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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Personalized Growth Charts for Children by Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids

    Nothing makes a gift more special than by adding personalization. It’s a quick and simple way to create a one-of-a-kind present for your little one! Luckily, you don’t have to search far to find fun and unique personalized gifts for kids. Our collection of over 150 personalized growth charts include a wide range of themes including adorable animals, journeys into space, heading to the beach, or gardens that seem to grow with your child.

    Our growth charts are printed with non-toxic inks on the same high-quality, artist grade canvas as our #1 ranked children’s canvas wall art. Plus, each child’s growth chart comes with a set of color-coordinated screw covers that allow you to use any screw or nail for easy hanging.

    Personalized growth charts make amazing baby shower, birthday, and holiday gifts! Giving made even easier with our signature decorative green gift boxes that every kids growth chart is packaged in. As an extra bonus, all height charts by Oopsy daisy are made in the USA in our San Diego studio! They have even been featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

    These growth charts are very easy to maintain. Simply use a permanent marker to keep track of your child’s growth and wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth as necessary. Is it looking a bit wrinkled? An iron set on low heat should do the trick, ensuring it lasts even after your child outgrows the measurements.

    If you love your personalized growth chart from Oopsy daisy, send us pictures and we will post it on our blog! Also, be sure to explore our collections of personalized artwork for kids’ rooms and nursery art for other fun ideas for personalized gifts for children.

  • Paper Masterpieces

    School's in, and with it, the deluge of backpack flyers coming home. From the preschool notes pinned to their totebags (how cute is that?) to the wadded-up pages at the bottom of their  backpacks, kids bring a lot of paper home during the first few weeks of school, don't they?

    So what's a little more? Seriously, with all the forms and notes and reminders, we thought it would be fun to share a few constructive uses for paper. And we mean that "constructive" part literally. Just print these templates out, follow the directions  and you and the kids can construct some pretty amazing things.

    Artist Timothy Haugen has a whole set of lovely little treasures available to create, including this adorable fawn.

    The folks over at Canon (as in the cameras and printers, natch!) have a delightfully large assortment of printables from a variety of artists. Check out this detailed aquarium, which would look terrific on a kid's desk.

    Artist and designer Joel Henriques offers whimsical characters and buildings at his made by Joel site. These are great because kids can color them first. That's a lot of bang for your quiet-time buck.

    Once you've mastered all of the above, or if you're feeling particularly crafty, check out this papercraft alphabet from digitprop. It's got a lot of cuts and folds and glue lines, but there are also detailed directions for each letter. And the results are amazing.

    And here's a thought--save paper by using the back of all those school flyers for these projects. You will have an absolutely endless supply!

  • From Eric Carle’s Colorful World to Beloved Kids Wall Art

    Throughout our lifetimes, artists will touch our hearts at different stages and ages. With fans that last from their childhood to adulthood, no artist has touched more hearts than Eric Carle. Having sold over 36 million copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and over 118 million copies of Eric Carle books sold worldwide, countless minds have been transformed into book lovers through his heartwarming illustrations and memorable stories.

    AARP, The American Association of Retired Persons, recently featured the celebrated artist in an interview that ran on their PBS show My Generation. The interview introduces us to the life and childhood that shaped Eric Carle into a renowned collage illustrator of children's picture books. He grew up in Germany during World War II, getting introduced as a young teenager to so called "degenerate art" by an art teacher and mentor. This modern art, including Picasso and Expressionists, was banned by the Nazis for its avant-garde nature. His glimpse into this new world of art changed his life.

    All of his books have been an exciting creative process, starting with ideas which he credits, "Some come from the inside, and some come from the outside." He's created picture books he should have had as a child, and now gets to enjoy as an adult. Every character created by Eric Carle has a special place in the hearts of many. We at Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids are honored to capture his vibrant images providing visual memories as artwork for kids rooms to last for generations.



  • Lunch Box Art

    Moms and Dads. Listen up. It's about time to start packing lunches again. Ok, that's enough grumbling. This year, you are going to knock it out of the park. You are going to pack lunches that make the other kids green with envy, that make the lunch moderators swoon, that make your kid think, "I am the luckiest child in this entire cafeteria!"

    Stay with us here. Your mistake has not been what  you've been packing. It's how  you've been packing it. In a word, your lunches have been boring. Your kids deserve more. More, we say!

    And so, in the interest of improving everyone's lunch time, we submit these inspirational photos. Most are examples of bento box art, a trend in Japan wherein moms (and it's usually moms) create, well, works of art. Edible art that their kids, more than likely, pick at for awhile and then mostly pitch in the trash (seriously, have you ever peeked into a cafeteria trash can at the end of lunchtime in a primary school?).

    But these things are incredible. Beautiful, even. We just hope their kids appreciate it.

    So take notes. This is your year, Mom and Dad! Make those kids proud. Make those lunches sparkle. We know you can do it.

    As for us, we'll probably end up throwing a tuna sandwich, pre-bagged pretzels and a few fruit chews in a bag and call it a day.

  • Back to School!

    It's that time of year again: back-to-school time. Depending on your perspective, the summer has either a) flown or b) crawled at an alarmingly slow pace. (Most parents, of course, are the latter, with most kids and teachers being the former.)

    At any rate, the school year is upon us, and that means back-to-school shopping. But for far too many children, there's just not enough household money for the basics they need to get the education they deserve.

    This year, while you're shopping for your own little pupil, why not consider doing an extra shop for a needy student? We have found some terrific ways to make sure the goods get to the kids who need them:

    Adopt-a-Classroom allows donors to partner with specific teachers and provide them with items they need. A donor can find a nearby school or one in another state. The organization can also pair donors up with teachers. 100% of the money goes to the school. Extra bonus: donors receive artwork and thank-you notes from students throughout the year!

    At DonorsChoose.org, donors can choose from a list or projects to fund, like a group of students in Atlanta whose teacher wants them each to have a copy of the novel Tuck Everlasting so they can read it together.

    And here's an old reliable standby: unicef. Their education program reaches kids around the globe. Donors can send 50 notebooks and 50 pencils, for example, or educational books for kids who need them. Or a durable soccer ball and air pump. You can even donate $200 to help offset the cost of frieght.

    A final way to donate, and it's pretty addicting: The Boys & Girls Clubs of America is partnering with Disney to get supplies into kids' hands (and desks!). From now until September 30, you can play an online pop-quiz game (don't worry, you'll do fine!), and for each correct answer Disney will donate supplies to a Club member. Up to 15,500 supplies!

    Let's get all our kids back to school with the basics they need!


  • Nursery Wall Art Decor by Pretty Please

    It can be hard to visualize the perfect finished child’s room, with matching bedding, nursery wall art, children’s lamps, and all of the accessories to go along with them. That’s why we are always so excited to show finished kid’s rooms – hopefully you too can find some inspiration for your little ones!

    Today’s featured children’s rooms were completed by our friends at Pretty Please (with locations in Sandestin, FL and Atlanta, GA).  The entire nursery design and furnishings were coordinated by Pretty Please, and they completely started from scratch! Don’t be scared of the blank walls and floor. It just leaves more opportunity to completely customize your child’s room with personalized wall art for kids and children’s bedding.

    This little girl’s room features the nursery wall art Happily Ever After by the Winborg Sisters (also known for their famous canvas wall art Cherry Blossom Birdies!) with a gorgeous painted border to add a touch of personalization. Also making an appearance is Fairytale Fleurish by Shelly Kennedy with a custom printed monogram by Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids. How cute is her pink motif? Perfect for little girls!

    Her big brother’s bold room is chock full of kid’s wall art, including Superhero Collection by Aaron Christensen, Hanging Buoys by Lisa Congdon, and Inspire Me – All Star by Mary Beth Freet. Ranging from a vintage inspirational message to a nautical painterly approach, this hodgepodge of wall décor for kids is a unique way to use color and texture on walls for a super fun finished look. Fabric wall decals allow him to stick and re-stick the License Plate USA Map Peel & Place pattern by Aaron Foster – one of Oopsy’s top designs!

    Putting together the perfect child’s room décor is easy with Oopsy daisy’s variety of wall art for kids, nursery wall art, height charts, kids’ wall clocks, and more! Be sure to keep checking back for more inspirational children’s room shots for your son or daughter.

  • How To Create a Gallery Show by Jill McDonald

    "This idea all started with my 4 year old son Luca who is a prolific artist.  We wanted a fun way to celebrate his art and show some of his masterpieces!" - Jill McDonald

    Here are Jill McDonald's tips on how to create a simple kid friendly gallery using children's or the whole families art.

    - Have your child, children or each member of the family paint or draw some art.

    - When you are done, you can price each piece of art - we had some fun with the pricing!

    - The next step is setting up the gallery to display the masterpieces. We choose an outdoor setting at the play house, but an indoor installation would work too!

    - Finally we made a few simple appetizers, invited family and  friends over, and opened our gallery.

    This is a fun and easy way to get kids talking about their art and feeling a real sense of pride about their work.

    Have fun with it!

    // Jill

  • Jill McDonald Interview

    Spend some time looking at a Jill McDonald piece and you’re likely to find yourself spending more time looking at a Jill McDonald piece. That’s because her fine art for kids is so detailed, whether it be with scientific facts about the solar system or fun little vignettes of kids at a party. We spent some time talking with Jill recently:

    Oopsy daisy: Do you have formal art training?

    Jill McDonald: Yes, I went to Rhode Island School of Design and majored in textile design.

    OD: How did you make the leap from textile design to illustration?

    JM: I always drew. That was kind of my first love. I also really love patterns. So the work I do now is about 50/50 drawing and pattern. I incorporate a lot of textile design aesthetic into my work.

    OD: It looks like you incorporate collage into some of them, too. Is that correct?

    JM: I do incorporate collage a lot. I love to cut things out. When I’m cutting paper I’m just really at home with that. It seems to organically flow. I like to paint and build back on top of it.

    OD: How do you decide what technique to incorporate into a particular piece of kids’ art?

    JM: It’s kind of like emotion. I just sit down and allow myself to be inspired—to be open to where the piece is going. It’s just so intuitive, being true to what needs to come next. And I think that that kind of freedom and security with the process gives it a fun comfortable, happy look in the end.

    OD: A couple of your pieces, like Oh Say Can You See and Counting Planets, have an educational element. Are those factual or fanciful?

    JM: Factual. I love a touch of education in things, and I focus on fun facts. I look at it as a chance for me to learn, as well. With A-Z of Tropical Fish, when I started I didn’t know anything about them, but by the end I knew the whole alphabet of fish from a-z. I don’t want to just do a safari theme and put in all the expected animals. I want to research it and make it accurate and bring education to it.

    Also I try to pack a piece with details so when kids come back to it they can find something new each time. I love that there’s so much going on in my work, and I love when a detail is cropped and turned into something new, like a nightlight.

    OD: How does it feel knowing that your fine art is in so many kids’ rooms?

    JM: I feel really honored to have my art in kids’ bedrooms. My brother works at Boston Children’s Hospital and they have lots of my art there. It’s just really an honor to know it’s there, providing comfort and inspiring kids.

    OD: Judging from photos, your son's room is full of your art as well!

    JM: Yes, even the bedding and color wheel rug in Luca's room are mine. Luca is 4 almost 5.  He spent Monday through Friday the first 3 years of his life with us at the studio. My husband was an architect but now works with me. We got less done, structured the day differently but loved having him with us. If he's not at school then he's here.  It was important to my husband Antonio and I that he knew that he was part of our family business. (Being cooperative is part of that!)

    OD: What’s on your iPod these days?

    JM: Pandora, because I love all sorts of music: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Edith Piaf, Foster the People. I love different things and different sounds.

    OD: What animal would you like to be?

    JM: A zebra—I love the stripes!

    OD: Rainy days or sunny days?

    JM: Both. I’ll take rainy if there’s thunder involved, sunny if it’s not too hot. ’Cause I want it all.


    Feel free to have a look at Jill McDonald's Oopsy Daisy Collection

  • Clare Birtwistle's New Oopsy daisy Collection

    Clare Birtwistle’s brand new collection of kid’s wall art for Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids is already receiving acclaim for its cute animals and bright patterns!

    Oopsy daisy artists are some of the most fun people to work with, so we are always excited to share their successes! Clare Birtwistle is a brand new artist with Oopsy daisy and she is already getting blog hype on her adorable collection of new animal wall art, which includes wall décor for kids and a personalized growth chart. You can read the Print & Pattern blog covering the new art release here!

    Clare Birtwistle is a freelance illustrator and designer with a BA in Printed Textiles from Liverpool School of Design and Visual Arts. With inspiration from mid-century modern design, contemporary illustration and vintage children’s books and graphics, Clare’s work has appeared on greeting cards and wall décor in the UK and US. You can shop her exclusive collection of new artwork for kid’s rooms at Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids right here!

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