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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • DIY Vintage Jersey Chalkboard - Recipe by Aaron Christensen



    Whether it hosts your favorite team’s game schedule, a fan showing off school colors or a personalized homage to your son's player number, my easy to create jersey chalkboard is a great addition to any sports bedroom.  It can be customized to support your favorite sport and team colors.  This project includes a recipe to create your own customized chalkboard paint.  Combine this unique piece with my Oopsy daisy vintage sports art and you're set to reign as a champion sports room designer.


    Aaron Christensen |


    - 24 inch x 24 inch 1/2 MDF Board
    - 2 cups of flat finish or matte latex paint in your choice of color
    - Additional latex or craft paint for decorative stripes and accents
    - 4 tablespoons of un-sanded tile grout
    - 8 oz. of Dark Brown craft paint
    - Mixing Container
    - Disposable small roller/tray kit
    - Paint brush
    - Masking tape
    - Optional spray adhesive
    - One 80 or rough grit sanding sponge or sheet paper
    - One 150 or fine grit sanding sponge or sheet paper
    - Sawtooth hanger or picture frame hanging wire kit


    - Jig Saw with Smooth finish blade
    - Protective Goggles

    This craft requires the use of power tools.  Please read and observe the safety instructions provided with your tool.  Always wear safety gear.


    1. Determine your color palette and accent designs for the jersey.  Remember that chalk is only available in lighter colors so your jersey should be a darker color.  The jersey can be tailored to your favorite sport by changing the accents, stripes or details. Utilizing stencils you could also add text or numbers.

    2. Download the jersey template from Jersey Project Template (Link updated 9/28/2017).

    3.Match up the nine template pieces to assemble the image and tape it together.  Either cut the template out and trace the image onto the MDF board or spray the back of the template with a light coat of spray adhesive and adhere to the MDF board.

    4.Wearing goggles, use the Jig Saw to cut out the traced or adhered jersey image.  Lightly sand the edges with 150 grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge.

    5.In your choice of color, paint the outside edge of the jersey.  Two coats may be necessary.  Mix 4 tablespoons of un-sanded grout with the remaining paint, being sure to smooth out any clumps.  Apply multiple coats of the grout/paint mix to the jersey using a disposable roller kit.  Allow the coats to dry between layers.

    6.Once dry, using a combination of masking tape and accent colors, apply your choice of stripes or decorative details to the jersey.  Allow to dry overnight.

    7.First using the 80 grit sandpaper or sponge, sand the edges of the jersey to distress it and reveal the MDF underneath.  You can also sand your painted details back to reveal either the MDF or the base paint underneath.  Re-sand those areas and the entire surface with the 150 grit sandpaper/sponge.

    8.Dilute some dark brown craft paint with water until it is the consistency of a stain.  Dip a rag into the diluted paint and apply to the jersey's edges or anywhere an antique tone is desired.

    9.Allow to dry

    10.Mount either a sawtooth hanger or picture hanging wire to the back of the jersey for mounting.

    Condition the chalkboard by rubbing the entire surface with chalk.  Either leave some chalk residue by lightly erasing the chalk or remove it all with a damp sponge.

    Personalize the jersey with numbers, names or personal messages.


  • And Blue Ivy Makes Three

    Ever had a "pinch me" moment? How about being sought out by Beyonce- the Queen of Pop- to hand paint a piece of wall decor that will adorn her Princess Blue Ivy's nursery? That moment actually happened for one of our accomplished artists.

    Through PoshTots, artist Colleen Phelon Hall designed and custom made a wall hanging for Blue Ivy, the newest addition to the duo Jay-Z & Beyonce. Based on Beyonce's love of Chanel designs, Colleen incorporated pink flowers, gold, and a little "bling" inspired by their jewelry line.  It is a 24x30 wall hanging with beaded fringe and over 100 hand-applied crystals and embellishments.  Colleen states, "I included some stylized ivy along with four butterflies as I had read the couple loved the number 4 (IV)." It was featured on MTV and is on its way to the famous couple!

    Whether you're starstruck, completely uninterested in celebrity news, or a closet celebrity-aholic and can't get enough - there is no denying the influence this couple has had on this generation. Congratulations to Colleen for this exciting accomplishment and having this envious opportunity. We always knew your art was "Irreplaceable".

  • Recipe for a Snow Day

    Sure, your kids can hope for a snow day. They can cross their fingers and watch the weather. But you can be the ultimate cool grownup by giving them these tried-and-true (really!) steps to secure a day off from school.

    If you're in a non-snowy area, feel free to do this in solidarity with cousins or friends who are braving the weather!

    1) Put pajamas on backward and/or inside out.

    2) Flush 3 ice cubes down the toilet.

    3) Place a filled water bottle on the back of the toilet.

    4) Put a spoon under your pillow.

    Now go to bed and dream of snow--it's on its way! (note: this does not work on weekends)

  • The Fine Art of Doodling Scribbles

    Yes, we do think doodling and scribbling can be fine art! Especially by the hand of uber-creative artist Jennifer Mercede. We've loved her art for years- immediately finding a place in our non-juvenile wall decor, along with our children's wall art. Look closely at her art and you'll be pleasantly surprised to find hidden messages and doodles - some have meaning, some are funny, some we'll never know where the idea came from!

    If you'd like to try your hand at this eccentric art form and learn from the absolute best, then her upcoming workshop is a must! She promises to delve into artistically courageous and enriching experiences including blind contour work, experimenting with the non-dominent hand, collaboration, and more. Follow her on a path you've never experienced and digest her methods of "letting go of the outcome" and loosening up!

    The workshop will take place in Santa Ana, CA - March 3-4 2012. Visit Studio Crescendoh for more information and to sign up!

  • MLK Day

    "Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'"

    If you're up for that challenge, posed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., MLK Day is the perfect day to rise to it. Monday, January 16 is the National MLK Day of Service. It's a terrific way to turn your day off into a day on: go out and volunteer in honor of King and the powerful ideas he stood for.

    It's easy to find a group or organization in your community who needs your help. All for Good is a volunteer clearinghouse of sorts: just type in your location and you'll be given a list of places that need you. If you're in the Seattle area, kidServe Seattle offers a simple way to match kids and families with projects in areas that interest them, including Arts, Animals and the Environment.

    At the end of the day, you and your family can join like-minded folks for a Sunday-dinner-style meal. America's Sunday Supper (yes, it's on Monday!) is an official day for coming together for dinner and discussion about the challenges our fellow Americans face and what we can do to help. Find a dinner near you or sign up to host your own.

    When your kids go back to school on Tuesday after volunteering on Monday, their world will be a little bit bigger and their family a little bit closer.

  • Too busy to stay on top of your New Year’s Resolution to “Get Healthy”

    It’s 2012 and staying in shape and eating right is only getting easier. Whether it’s by tracking what you eat using a Diet App or using a nifty little Exercise App, it’s all now at the tip of your finger (literally). It’s only one week into the New Year and every other commercial and advertisement is a health program or a gym membership. Why not just give it a go and do it on your own without spending all kinds of cash.

    Going for a nice walk or a jog with your baby can be done with one of these stylish strollers. The first jogging stroller came out in 1988 and those weren't too fancy, but the most recent B.O.B. strollers have come a long way. No excuses… You and your child can bond even in the outdoors.

    1. BOB Ironman
    2. Jeep Overland Limited
    3. BOB Revolution

    Let’s take 2012 by the horns and make it one of our most healthy years!


  • Crafts with Colleen Phelon Hall on Video

    Tired of snow and ready for sand?

    One East Coast tween was ready to bring the sunshine into her bedroom- lucky for her, her mom, Colleen Phelon Hall, happens to be a fabulous painter and muralist who is represented by Oopsy daisy. Mother and daughter collaborated on the room re-do, with Colleen handling most of the beach wall mural and daughter Maeve pitching in on room accents.  Together they break the project down, offering you tips on how you can do this at-home, either in a big all-over-the-wall way or in the smaller craft projects found at the end of their how-to video.

    So click on the image below to see how to turn your winter into summer!

    Now that you've seen what Colleen and Maeve can do together, we knew you'd want to learn more about this painterly pair (note: we especially liked Colleen's answer on how to partner with your child on a project!).

    Questions and Answers with Maeve:

    How old are you? And when did you become interested in art?
    11.  I guess I have been interested in art since birth since both my parents are artists!

    Why a beach theme?
    I love the serenity of the beach.  It will be great to wake up to the beach scene all year round, but especially in winter.

    What is your current favorite music or recording artist?
    Selena Gomez

    What is your favorite subject in school?
    I love reading and creative writing, along with history.

    Your least?
    Math and spelling!

    If you could solve any problem in the world what would it be?

    I read a book about children in parts of Africa that had to walk to get water for their families and couldn't go to school.  I am trying to help my school raise money to buy a town in Sudan a well.

    Who is your role model?
    J.K. Rowling - I love her creativity the wonderful world she created!


    Questions and Answers with Colleen:

    What is the best part of being a muralist and painter?
    Probably the greatest part of being a mural artist is getting to transform ordinary spaces into something extraordinary.  I like being able to make dreams come true for my clients.  I love that each project is unique.

    The biggest challenges?
    Some larger commissions require me to travel and be away from my family, so that is challenging.  But those kinds of projects allow me to be home to meet my children's bus most the time!

    What are you currently painting and what are your inspirations today?
    I recently finished a large pediatric clinic with nature scenes.  So, now I am finally taking a little time to paint some paintings just for me - which is a change after doing mostly commissioned work.  The subject matter is based on my recent trip to Europe.  I took reference photos of scenes, doors, windows and vignettes that I am excited to develop further.

    What gets you up in the morning?
    Coffee and the need to see my girls off to school :)  But seriously, right now, my desire to create this new body of work is inspiring me.

    Any words of wisdom for other parents who want to partner with the child on a project?
    Be patient - they are kids.  The best thing is to have everything organized and laid out before they sit down. That way there will be a lot less confusion.  Practice going through it yourself first, so that you can break it down into steps they can understand and accomplish.

    Who is your role model?
    Hmmm, I would have to say that I have always admired Eleanor Roosevelt for her intelligence, spunk and determination at a time when others would have pigeon holed her in the supporting cast role of First Lady.  I love that she made a mark of her own on the world and worked to make the world a better place especially for women and children.  From an entrepreneurial perspective, I also admire Oprah and Rachael Ray for taking their passions and turning them into huge businesses that benefit and employ so many others.

    Colleen has worked professionally for over 16 years and her work has been featured in celebrity and VIP homes nationally and internationally.  Have a look at Colleen's newest beach themed art in the Oopsy Daisy collection.

  • Meghann O'Hara Interview

    As a child, Meghann O’Hara would sneak into the kitchen in the early morning and steal the food coloring. “I tried to create my own paints out of household products,” she laughs. These days, Meghann uses a computer to create her colorful drawings of everyday items and sweet animals. Recently, we had a few questions for her:

    OD: Your animals are so soulful. Do you base them on people you know?

    MO: Some of them are based on people in my life. The monkey is based on my husband! I started drawing him in college. But some of the animals take on personalities of their own. I do name them after people in my family.

    OD: Love your colorful, patterned backgrounds. Tell us about them.

    MO: I’ve always loved fabrics and textiles. I used to want to go into fashion design. I want my backgrounds to start taking on their own fabric feel.

    OD: Who is your artistic role model?

    MO: Georgia O’Keeffe. Partially because of her art but also because she was such a strong woman and made such an impact. She always talked about how she wasn’t the best artist, but just pushed herself because she really loved it. I can relate to that: the college I went to didn't have a big art department but I majored in it anyway. I pushed myself. I just really love art and push myself every day.

    Have a look at Oopsy Daisy's collection of art by Meghann O'Hara.

  • How to make adorable Paper Mittens

    Paper Mittens

    A Sheet of 81/2x11 Paper
    A crayon or pencil
    Scrap paper cut or torn into strips (great practice for child learning to use scissors!) Glue Stick Tape or Hole Punch Decorative paper

    Step 1: Have child put on mitten and trace his or her hand
    Step 2: Fold the paper in half and cut out mitten shape (this will give you two mittens).
    Step 3:
      Glue strips of paper onto mitten shape.
    Step 4:
      Turn over so you see the mitten shape again, and trim the strips.
    Step 5:
    Tape string or ribbon to the back of the mitten (or punch a hole on the cuff of the mitten and tie the string).

    Repeat steps one through five with second mitten.

    Great way to use up leftover holiday wrapping and ribbon!

    For extra embellishment add fancy buttons, or add a heart to the middle of a single mitten for a special homemade Valentine card!

    Great winter story to read with small children afterward: "The Mitten" by Jan Brett

  • Good Night, Sleep Bright

    We're told the days are getting longer, but at pitch-black 5:30 PM each day, that's pretty hard to believe. We've got a few ways to brighten up these dark nights, especially at bedtime. One is pure 2012; the other is tried-and-true.

    How's this for 21st century: enlist your tablet or smartphone and turn a bedtime story into a sweet, cinematic experience. A quick search on YouTube calls up a plethora of kids' books re-imagined as mini movies. Our favorites are the sweet, soporific Dreamlands by Stephan Smith and some remarkable footage of Bill Martin reading his classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? In a revelatory interpretation, the grandfatherly author sings the text like a lullabye. Put these stories on fullscreen and the "book" comes to life.

    The tried-and-true way to brighten up dreary winter nights? A night light, of course. Use the aforementioned tablet or smartphone and let a special child browse our selection to find the perfect one from our more than 150 designs. There are even some by Eric Carle that offer the perfect companion to the gentle voice of Bill Martin.

    Sweet Dreams!

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