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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Oopsy's Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

    Boy, have we got a gift for you!

    In fact, we have a gift for you, your sister, your kids, your sister's kids... you get the idea. Yes, we think everyone will love one of our giftable products for the holidays this year! We told you we've got you covered to become the most gifted gift-giver in your circle, so check out some of our suggestions for the boys and girls on your list this season. Our holiday gift guide for kids even has ornaments any adult would love, too!

    Boys: We have so many products that are "all boy", including these items we've rounded up that are ALL under $50 (most under $25)!

    1. Radley Dalmatian nightlight by Meghann O'Hara 
    2. Critters, Cars, and Creatures personalized placemat by Carolyn Gavin
    3. Bow Tie Teddy - Natural personalized ceramic ornament by Vicky Barone
    4. Modern Dog personalized kids growth chart by Lisa DeJohn
    5. Robots Rule - Phil poster that sticks by Vicky Barone

    Girls: Believe it or not, we've got even more "all girl" themed items to choose from! Here are a few choice picks ALL under $50 (most under $25)!

    1. We're in Paris personalized kids growth chart by Creative Thursday by Marisa
    2. Skating Birdies personalized ceramic ornament by Winborg Sisters
    3. Radiant Flower - Pink & Blue jewelry for girls by Andrew Daniel
    4. Inspire Me - Dress Up poster that sticks by Mary Beth Freet
    5. Ella Elephant Pink personalized nightlight by Sally Bennett
    6. Carousel personalized placemat by Maria Carluccio

    Neutral: Make no mistake, we've got tons and tons that work for girls and boys. The hard part is just choosing which fun items to get! ALL these finds are under $50, too!

    1. You Are My Sunshine - Tan poster that sticks by Vicky Barone
    2. Exploring the World from A-Z personalized placemat by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw
    3. Farm Friends personalized kids growth chart by Maria Carluccio
    4. Disney® It's a Small World - Around the World Kids personalized nightlight by Mary Blair
    5. Gingerbread Men personalized ceramic ornament by GreenBox House

    So, hop to it, Santa! Grab some super, personal gifts that any kid would love: gifts under $25 & gifts under $50.


  • Big Art for Impact

    Our goal as a fine art provider is to bring color and vitality to homes, and throughout our years of filling bedrooms and playrooms with vibrant artwork, we’ve noticed a trend. Our customers want big art. And who can blame them? When people walk into your home, you want them to be wowed with your personality that shines through your décor. More importantly, you want your little ones to be wowed every morning when they wake up, through every night when they’re snuggling in to bed by their engaging, purely imaginative, fine artwork on their walls.

    We agree that big art is a great way to go, and Oopsy daisy has expanded its larger fine art offerings from stretched canvas wall art to now include various sizes of fabric wall decals. Our murals that stick come in size 72”x54”, vertical and horizontal options, to make an affordable, impressive display on your wall. We encourage you to enhance your walls with bold artwork that creates a backdrop to your everyday life adventures. Little ones love the detail in our engaging artwork, so we say, "the bigger, the better"! With all the kids wall art we offer in multiple sizes, hands-down we receive more feedback of  unbridled customer glee over large art purchases. Seriously!

    In conclusion, we suggest you add a little drama to your life in the ways of your walls. Bold, big art is surprisingly perfect in almost any space. If you've had an inkling to go "big" with your wall art decor, go with your gut. You won't regret it!


    1 A to Z Animal Prints canvas wall art by Jennifer Hill and Retro Rocket Peel and Place by Jill Bachman Pabich
    2 Cherry Blossom Birdies mural that sticks by Winborg Sisters
    3 Big Wide World mural that sticks by Johnny Yanok
    4 Forest Fairies mural that sticks by Jill McDonald 

  • Holiday Blocks Craft by Jones

    There is no better time than the holidays to create your own artwork with the kids! Jones Segarra has shared a lovely holiday craft with us that will have you feeling like a professional artist. We love Jones' classic artwork for kids, and you can use her style as inspiration for your magical holiday creation! Spend an afternoon creating a fun, seasonal memory with the kiddos. Here's what you need:


    -Scrapbook or decorative paper
    -Scrap pieces of wood (Home Improvement stores have tons)
    -Modge Podge
    -Acrylic paint
    -Paint brushes
    -Scissors, pencil

    Step 1:  Trace around your scrap piece of wood with a pencil onto the paper you would like to use as a background.  Cut it out slightly smaller than what you have traced.

    Step 2:  Cut out various shapes from your other papers to be used as the main image on your block. For example, cut out circles for a snow man.

    Step 3:  Using a paintbrush, paint Modge Podge onto the back of the background paper.  Place it onto the wood.  Make sure you rub the top of the paper to get out any wrinkles or bubbles.

    Step 4: Now paint Modge Podge onto the backs of the shapes you cut out and place them onto the block. Gently rub off any Modge Podge that gets on top of the paper with a paper towel, but don't worry if some still remains.

    Step 5: Add details like eyes, stars, scarf, etc., with acrylic paint!

    Step 6: Paint the sides of the blocks black. Dip paint brush into water quickly. There should now be watered down black paint left on it.  Quickly run the brush around the edges of the front of the block to add dimension and to make it look old. Let dry for about 15 minutes.

    Step 7: Repeat steps for the back of the blocks!!

    Step 8:  Seal the blocks on the front and sides by painting on a thick layer of Modge Podge. Let dry 15 minutes and repeat.  Once dry, give the back of the blocks two good coats as well!

    Happy Holidays!


  • Jones Segarra Interview

    Jones Segarra has a double presence on Green Box Art + Culture. She’s one half of Jones & Eggy, a mother-daughter artistic duo (her mother, Evelyn Strogis, is the other half). In addition to the sports mosaics Jones & Eggy create, Jones (Joni Segarra) also has a solo presence on the site. We spoke to her recently about her artistic endeavors, both solo and as half of a collaborative pair.


    Oopsy daisy: How long have you been creating art with your mom?

    Jones Segarra: We don’t do it any more, unfortunately. She’s in Florida and I’m in Georgia. We collaborated while she was staying with me for an extended time. I hope to get back to it, though.


    OD: What is the process of two artists working together on a project?

    JS: I am better at the physical part and she’s got a better eye for things. I came up with the concepts and basic shapes, she came up with the colors and the papers. We’d work on it together and then she’d be the one to tweak and critique. Just like a regular relationship between a mom and daughter! But it was good way to bond with my mother, so I hope we’ll get a chance to do it again.


    OD: So the Jones & Eggy projects were paper mosaic. What is the medium for your solo work?

    JS: Most of it is acrylic paint.


    OD: Do you have formal training in painting?

    JS: Actually, I am self-taught.


    OD: Really! Do you think some of that skill comes from growing up with an artistic mom?

    JS: Actually, I think it came more from my father. He was an engineer, but he’s really creative and used to draw all the time—obnoxious, funny cartoons.


    OD: Did you do the same as a child?

    JS: I would always doodle—when I was talking on the phone I’d doodle on anything, I’d doodle on bills and things and my parents would get so annoyed! I loved art growing up, but I played so many sports, so that was my thing. I had practice or a game pretty much every day from about age five until I had an injury in college.


    OD: So that explains why so many of your paintings have a sports theme.

    JS: I never thought of that before. On my own I paint a lot that has to do with sports, and as the mother of three young sons, it’s what I’ve been exposed to with the boys. Sports are such a big deal with them. I used to do a lot of murals, a ton for boys’ rooms, and that’s how I really started this whole thing.


    OD: Tell us more about that. How did you get into murals?

    JS: It started with my laundry room. I painted a mural in my laundry room. Neighbors started asking me to do murals in their kids’ rooms, and it made me feel like a human, not just a mom. If someone asked me to do a mural, I’d reduce the price if my kids could come play with their kids. It was win-win—my kids got to play with new kids, the customers got money off the mural, and I got to do what I loved. Then I decided to start painting on canvases and started selling those.


    OD: When did you get involved with Oopsy daisy?

    JS: I was working with a company that had a catalog and hand-painting all the orders. Instead of doing a piece of art I loved it turned into doing the same piece over and over and it felt more like business than creativity. Oopsy daisy is absolutely the perfect thing for me. I can be creative when I want to be and I can do things that Oopsy daisy asks me for. The sports lockers, for example. I created a couple of those, I think football and basketball, and then I was asked to make more with different sports for the site. It’s the ideal combination of art and business.


    OD: So that’s how the lockers came about. What about the tattoo art?

    JS: I have a tiny rose tattoo on my ankle. I got it when I was 17. I remember thinking, I know I want something very cool, and I also knew I was going to have it when I was 80. And in the end, I opted for something that was kinda lame! Now that I am older I would have gone for something a whole lot cooler. I love tattoo art. I would probably have a lot more if I didn’t live in such a conservative area.


    OD: If you got a tattoo now, what would you get?

    JS: That’s a tough one.  I haven’t thought about that in a long time. I don’t know what it would be of, but I love the juxtaposed tattoos—a bunch of different pictures that turn into each other, like koi and water and flowers. If it was up to me, I’d get it on the side of my lower leg or my forearm. My kids would be highly embarrassed by that! But it would be some place very obvious and artsy. And I wouldn’t get the 19-year-old boy who did the first one to do it this time.


    OD: Speaking of your sons, are they artistic too?

    JS: The oldest boy, who’s eleven, is crazy creative as far as how he thinks. He is extremely funny. He makes movies, and his creativity comes out in movies.


    OD: In your mural days, you brought your kids to work with you. Do you work from home now?

    JS: Yes, I work out of my house in my office/studio/throw-everything-in-that-room-when-the-doorbell-rings-to-make-everything-appear-a-lot-cleaner.


    OD: So you’re a full-time artist and a full-time mom.

    JS: Yes. Or half-time of each, most days.

    View Jones Segarra's Oopsy Daisy Collection here and Jones and her Mother's Oopsy Daisy Collection here

  • The First Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation

    This Thanksgiving may be nearly over, but The First Thanksgiving never loses its appeal. And in Massachusetts, it's still taking place.

    Plimoth Plantation is a completely amazing living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts. (Plimoth is the old-fashioned spelling.) It's always 1627 in the Village, just seven years after the Mayflower arrived. In fact, it's still docked nearby, ready to be explored. (Actually, it's the Mayflower II, a full-scale replica of the famous ship).

    Visitors can step into the town and feel they're a part of the day-to-day life. They can learn what people wore, how they spoke, what they did and what they knew. Go ahead, ask a question, and the costumed interpreter will answer in character! In addition to the Pilgrims (then known as Colonists), visitors encounter Native Americans in the Wampanoag Homesite. They can also  visit the Craft Center and Nye Barn, with its historic breeds of cows, goats and sheep.

    In the chronology of the Plantation,
    The First Thanksgiving is in the very recent past. The reason it's so valuable to visit, in our opinion, is the perspective that it gives. Spend a little time there. See how everything was done by hand and largely at the whim of Mother Nature. Suddenly it's easy to see why the Pilgrims were so Thankful at that first, famous feast.

  • How to Group Your Wall Art for Major Impact

    Create impact by stacking art of various shapes. A straight line across the top creates the necessary unity.

    Yes, we do know it’s hard to choose just one stretched canvas art from our fun-filled collection. We like it that way, so we’re encouraging you to embrace the multiple pieces you’ve fallen in love with, and create a magnificent focal point in your little one’s bedroom or playroom. Group your wall art, and you'll have a museum-worthy wall that will have your friends asking you for design advice.

    Now, please don’t feel timid about selecting a grouping of artwork, we’re here to help and offer tips to make it work for your you. (We have instant chat available during office hours when you're shopping on our site, or feel free to call or email us!) You’ll first want to select artwork either with the same theme, by the same artist, or in the same color family. We've most definitely got loads of coordinating pieces that look fabulous together, without giving you that “matchy-matchy” look as if you got all of the room’s components from one big box. Next, go crazy with the sizes and shapes of the pieces you choose. Rectangles and squares can be a match made in heaven when placed on your wall with a little forethought and puzzle solving!

    When deciding how to place your kids wall art collection on the wall, envision a straight line to place multiple pieces along, such as a vertical line on one side as we've done in our Purple Fairy Room. Or, you can have pieces line up horizontally along the top like you see in our Teal Jungle Animal Room. Then, the remainder of the pieces can fit in to the area in sort of a grid pattern, leaving consistent spacing in between. You can play around with the layout without making holes in the wall by cutting out butcher’s paper in the same sizes and shapes of the artwork and taping those to the walls in different configurations. See how it’s like putting a puzzle together?

    Once you’ve decided on the layout you like best, we find it easiest to hold the artwork against the wall where you’d like it to hang, then use the sawtooth hanger on the back as a marking tool. When you gently press the sawtooth hanger against your wall, pulling down a tiny bit creates a small mark in the exact spot your nail or screw should go. Although, if you’re skilled in the ways of a leveler and tape measure, take the “pro-route” and create your gallery masterpiece! You know what we always say: the more art on the wall, the better! (You may not have known that, but that is how we truly feel.)

    Shop canvas wall art by Winborg Sisters featured in Purple Fairy Room.
    Shop canvas wall art by Aaron Christensen featured in Red & Blue Sports Room.
    Shop canvas wall art by Meghann O'Hara featured in Teal Jungle Animal Room & Coral Beach Theme Room.

  • Oopsy daisy is on Pinterest!

    We thought it might pinterest you (sorry) to know that Oopsy daisy is on Pinterest.  And if you're not familiar with Pinterest yet, go go go! We'll wait, even if your quick check-in ends up lasting an hour (or is that just us when we try to do a quick Pinterest check-in?).

    And why is Oopsy daisy Fine Art for Kids on Pinterest? Because

    it combines so many things we love,

    like charming and creative kid's roomslearning and education, perfect parties and playdates, even delectable meals and tasty treats your kids will love.

    We have gathered hundreds of photos that interest us. And through the magic of Pinterest, we have "pinned" them to our board. You can peruse a section and click on the images that grab you. You'll then be taken to the website from which the pin originated.

    And, of course, you can keep up with some of your favorite Oopsy daisy artists, like Annette Tatum and Creative Thursday by Marisa. , up-and-coming and established artists, home decor ideas, crafts and fun ways to spend time with your children.

    We're getting more followers every day, and we're enjoying sharing inspiration with you. Oopsy daisy Fine Art for Kids is more than the number-one source  in the United States for engaging art-based products that embrace childhood and celebrate individual artistic efforts (though it is that, and we're very proud!). It's also a way of life, a way to enjoy and celebrate childhood and creativity. That's why Oopsy daisy is on Pinterest, andthat's why we hope you'll join us!

  • Gifted Gift Giving

    Read ahead to learn how to earn the title  “Most Gifted Gift-Giver”

    We all know her, that gal that always gives the most perfect gifts. She shows up to every birthday, holiday, and every other kind of party with *the* *perfect* *gift*. It’s personal, it’s sensible, and it’s something you didn’t even know you wanted… until she gave it to you, of course! Well, if you’d like some guidance on how to be “that” gift giver, listen up! We’re going to make it reeaaaal easy.

    Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids is not only your go-to spot for affordable, unique gifts, Oopsy daisy will make you, yes YOU, the best gift-giver of the bunch. Whether you’re up against your family (you know, that exotic, classy aunt that always seems to find a treasure that will be a favorite keepsake for the rest of your life) or a beloved group of friends (we all have that perpetually stylish friend that seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to presents), it is possible for you to hold the title of “Most Gifted Gift-Giver”.

    The best part about a gift from Oopsy daisy is that it’s a present with a purpose. Parents that long for the old days, when Junior was toddling around, will treasure a marked personalized growth chart forever! Our night lights can actually be repurposed as a mini canvas stretched art to place on a shelf once the little one has outgrown that need for a twilight glow. Our canvas wall art can be passed down for years, due to our high quality, handmade standards.  Even our fabric wall decals are reusable and can be moved all around when kept clean!  And finally, Oopsy daisy’s personalized ceramic ornaments are about the perfect small gift for anyone on your list. We can add your gift receiver’s name to most of our giftable products, undoubtedly resulting in each recipient’s wonderment at your gift giving abilities!

    Simply stated, we delight in the fact that we create beautiful works of art in so many forms from talented artists around the world, solely to bring color to the lives of kids. With that kind of thinking, you absolutely can’t go wrong when getting a gift for a loved one from our giftable collection.

  • Art Wall Clocks for Kids Rooms Brighten Up Daylight Savings Time

    Did you remember to turn back on November 4?

    (That's okay, we'll wait...)

    It's one more hour of sleep, but it makes it seem like night rolls in right after lunch. But there is a way to brighten up the gloom of Fall Daylight Savings: art wall clocks for kids rooms!

    How can anyone wake up on the wrong side of the bed when greeted by a bright, artistic canvas clock? We have dozens to choose from, in all sorts of colors and themes. But even more than that, we have a range of interesting styles that incorporate fine art and time-telling in amusingly creative ways.

    Let's start with the three-piece art set, or triptych. We have a number of three-piece art wall clocks, with two canvas art pieces and one clock in the center. We've got one for kids who love wheels and trucks, another for fans of robots, and one for kids who believe in fairies. Meghann O'Hara's popular Jungle Pals paintings are available for boys or girls.

    Of course, each of these center pieces is available individually as well, so if your space is limited, or if you want to mix and match, you can just buy the clock on its own.

    We also have clever canvas wall art that incorporates the clock right into the scene. Check out City Sidewalk by WInborg Sisters. There's a version with a blue car and another with a pink car that's perfect for girls. In each, a bustling city street features a building with a clock on it: a working clock!

    Finally, we offer the time-honored cuckoo clock. Of course, this one has a particulary artistic twist: its a canvas collage of a cuckoo clock with a face that actually works. There's one with a pink background and a blue bird, another with a yellow background and yellow bird, and still another with a blue background and a puppy instead of a bird. That's right, a cuckoo clock for any decor!

    We can't do anything about the dark afternoons. We can't do anything to make it easier to get out of a cozy bed on a dark and frosty morning. But we can offer art wall clocks for kids rooms that brighten up any wall!





  • Bold Patterns in Kids' Rooms

    We all have different styles and different levels of comfort in design. Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids celebrates those differences and we want to encourage you to mix it up! We love bold patterns and courageous combos. Mainly, we just love seeing someone’s personality shine through décor choices, creating a warm, happy atmosphere and calling it “home”.

    While some of us like just one statement making patterned piece per room, others can’t get enough. If you like the look of mixed bold patterns, but need a little assistance in making it happen, we’ve got a few tips from some top design websites.

    HGTV suggests:

    • Choose three or more patterns, because odd numbers work best in terms of design.
    • Balance your patterns by evenly distributing throughout the room, not all on one side.

    Houzz suggests:

    • Vary the scale of prints with small, medium, and large – limiting yourself to one large-scale fabric design.
    • Take baby steps and assess samples together to edit color and pattern scale. Don’t be afraid to give a pattern the boot if it’s not working well with the others you’ve chosen.

    Real Simple suggests:

    • Limit busy wallpaper to just one wall, as the focus, rather than all four walls.
    • Include one big solid in the room – on the sofa, floor, or wall.

    Most importantly, no matter what patterns you may follow, we’ve got the wall art décor to complete your perfect scene. We always suggest finding the perfect piece at the start, letting it be your inspiration for finding unifying bold pattern combinations. Don’t be shy, listen to the pros and jump in there!

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