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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Happy Halloween Home Decor

    Our Halloween Home Decor Goodies will Bring Frightful Delight to Your Haunted Home

    Sure, we all say we decorate the house for Halloween - for the kids. But, let's be honest. Decorating for Halloween is a fantastic family tradition that we do for our kids as much as for our own enjoyment. Oopsy daisy has a variety of Halloween home decor to fit your lifestyle and make your family smile.

    Shelly Kennedy's "Haunted Parlor" collection is perfect to create a hauntingly elegant scene with an element of "old haunted house" for your living area. With a classic Halloween color palette, Shelly has created a chic grouping of canvas wall art that will perfectly accent your family living space for All Hallows' Eve, without sacrificing your personal style.

    Be sure to also check out our other spooky stuff like our Halloween banner for a bewitching bash, or our perilous placemats for diabolical dinnertime fun! We've even got our signature canvas wall art in creepy Halloween styles by Roger Groth!

    Whatever ghoulish glee you tend to decorate with for the Halloween holiday, we've got a bushel of treats for you and your gang of goblins!

  • The Art of Apple Picking

    There's an art to apple picking,

    & at Oopsy daisy, we're all about art!

    Have you heard the news this year? A mild winter + a late-April freeze has resulted in a very low apple crop. By some estimations, this year's apple harvest is one-tenth the average. One tenth! But we are not going to let that stop us from enjoying one of our favorite family traditions; apple picking.

    There are fewer of them, but their taste is every bit as delicious--maybe even more so, given their relative scarcity. Here are a few tips on the art of apple picking, designed to help you get the most out of your trip.

    -If it's pick-your-own you want, make sure that's what you're getting. Search "pick your own apples" and read the farm's description to make sure you get to pick them from the tree, not the bin.

    -Don't pull! Grab the apple you want and give it a firm twist to remove it from the branch.

    -Start on the edges. The apples on the outer branches of the tree tend to ripen first.

    -Know your type! Don't judge an apple's ripeness by its color: some are green or yellow when ripe. Know what you're picking so you know the color you're looking for.

    -Don't throw. Place the apples gently in your basket or bag so they don't bruise before you even get them home.

    -Enjoy every bite. Especially this year, when apples are especially precious!

    If you can't get enough apples (and this year, unfortunately, we mean that literally!), add some apple art to your walls. We've got a variety of apple-themed fine art for kids, like this adorable piece by Eleanor Grosch that features a plaid horse or the hilarious Bad Apple by Aesthetic Apparatus. We've even got a Red Apple placemat to put under the pie you make with all those apples you've picked! And unlike the pick-your-own fruit,  our canvas wall art and fine art placemats never spoil and can be enjoyed year-round!


  • Mission Impossible: Unique Baby Shower Gifts – Personalized Growth Charts

    Baby showers can be some of the most fun times in gal-get-together history. However, opening only gifts from a registry can be a bit ho-hum, not only for the mama, but also for her guests! If you’re looking to deviate from the requested necessities your pregnant loved one needs, get her an additional gift she’ll cherish forever. Personalized growth charts are unexpected and truly charming baby shower gifts for any mommy-to-be.

    Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids has specialized in personalized nursery wall art and gifts for over 13 years to bring kids special treasures they’ll love throughout childhood. Growth charts not only visually show you the height measurements throughout the years, but also provide memory triggers of those sweet kiddos that just won’t stay little. You can always take a growth chart with you when you move, too! That can’t be said for the door jam markings we grew up with. Each kids growth chart comes in our signature giftable green tube (that can also be used to store it as a keepsake later). There are four grommets from which to hang the growth chart, and color coordinated screw covers to finish the look.

    Growing up happens so quickly, and many mothers don’t think to get themselves a growth chart to save the visual reminder of their little ones going from tiny to tall in seemingly the blink of an eye. Be the hero and get your preggers pal a custom canvas height chart featuring art that will perfectly accent her nursery wall art. Not only will you be giving your friend an unexpected stylish element to complement nursery art she’s chosen, you’ll be giving her a very personal gift she can cherish long after her babies have grown and gone to college.

  • "Gerry the Giraffe" E-Book Out Now!

    Here at Oopsy daisy, Fine Art For Kids, we count ourselves very fortunate to be able to work with so many creative and talented artists. They don’t only create amazing work for Oopsy daisy, they branch out into all sorts of unique projects like teaching, crafting, and releasing books! Whenever we hear of another one of our artists’ successes, we just can’t wait to share it with the world. So without further ado, we are pleased to announce the release of “Gerry the Giraffe”, the newest e-book by Melissa Northway and illustrated by our own Jennifer Mercede.

    You might recognize Jennifer’s illustrations by her signature style of mark-making, vibrant colors, and emphasis on animals and the outdoors. Her personalized growth chart “Grow” has been a favorite for parents since its introduction by Oopsy daisy, and her children’s night lights, kid’s canvas wall art, and fabric wall decals continue to be top sellers for parents looking for unique wall art solutions for their children’s rooms.

    Jennifer carries her astonishing illustrations to “Gerry the Giraffe”, which even includes a few animated features to delight your little readers! Here’s a quick review by us for the “Gerry the Giraffe” e-book release:

    No matter your age, you are sure to be inspired by “Gerry the Giraffe”, a refreshing new take on the quintessential American dream through the eyes of a hardworking young giraffe. Gerry strives for excellence by working hard and with patience, dedication, and self-discipline, he is able to surpass his goal! Children and adults alike can relate to his struggles of working towards something even when it’s difficult. Haven’t we all felt this way before?

    “Some days it was hard getting up so early. He just wanted to pull his blanket over his head and go back to sleep. But, to be his best, he had to work hard.”

    Along with its easily relatable situations appropriate for all ages, “Gerry the Giraffe” is also chock full of fantastic art and animations. Readers will squeal with delight as they find hidden messages and quirky phrases scattered among the illustrations. In artist Jennifer Mercede’s signature style, bold marks and color-filled pages exude a cozy familiarity for children while wowing parents with their elegance and layered qualities.

    As an added bonus, the final pages are filled with fun facts about giraffes, Africa, and multiple discussion topics to get your children or pupils thinking critically about how to apply the principles explored in the book. No doubt the world would be a better place if more children (and adults) followed Gerry’s example of turning negative situations into positives through good sportsmanship, long-term dedication, and willingness to test one’s limits.  A must-have for any e-book library.

    If you are searching for a fun, whimsical, original, and educational new story to read your children, we officially recommend “Gerry the Giraffe”. It’s available on iTunes and is currently available for iPads iOS 4.3 or higher. We hope you enjoy the story, learning about giraffes and their habitat, and the amazing illustrations by Jennifer Mercede!

  • Fine Art for Teens

    As our friend Kermit once said, "it's not all that easy being a teen." Oh, wait--that's not it? Whatever the frog said, we can probably all agree that teens are a special bunch with their own needs, including "my own space," "my own life," "privacy"--oh, again, maybe that's particular to our situation.

    We here at Oopsy daisy can't provide some of those teen requirements, but we can do what we do best--offer them their very own fine art. Like all our other Oopsy daisy fine art for kids, our fine art for teens is hand-stretched canvs art by some of the best artists around. So while we can't provide your teen with her own space, we can decorate her space with her own fine art.

    Izak Zenou's elongated, painterly style immediately identifies him as a fashion illustrator, making his work ideal for young fashionistas and whimsy-hearted teens.

    Linda Ketelhut "gets" teens, as her Vacate the Heartache makes clear. The strong colors and strong messages, like "Love or Bust," "Take a Bridge to Somewhere" and "This Day is a Work in Progress" make these 60s-inspired pieces ideal for pensive teens (and honestly, what teen isn't pensive?).

    Susana Parada's Zodiac series is a fun and colorful way for teens to express their individuality. It's like a fresh update on those prints of a bouquet with the month beneath it that many of their parents (or grandparents!) probably had.

    Susana Parada is, by the way, the one who created the "Big Deal on My Blog" piece you see here. Did she make it just for us? Well, no, but like any fine art for teens that's worth its salt, we sure feel that way.


  • Kids Art Illustrations by Alice Feagan Bring World Book Encyclopedia to Life through

    Alice Feagan has a distinct artistic style, which is perfect for telling a story!  Her cut-paper collages are a definite match when considering art styles for kids art illustrations. World Book Encyclopedia has sought out this talented artist to illustrate the book cover and chapter headers for Letters to Words, a chapter book for their Childcraft Annual Series.

    Each kids art illustration helps to tell the history of letters, alphabets, words and languages in this informational nonfiction work.  Whether you’re young or old, I think we all can admit to enjoying pictures’ presence in a book. Alice’s artwork livens up each chapter full of information. It paints a picture for the reader to really put time periods, concepts, and cultures into perspective when reading about this vast subject.

    We adore Alice Feagan’s classic designs in kids wall art, and love to imagine what stories little ones come up with for her canvas wall art such as Out to Sea and The Sailing Whales. If ever there were an artist to spark one’s imagination, Alice Feagan is surely it!

  • Full Meal Deal

    Funny thing about the school year. It's more organized, since there's a dependable calendar at least from roughly  8-3 on weekdays, but it's also, often, more crazy-busy than the summer. You know the drill--soccer, ballet, tae-kwondo, chess club etc, etc, etc.

    Which leaves, for many families, less time for sit-down family meals. Which means, in turn, that those sit-down meals a family can grab are that much more precious.

    Here at Oopsy daisy, we have more art placemats than you can shake a stick at (or a chopstick, more on that later!). In honor of the still-new school year and the always-important family meal, we offer a mini-roundup of a few of our kids' placemats that have an educational, and decidedly artistic, theme. (By the way, all these mats are 12x17, phthalate-free soft vinyl, reversible to green & white polka dots, wipe clean and made in the US. Whew!)

    This Land is Your Land is a piece by Donna Ingemanson that has a square for each state, listing need-to-know info such as the state flower and bird. Great family-dinner conversation starter.

    Kids can learn state names, locations and capitals as easy as pie with the Oh Say Can You See placemat (really! It's a piece of cake!).This friendly, folksy piece by Jill McDonald can even be personalized.

    Jill McDonald also created A-Z Tropical Fish, which features a different actual, accurately drawn tropical fish for each letter. Maria Carluccio's Animal Alphabet pairs each letter with a sweet and expressive animal.

    Exploring the World from A-Z by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw features a world city, the country in which it's located, and a caption about the illustration.

    Speaking of exploring, Solar System by Donna Ingemanson features all the planets in the correct order from the sun, with a little boy exploring them for good measure.

    In addition to states, letters, cities and planets, kids can sit down to a fun depiction of the Chinese Zodiac in this sweet piece by Donna Ingemanson.

    We told you we'd get to chopsticks, and how's this for a perfect segue? In our opinion, fun placemats call for fun place settings. We have a couple suggestions, starting with Chopstick Kids. These silicone rubber kids click their heels while keeping a set of chopsticks together. Ideal for little ones learning how to use the untensils (or big folks who haven't quite mastered the feat!).

    Finally, there's this Spreadybear, a koala plate (koalas aren't bears, but let's not quibble with cuteness) that has space for peanut butter in one ear, jelly in the other, and a spreader masquerading as the koala's mouth. Add bread to the center and kids have everything they need to make their very own PB&J.

    The best part: while they're making their meal, you'll have more time to memeorize your state capitals.

    Bon appetit!



  • Recipe for Success: Personal Study Space

    Helping your kids make sense of stresses brought home from school can be a bear! It’s no easy task to bestow good study habits and a good work ethic on to your offspring. But, homework could become one area of routine and proud accomplishment. Once your youngsters hit the age where homework is a reality, and it will only increase, it’s important to get them on board. Homework gets tougher as they age, but the right environment can help them with their focus and efficiency.

    Providing your children with their own set study area can work wonders in the homework battle. A place where your kids can focus, have little to no distractions, and all the tools they need will allow them to take homework time serious.  A personal study space encourages kids to take pride in their work and own it as their responsibility.

    We, of course, want to talk about how to design that whiz of a workspace! Any nook will do- it just needs to be an area where you feel you’re accessible, but not too close to be a distraction. A desk and chair are no-brainers when deciding what to add to this space- along with a lamp, some desk accessories, and, of course, canvas wall art, an inviting study space is born! Here are a couple of our favorite style combos:

    • We love the rustic look of these Restoration Hardware baby & child options. To complete this look, we would combine our educational kids wall art in a vintage style, along with a classic work lamp, and a functional desk organizer.
    1. Hughes Desk and Tarver Chair by Restoration Hardware
    2. Nyfors Work Lamp by Ikea
    3. Desktop Storage Unit from Target
    4. Inspirational artwork for kids rooms by Shelly Kennedy
    • Our modern side must also make a suggestion! AllModern has a top-notch selection of desks that will keep your home chic. And don’t worry; we’ve always got some modern kids wall décor to complete the look.
    1. Blu Dot Writing Desk 51 from AllModern
    2. Herman Miller Eames Chair from Smart Furniture
    3. Solaris Table Lamp from Overstock.com
    4. DiVOGA Mod Desk Organizer from OfficeMax
    5. Patriotic Patterns map art by Jennifer Hill

    Be sure to get the kids involved, so they are sure to love their new space! Try some DIY- like this Phone Book Desk Organizer by CraftGossip.com, or upcycle a used desk with a shiny coat of paint. The more personal they can make this space, the farther you’ll go in teaching them pride in their work.

  • Time for School

    School's been in session for a few weeks now, long enough for the newness to wear off and the routine to settle in. Chances are, that means that there's at least one slug-a-bed in the house who has more than a little trouble getting up for school.

    If you, like us, have tried just about everything (ever tried "I'm not leaving this room until you have both feet on the floor?" Turns out some kids can sleep very comfortably that way), here's one more idea that just might bring some peace to your morning.

    An alarm clock.

    Not just any old alarm clock, mind you. We have found a couple that are pretty darn hard to ignore. Clocky®, for example. This little guy's alarm goes off at the appointed time and he holds still long enough to give the sleeper a chance to shut him off. If that doesn't happen, though, he will leap off the dresser (no joke) and roll around the floor, alarm and all. The groggy one must then get out of bed and catch the darn thing. By then, everyone's awake.

    The target alarm is similar, in that it requires some clear-headed interaction. In this case, that means hitting the target with the included laser gun. Ready, aim, wake up.

    Those options take care of the stubborn sleepers, and we have some delightful options for everyone else. Here at Oopsy daisy, we offer fine art canvas clocks, hand-stretched canvas on a wood frame, just like our canvas wall art. Ready Robots by Winborg Sisters is bright and fun, and there's just something about the word "ready" in the name that reassures us that everyone will be up and at 'em in plenty of time.

    Paper Flowers by Libby Ellis is sweet and colorful, making it fun to watch time fly.

    Speaking of flying, check out this Koo Koo Bluebird clock, also by WInborg Sisters. We've got versions in several different colors, and this one always makes us smile. There's just something so intriguing about it-- a painting of a cuckoo clock that actually works! So clever.

    We've done all we can here to help you in the mornings. Now it's up to you. Good luck, and may tomorrow morning's routine be a smooth one.



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