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There has got to be some handy metaphor to describe the frustration of filling water balloons for a group of eager kids on a hot day. Come to think of it, we're surprised there isn't one already. There should be some go -to phrase, like "water-balloon blues" (ok, that's not it) that means "there was so much emotional buildup and then *poof* it was over before I knew it." Kind of like "it was a long run for a short slide," but making it clear that the run was more like a marathon and the slide was more like a blink.

In other words, there are few things more sigh-worthy than spending hours (yes, hours!) filling up water balloons, only to watch them vanish in a seconds-long (yes, seconds!) water-balloon fight.

Yes, one could insist that the eager kids play water-balloon toss (that's where they pair off and toss it back and forth, taking a step back after each successful catch), but let's be honest, isn't that actually a weary adult's way of making his/her hard work last longer? There are few joys to equal the unbridled joy of an all-out water-balloon fight, and that's what a kid will choose every time.

Sadly, we've never found a place that sells pre-filled water balloons, which would be, by the way, a service worth its weight in gold and probably would make its purveyor rich (and too exhausted to enjoy a penny of it). Instead, we have found a couple sites that at least offer solutions to the filling problem. Here are some ways to eliminate the drudgery of filling the balloons:

The most popular option seems to be the Tie Knot. Once you've got the hang of it, we're told, filling and tying takes less than 30 seconds. Nice.

The Pumponator was reportedly invented by a 4th-grader. It's basically a mister-type bottle on which you can attach a balloon. A few pumps and you're done. It's wonderfully low-tech and looks like a great way to keep kids busy.

The one from Water Bomb Factory boasts 100 balloons in 10 minutes. If that's the case, we are officially their pals for life.

There you have it. Now, perhaps, a water-balloon fight can actually be fun (or not a totaly pain) for the adults, too!

2 thoughts on “WaterBomb”

  • Knight711

    There is a company that sells prefilled water balloons, Splash Monkey! They are located In Yakima, Washington.

  • Jason

    Just came across this blog and LOVE the subject. Another thought would be to try Wet Will-E Water Balloons....they have been delivering PRE-FILLED water balloons all over the United States since 2010. Might want to give them a shout next time the kids are putting the idea of water balloons into any occasion.

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