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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Personalized Placesettings, Thanksgiving-Style

    Setting the table is a big part of the Thanksgiving feast...

    and personalized Thanksgiving Placesettings are a time-honored tradition, from placecards to hand-drawn turkeys at every plate. This year, we are excited to host our family's Thanksgiving dinner, and we are even more excited with the placesettings we're going to use: personalized, fine-art ornaments.

    That's right, each diner will sit down to his or her very own, personalized ceramic ornament. One on each plate, perhaps, or with the ribbon wound around the napkin as a take-home napkin ring.

    The beauty of this plan is that it's so versatile. There are dozens of ornaments to choose from, ranging from a teddy bear to the king of everything for kids. For adults, there are all kinds of  beautiful prints, like the holiday owls -- in fact, we just may coordinate the entire table by mixing and matching the repeating-print ornaments from GreenBox House, including  reindeerornamental trees and the birdie bunch.

    Guests can take their placecard-ornaments home and use them on a holiday tree or as home decor. Not the host? Find out who will be there and order the ultimate hostess gift for the whole table. Talk about thoughtful--every guest will be most thankful, for sure.

    In addition, this year, our kids' table will get a boost with the Family Feast Placemat and the Thanksgiving Placemat. When everyone sits down to dinner, he or she will feel right at home.





  • Creative Thursday by Marisa

    Creative Thursday by Marisa is the brainchild of artist Marisa Anne Cummings (who goes by Marisa Anne). The imaginative characters she’s created are perfect friends for decorating children’s rooms and other walls that need some love. Marisa Anne’s work has been featured on TV and in national magazines. Her book, Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice by Marisa Anne, will be available in late November, 2012. We caught up with her on a recent Monday to ask about Creative Thursday.


    Oopsy daisy: Are Thursdays a particularly creative day for you?

    Marisa Anne: They have always been my favorite day of the week. You know how for some people, there’s always a day you just feel your best? For me, it was always Thursdays. I’ve always enjoyed that day because it’s just before Friday—there’s a little excitement around it.

    When I lived in Boulder, a friend and I started getting together to be more creative. It often ended up being on a Thursday, so I said “let’s call it Creative Thursday.” When I started my own business, it was the perfect name. Because it acts as a sort of umbrella for everything I do. I work in a lot of different media. I think sometimes people think they have to do one medium or another, but I don’t. This name can house all the things that I do.


    Od: Do you have formal art training?

    MA: I have some training, but in the beginning I didn’t actually believe that it would be particularly easy—not that it has been, of course—to make a living through art. I thought a smarter approach would be advertising. I knew I always wanted to work creatively but wanted to give myself a business focus to fall back on. Along with my advertising courses I took a lot of classes in fine arts. In the end, it served me so well as an entrepreneur to have all that initial insight into how to market and think along those terms.


    Od: What is your process and your medium?

    MA: I start with pencil and acrylic, and it’s become my signature style to create the originals on wood. That’s why most of my characters are white—I fell in love with how the white paint interacts with natural wood background. The wood grain interacts with white and creates dimension.


    Od: You are known for those sweet little characters, both human and animal. Do they each have a name and a backstory?

    MA: It’s funny you ask that. They do have names but they don’t have a backstory. I have been considering that idea lately. They appeared in my working style when I started to do daily paintings. There was a time when I didn’t know how I was going to make a living but I knew I loved working creatively and knew I had to give it a go. Then these characters made an appearance and that style was what started to sell for me.  I feel like this group of characters showed up in support of my doing what I love. They are on the cover of my book and in my earliest fabrics.

    I recently created a work that featured all 74 of the characters. I wanted to see them all together and think about what their stories are. For certain, they are absolutely here to inspire people and make them happy. They go out into the world and support other people in finding what they love, either professionally or in their day-to-day life.


    Od: Seventy-four! That’s a lot of characters, and a lot of names. Are they named after people in your life?

    MA: No. There’s one named Irwin— Irwin was my grandfather— but they really aren’t anybody that I know. They are names that are in the ether. It’s funny, but when I name one I’ll start to notice how many kids are being born with that name—like Ruby and Olive and Miss Fran, Lola, Simone, Eli. I sort of look at them and certain names come out. Garbo is actually my cat. I put her in there because I painted her a couple times. Little Blue is an owl. Louis is a lion. Those two end up together a lot. And when I put them all together, I noticed that a lot of them like to wear stripes.


    Od: What’s it like to see your fine art for kids being used as set decoration on sitcoms or featured in magazines?

    MA: It’s very exciting. It’s also a little odd because you like to think that something like that would push your art into a new level. But that’s not the case, because even in print it’s usually not credited. Where you can buy it, maybe, but not the name of the artist. Perhaps people don’t remember what it’s like to have a small, growing business.

    In the end, though, my ultimate goal with my work is to have people have the opportunity to feel joy when they see it.


    Od: One final question: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    MA: Flying would probably be pretty good. I am one of those people who has been able to fly in my dreams. It’s really really cool. I guess I’m a freedom seeker.


    View Creative Thursday by Marisa's Oopsy daisy Collection

  • Creative Thursday - Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice

    Stop for a moment, and just really think about where you are in life, creatively speaking. Marisa Anne Cummings wants you to know that you are right where you're supposed to be. You may feel like you've gotten off track, like many of us have felt time and time again. But, Marisa believes that it's all part of the journey to get you where you belong. Creative Thursday is not only her new book title, but also a goal to all of us to be more creative and seek that colorful life you want - especially on Thursdays!

    It may be impossible to tear your eyes away from Marisa's delightfully adorable characters we've come to dearly love in her artwork collection, but her book has a strong message in it, too. It's about encouragement and inspiration to listen to your own voice in your journey for the unmatchable accomplished feeling of being creative. Watch Marisa's video trailer of her book to hear in her own words, the hope she has for everyone to live their most creative life.

    With more than 60 items in our Oopsy daisy line by Creative Thursday by Marisa, you can line your walls with inspiration and absolute charm.  It's nearly impossible to choose a favorite, but there's really no need. They all compliment one another, so go ahead and create a gallery of your picks!

  • Best Birthday Gift Ever? Personalized Growth Chart!

    Every year, Mom and Pop excitedly celebrate baby’s birthday, reflecting on how they can’t believe a year, two years, three years – have passed. Are you looking for a special way to contribute to all the memory making? Add a new tradition to Junior’s birthday by getting the little one a personalized growth chart as a gift! You’ll be remembered every year for giving them such a stellar gift, as they mark Half-Pint’s height on that special day (and any day in between).

    Growth charts make perfect birthday presents for babies and kids. By giving the gift of a custom canvas height chart, you’re not only providing a cherished memento to Mom and Dad, you’re also giving a gift of art appreciation to their little one. Oopsy daisy’s growth charts are fashioned after existing artwork from our extensive line of nursery wall art and kids wall décor. We find educational, original, spectacular artwork from current working artists around the world to reproduce and fill the rooms of kids of all ages. Each growth chart comes ready to hang among the other artwork in baby’s room, with four grommets to secure over regular screws from the hardware store. We include decorative screw covers to offer a nice, clean finish on this functional piece of art.

    Be sure to get your little pal’s name added to the growth chart, for that extra personal touch. A personalized growth chart will be such a special reminder to Mom and Dad of how quickly their little beansprout grew. They’ll think you’re the best gift giver around, especially when you tell them they can use the darling gift tube  (all of our growth charts come packaged in them) as a keepsake container once little one goes off to college.

  • DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

    Hooray for Halloween! When you stop to think about it, it's pretty cool that there's a whole day given over, in large part, to kids' imaginations. There's a catch, though, because sometimes those imaginations are way ahead of their abilities in costume creation. So we've assembled a few of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes for kids. They're imaginative and they are, most importantly, really easy. Have fun!

    This clever cotton candy costume uses pillow fill that's been spray-painted pink. And the top is a simple clown wig with the hair removed and a bit of pillow fluff attached in its place. Yum!

    This pinata costume is a little labor-intensive but it's easy. And older kids can help with the felt-cutting. Attach them all to a super-warm sweatsuit and a kid is good to go. And yes, he or she will be filled with candy by the end of the night.

    This free puppies costume is just too cute for words. Don't have a puppy costume? Put some ears on a sweatshirt hood and dab on a black nose with mascara. Teddy bears can substitute for puppies, depending on the child's favorite little buddies.

    Finally, this flower pot is no more than a plastic bucket with the bottom removed (a saw might work), suspenders attached to it, and fake flowers attached. Add a smaller flower pot for candy collecting. So sweet!

    Happy Halloween to all our little trick-or-treaters, and stay tuned for a collection of some of the easiest DIY creative pumpkins!


  • Last Minute Halloween Decor

    There's no shame in getting things done in the eleventh hour. In fact, that's when many of us do our best work! If you're one of those people, we want to let you know it's not too late to get some fabulous fine art from Oopsy daisy to adorn your home with Halloween decor! Since we custom-make to order, we want to let you know that now's the time to place those last minute Halloween decor orders.

    Oopsy daisy custom creates fine art reproductions of unique and amazing original artwork from artists around the world. Believe it or not, that also includes holiday art! We've got Halloween decor that can dress up your wallsembellish your dinner table, hang in an archway, and even stick to your windows and wainscoting! Just be sure to order soon (like now!) so we can make your decor and get it out the door!

    Shop Oopsy daisy Halloween canvas wall art.

    Shop Oopsy daisy Halloween placemats.

    Shop Oopsy daisy Halloween fabric wall decals.

    Shop Oopsy daisy Halloween personalization.

    Shop ALL Oopsy daisy Halloween!

    Happy haunting!

  • Fabric Applique Designs from Silhouette Kids Wall Art

    Save Those Sweet Baby Clothes & Make a Fabric Applique


    If you're like us here at Oopsy daisy, you become sentimentally attached to clothing, blankets, and other material things as your little ones outgrow them. Many people hold on to extra special items like the outfit Junior wore home from the hospital, christening gowns, or that handmade blanket from Grandma to cherish as keepsakes or pass down as heirlooms. But, what about those little dresses and overalls they wore a few times on "uneventful" days that you just can't bear to part with? We suggest you keep it around, but find a new use! Create a fabric applique  from these little treasures to jazz up something new.

    If you need inspiration, look to Oopsy daisy's fine art for loads of ideas. For starters, Annette Tatum's nursery art collection has great shapes and motifs to model after, and be sure to check out our silhouette wall art by Alice Feagan and Stacy Amoo-Mensah for designs. We've also got a ready made pattern you can use from our Rachel Taylor owl craft blog.

    Once you've settled on a design, choose a product to apply your fabric applique to. It can be a pillow to match your little one's room decor, a canvas bag to take that extra set of clothes in to daycare, or a fun denim jacket or purse! You'll start seeing places on which you can applique your designs everywhere once you start looking. Lastly, you'll need fusible web (pick it up at any craft or fabric store) to easily affix your fabric to whatever background you've chosen. If you're extra crafty, you can sew a cute button on for an eye, or hot glue some ric rac or sequin trim for some added pizazz.

    This craft is terrific because of all the options out there. You don't have to say goodbye to those sweet outfits you can't bear to part with (or those that have an irremovable stain!), just cut out a shape, and use it to make a new lasting memory.

  • Personalized Kids' Growth Charts

    My, how you've grown!

    Have your kids received their school photos yet? In our house, one child has worn the same shirt for the past three years' photos, just so he can see how much he's grown (for the record, we bought it big and it's getting a little tight). That's one way to chart a child's growth, but we have a better way (sorry, son): growth charts.

    Truly attractive, art-quality growth charts for kids used to be hard to find. Trust us, we made many a frustrating attempt years ago to find one. That problem is solved, once and for all. Oopsy daisy has dozens of fine art growth charts for kids, each of which can even be personalized.

    The only dilemma is which to choose. Seriously, there are nearly 150 of them, with just about any subject matter or color scheme a child could desire. Here are a few:

    Growth charts and giraffes' loooong necks go together like PB&J. Grow by Jennifer Mercede is just one of the giraffe growth charts we've got.

    Maybe your little cowpoke is just knee-high to a grasshopper today, but tomorrow he'll be one tall hombre. Chart it on Howdy Cowboy by Aaron Christensen.

    We've all heard that kids grow like weeds, but how about seaweed? Under the Sea has that one covered. Flowers and trees, too, with How Does My Garden Grow? and Modern Dog, respectively.

    Before you know it, your little monkey will take off like a rocket, growing as tall as the Eiffel Tower in no time.

    And that's not something a school photo can capture, no matter what shirt he's wearing.


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