist get stuck doing one thing, or get known for a particular look or character that they do - then they can't escape it. For this reason I am constantly changing it. I think if you look at everything I’ve done  you can definitely see relationships between the different styles which is natural since it all comes out of one head and one hand but I am constantly trying to change it up and stay fresh.


    Your sports pieces seem to really capture a sense of action and depth. What was your technique for these?

    JB: I tend to build up my images like a collage. It is a process of constant layering. I will build an image up to a point where I feel like there is entirely too much going on and then I systematically strip it back down again until I feel like I have balanced yet intriguing composition.


    Do you play any sports now or when you were younger? Which would you consider to be your favorite?

    JB: As a kid I played soccer through high-school. I was never a super star but I wasn’t terrible either. It's still my favorite team sport to play and watch.



    OD: We currently carry your Full Court PressBases LoadedGoal!, and Extra Point pieces – any plans on doing ones for Hockey, Golf, or Lacrosse?

    JB: Yeah. If the demand is there. I really enjoy working with the sports imagery and It's a great way to inject some action into my work.


    OD: Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

    JB: Well it's hard to give advice without sounding cliché but here goes:  Don't edit yourself! Let the work come out whether you think it is good or bad. Just crank it out and keep cranking it out. You may not be happy with every piece you finish but the more work you produce the more confidence you will gain in your own abilities and sensibilities. Art is about self-expression. Never worry about how your work will be perceived by others - stay true to yourself.


    View Juice Box's Oopsy Daisy Collection

  • Eric Carle's Brown Bear at the White House

    Each year, our nation's president and his family enjoy the White House Easter Egg Roll on their lawn along with thousands of visitors! This year, President Obama, his  wife Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha entertained 30,000 children and parents on Easter Sunday. There were tons of festivities, special guest stars, and plenty of sunshine. It appears that a good time was had by all, especially during the book reading the whole First Family took part in.  Our personal favorite book reading was of Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Not only is this one of our all time favorite children's books, but being proud producers of this timeless artwork, we couldn't be more pleased to see Eric Carle's Brown Bear at the White House!

    It feels good to see nostalgia and fond favorites being honored with special traditions. Not only does the tradition of the Easter Egg Roll book readings enforce the importance of literacy and the excitement of a good book, it's good wholesome fun for the whole family. We hope you get the opportunity to share one of our all time favorites with your little ones, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors kids, students, acquaintances, you get the idea. If you haven't already, check out Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and his entire endearing collection of children's books full of his lovely artwork - which is now available exclusively from Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art for Kids as kid's wall decor to cover the walls of children's bedrooms, nurseries, play spaces, and classrooms! See Eric Carle's entire collection here.

    Check out our exclusive interview with Eric Carle and a video where he talks about the making of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

    images: Reuters

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