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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • Getting crafty with Oopsy daisy artist Genevieve Gail Swinford

    We're very excited to be working with such a talented and inspiring artist such as Genevieve Gail Swinford. Her unique and fun style includes crafts as well as nature and animal paintings like the canvas wall art piece: Folklore Owl.

    She recently received some fantastic news that we're thrilled to share with you. Genevieve has partnered with Michaels Crafts and Art stores to include her Boho felt collection as a featured craft product in their stores! This is a very gratifying accomplishment for Genevieve, who's been going to Michaels since she was a little kid. She is extremely happy to be inspiring a new generation of artists and designers with her crafts.

    Her hard work and dedication are evident, and it's a pleasure to include Genevieve's wonderful children's wall art in our Oopsy daisy line.

    Way to go Genevieve!

  • Happy New Baby Gifts!

    "They grow up so fast." If you have ever had a baby, you've heard that phrase a million times. And if your baby is anywhere older than a newborn, chances are you've said that yourself once or twice (or a thousand times).

    Because here's the thing: they do.

    That's why gifts that tracks a baby's growth are such a popular new-baby gift. There are oh-so-many items to choose from. But we recently found this big sibling/new baby handprint kit and we're liking it. We love the thought of the big brother or big sister being fussed over in the process of making his or her handprint, because face it, those newly dethroned siblings could use a little fussing over! Of course, it does present the problem of getting two different kids to create a perfect handprint. Not the easiest thing in the world... (sorry, we were having a flashback there)

    Another interesting idea is the watch me grow handprints, which feature a child's handprint at 3 stages of babyhood. The only thing that makes us pause, however, is the challenge of getting not one, not two, but three perfect prints from a squirmy baby. Now we need a nap.

    There are also a variety of plaster casting options around. We found one that even preserves the posterior for posterity (now there's a word root that makes you think!). This isn't for everyone, though. Some people (not that we're naming names) may find the suspended-in-time plaster limbs a bit unsettling.

    Which brings us to another option for tracking those fast-moving first months. An option that is not messy, takes only a second to document, doubles as kids' room wall art, and can be neatly rolled up  for future generations. And it can even be personalized. Yep, we're referring to kids' growth charts. Honestly, it makes us sigh a little to peruse the one hundred and twenty-five different growth charts available on the Oopsy Daisy website.

    Why? Because our own kids are already past that stage.

    And (say it with me) they grow up so fast.


  • Celebrate Black History Month with a (Ball)field Trip

    Got a baseball fan in your house who can hardly wait for Spring Training? Combine that love of baseball with a celebration of Black History Month at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Their permanent exhibit, Pride and Passion: The African-American Baseball Experience, details the history of African-Americans in baseball, from the time of the Civil War to present-day.

    You'll also learn about Hall-of-Famers like Josh Gibson, known to many as the "black Babe Ruth." Gibson, who had a batting average of over 400 and regularly belted the ball more than 500 feet, was denied the opportunity in the late 1930s to try out for the Major Leagues because of his race.

    Your family will also learn more about Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play in the Major Leagues.

    And once you've gotten your fill of this fascinating aspect of history, the kids can blow off some steam in the Sandlot Kids' Clubhouse, an interactive experience for the whole family.

    That ought to get your youngest fans through winter, especially in combination with a few visual reminders that baseball season is never far away! We've got a number of pieces of baseball artwork for kids' rooms. Check out Aaron Christensen's work for a sample of baseball-themed canvas wall art.

    Play ball!

  • Childrens Wall Art Comes Alive

    How cool would your kids think you were if you could bring their art alive? I think very cool actually.

    My son Junior has the biggest imagination ever. Well I guess this is normal for an 8 year old boy. If I could share all his drawings on a daily basis there would be hundreds and hundreds of pages full of his art here. Every time he draws something new I always think of how awesome it would be if it was a “live” character or something he could play with. So coming across Child’s Own Studio was as exciting as finding a five dollar bill on the sidewalk! You don’t need it but you sure do want it. Ha!

    It started with a stay at home mom who had the same idea as I did. But she actually executed it! Since then not only did she make her 4 year-old boy a “recognizable comfort toy” from his own drawing; she has also made hundred more drawings come to life! She is so careful to match every detail, color, shape and pattern as close as possible, so that the child that drew it recognizes the toy as soon as they see it. “Each one is as unique as the child that drew it” is what she had to say. We believe this is true with all children’s art.

    Wall art for children is a way for them to express what their little hearts would love to scream out to the world but don’t know how, other than with a crayon and marker.  “The child’s drawing, a wonderful expression of childhood, is the starting point of the collaborative project.” Giving your kiddo this extraordinary toy would allow them to be creative and know you appreciate every little picture they draw.

    Now the hard part, which one of all his drawings do I choose to bring to life?!

  • What colors YOUR world - Craft by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw

    "THIS IS MY WORLD. Same, same but Different!"

    In my new picture book, Same, Same but Different, Elliot paints a pictures of his world. His teacher mails his art-letter across the ocean to a boy in India named Kailash, who replies with a painting of his  world. Elliot paints the earth and outer space with the sun, moon, stars, and a mark showing where he lives. Kailash includes mountains, a river, a tiger, a cow, the Taj Mahal, and a very different looking moon and sun. They learn that they both love to climb trees, have pets and ride school buses. A friendship grows from their letters and the boys discover that they are actually very similar even though their worlds look very different.

    If possible, read Same, Same but Different (check it out from your local library or order through your local bookstore or on amazon.com. Talk with your friends, parents and teachers about Elliot and Kailash's lives and what ways your life might be similar or different.

    Look around you. What colors YOUR world? What do you love? What sounds do you hear? What makes your world unique from Elliot and Kailash's and other kids around the world? Create your own art inspired by an imaginary or real pen pal, your travels or ideas about the people and cultures of our world. Draw, paint or collage a picture of your world and share it with us.

    Ask your parent or teacher to scan or take a photo of your art, file size must be less than 5MB, and email it to contest@www.oopsydaisy.com or upload your art to our Facebook wall.  You could also send a photo copy (no originals, please!) of your art via mail, postmarked by 3/6/2012 to:

    GreenBox Art + Culture
    Attn: Budding Artist Contest
    789 Gateway Center Way
    San Diego, Ca 92102

    Your name will be entered into a random drawing on Tuesday, March 13th and the random drawing winners will be announced Wednesday, March 14th via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/oopsydaisyart and on Oopsy daisy’s official site, www.oopsydaisy.com. Winners will be chosen at random for the following Oopsy Daisy canvas art by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw and her signed books.

    For more information about the contest go to our Budding Artists Contest page.

  • A Weekend with Susy Pilgrim Waters and Sarajo Frieden

    If you need a nudge to get creative even though it's always on your mind, you may need an art workshop! There is a superb opportunity coming up this weekend February 18-19, 2012: 10am-5pm both days hosted by Teahouse Studio.

    The event is bringing together a smashing duo that are not only full of talent, they're full of fun and laughter. Susy Pilgrim Waters and Sarajo Frieden have been friends for years due to their common love of art, design, and color. No matter your skill level as an artist, you'll walk away happy that you attended- and with some new tricks up your sleeve.

    For full details, check out Teahouse Studio's blog.

  • Budding Artists Contest

    Enter to win canvas wall art, growth chart or an autographed book by artist Jenny Kostecki-Shaw!

    One of Oopsy daisy's artists is also a talented children's book author and illustrator. Jenny Kostecki-Shaw's most recent book "Same, Same but Different" is inspired by a popular South East Asia saying which people there use to compare cultures. Her book and its global message inspired us to ask children to show us their thoughts on our world. Below are our guidelines...

    What you need to do:

    Create your own art inspired by an imaginary or real pen pal, your travels or ideas about the people and cultures of our world.

    How to enter the drawing:

    1. Upload your art image to our Facebook wall. File size must be less than 5MB.
    2. Send your art image via email to contest@www.oopsydaisy.com. File size must be less than 5MB.
    3. Mail a photo copy (no originals, please!) of your art postmarked by 3/6/2012 to:
    GreenBox Art + Culture
    Attn: Budding Artist Contest
    789 Gateway Center Way
    San Diego, Ca 92102


    Children 12 and under are invited to submit their art. Only entries made on behalf of a child, by legal residents of the United States eighteen (18) years of age or older and located in the United States at the time of entry are eligible to enter.

    Entries MUST include:

    1. Child's first name only (for privacy reasons)
    2. Child's age
    3. A sentence explaining the child's drawing
    4. If entering by mail or email, you must submit a phone or address where you can be contacted if you are the winner.

    Your name will be entered into a random drawing on Tuesday, March 13th and the random drawing winners will be announced Wednesday, March 14th via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/oopsydaisyart and on Oopsy daisy's official site, www.oopsydaisy.com

    Uploaded, emailed and mailed images become property of Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids By entering, you also accept the terms and conditions of the contest.

    The first winner to be drawn will receive a: (1) 40"x30" "Around the World" Canvas Wall Art from Oopsy daisy and the book "Same, Same but Different" created by artist illustrator Jenny Kostecki-Shaw with a personal autographed message ($265.99 retail value).

    The second winner to be drawn will receive a: (1) 30"x30" Exploring the World" Canvas Wall Art from Oopsy daisy and the book "Same, Same but Different" created by artist illustrator Jenny Kostecki-Shaw with a personal autographed message ($205.99 retail value).

    The third winner to be drawn will receive a: (1) "World of Wonders" Canvas Growth Chart from Oopsy daisy and the book "Same, Same but Different" created by artist illustrator Jenny Kostecki-Shaw with a personal autographed message ($65.99 retail value).

    Special Prize for Educators: The school with the most submissions will win (1) 40"x30" "Around the World" Canvas Wall Art. Please note, teachers will need to enter all of these submissions and only include the name of the school and the child's age (no children's names please)($249 retail value)

    The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth winners to be drawn will each receive a: (1) copy of the hard-cover book "Same, Same but Different" created by artist illustrator Jenny Kostecki-Shaw with a personal autographed message ($16.99 retail value).

  • Scholastic Magazine Features Childrens Wall Decals

    What is a great way to encourage your child's creativity and decorate a room at the same time? Our Peel and Place are beloved for their selections of great details, lettering, and movability. Every set of Peel and Place decal wall art for kids includes a full alphabet and number set so it can be personalized with names, ages, years, pets, friends, anything you can imagine.

    This whimsical Airport set by Jill McDonald has taxis, a control tower, clouds, birds, and lots of other cool things you'd find at a real airport (like planes)! We're glad our friends at Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine love this fun product as much as we do! With all of our fabric based decals being repositionable, this artwork for kids rooms will be loved by your little ones for the color it brings to their walls, and the fun it brings to their imaginations!

  • Kaseguma Canvas Wall Art in Pregnancy & Newborn February Issue

    There is no end to the color Oopsy daisy can bring to your little one's walls! No matter the theme, color palette, or style- we've got you covered. Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine has a smashing layout of beautiful choices for a little girl's room that's screaming for color! We agree that Gale Kaseguma's bright and lovely artwork will bring a multitude of hues to any wall.

    Jellybean Tree is one of our all time favorites for nursery art and artwork for kids rooms. You can find this and many other items at Giggle locations across the country. Check out our store locator map for tons more stores that carry our goods! Brighten up those walls-

  • Fine Art for Kids, Caldecott-Style

    The winner and runners-up for the prestigious Caldecott Medal were announced recently. This annual award honors the most-distinguished American picture books of the year. Given our passion for fine art for kids here at Oopsy daisy, we look forward to the announcement every year. And with each book that was honored, we were reminded of similar styles in our own Oopsy daisy line:

    The winner, A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka (his second win!) has sweet, strong, simple paintings of Daisy, a resilient dog. We were instantly reminded of Max Grover, whose canvas wall art dogs have that same, self-assured air and bright colors.

    Runner-up Blackout by John Rocco recounts the great blackout of several summers ago. His busy, vibrant illustrations of city life made us think of Mari Takabayashi's lively depictions of animated city-dwellers.

    Lane Smith's runner-up, Grandpa Green, deftly combines photo-real foliage with hand-drawn accents. Rachel Austin uses the same techniques but switches it up somewhat, with equally lovely results.

    Finally, Caldecott Medal runner-up Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell uses precise and colorful line-drawings to illustrate the early life of Jane Goodall. The style is reminiscent of Creative Thursday by Marisa's delicate, color-filled work.

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