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Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids

Kids' & Baby Wall Art and Decor

  • Meet Bianca Pozzi

    Bianca Pozzi Artist Interview

    If Bianca Pozzi’s dreamy art makes you think of children’s books, you’re not alone. She’s thinking of them too, both in style and in purpose. Children’s book art is “Definitely my biggest source of inspiration. I realized that my patterns were always full of characters and I usually like to tell a story with them,” she says. As for her purpose, Pozzi intends for her art to evoke specific feelings: “I like to remember the feeling I had when I was reading a book when I was a child. That's the feeling I want people have when they look at my work, a sense of wonder, beauty, dream and discovery.”

    Pozzi lives in Southern Brazil, the country where she was born. She realized she wanted to be an artist when she was in college, studying fashion design. After a stint creating and painting fabric patterns, she started working for herself. She notes that she relies on those print-designs skills every day: “Learning the principles of design was very important for me. I learned about creative process, problem solving, composition and so on.”

    Unlike many artists who are starting to do all their creating digitally, Pozzi still uses traditional media, digitizing it later for reproduction. She researches, sketches, and experiments, and then she paints. “It's how I have the most fun making art, and I like that it has its imperfections,” she says.

    As her Oopsy Daisy collection indicates, Pozzi’s favorite subject is animals, to which she gives fanciful touches. “It's a bit magical to be able to bring to life little creatures with such human characteristics,” she says, “Wearing clothes, hats and having their own personality at the same time. There are endless possibilities for this!”

    Pozzi sees her work as having a very basic importance in the lives of children, much like children’s literature does. “I believe children deserve art that will inspire them, give them confidence and make them dream. They deserve quality. I do have this in mind when I'm creating, and I'm really grateful that I'm able to do this for a living. It’s just part of who I am. I think the world can be so harsh these days, even for small children, so we probably need art more than ever right now. “

  • Back-to-School! Classroom Tips + Tricks to Succeed in 2018-19


    Back To School Tips 2018

    Here are a few of our favorite ways to make back-to-school more fun and stress-free for parents and kids.

    Make a Plan

    What do you want to accomplish this school year? Do you want to learn more about dinosaurs? Improve your study habits? Speak up in class more? Even very young students can benefit from creating a short list of things they want to learn. Write it down or draw pictures!

    Check In

    At the end of every week, look at the list. What have you accomplished? What do you still need to work on? Is there something new you want to add? Looking at your list will keep you focused all year.

    Find a School-Day Routine

    Set a time for each of these things: wake up, leave the house, have an after-school snack, do homework, relax, go to sleep. Those are the things a kid can control, unlike the time dinner is on the table or when Mom or Dad comes home. It’s important to have a set plan for the week to keep you on track.

    Create a Homework Caddy

    Here’s an idea we love: grab a dollar store bin that’s for toting cleaning products around the house. But instead, fill it with homework supplies! Things like pencils, paper, scissors, and glue. Then you can grab your bin and go find your study spot for the day, knowing you’ll have everything you need. Find some more tips on creating a homework caddy here on Pinterest.

    Choose Your Duds

    Every night before bed, decide what you want to wear the next day. Get the clothes ready and put them near your bed. School starts early, and it’s nice to have one less thing to think about in the mornings! And yes, this is important even if you wear a uniform. Less running around in the morning is always a good thing.


    Working hard is important, and so is relaxing. Do you have a favorite way to unwind? Maybe you like to sit and read a book, or go for a walk, or just sit cross-legged and meditate. Any of these ways is good for taking a mental break.


    Take time to talk as a family about how things are going at school. If conversations are hard to get started, try questions that need more than a yes or no answer. A few: what did you and your friends talk about today? What is the most interesting conversation you heard today? Is there something you know now that you didn’t know last week?

    Shut it Down

    You hear this a lot, and that’s because it’s important. Remember to keep electronic devices out of your room at bedtime. It’s so tempting to watch or read or play late into the night! But you need a good night’s sleep. Ask Mom or Dad to hang on to your screen until tomorrow.


    Don't lose focus on what you want to do. Even if one day you want to be an astronaut and the next you want to be a teacher, it's important to remember that you have a whole future ahead of you. That's why you're in school! Here at Oopsy Daisy, we offer lots of educational art to help you keep learning and remind you to follow your dreams.

    and one more thing...

    Have a terrific year!


  • Summertime Art

    Summer is never long enough. In many places across the country, school is starting already! Let's grab on to summer with both hands and not let go. Our favorite way to keep summer all year long is by putting summer art on our walls. We're so happy to share our bright and fresh summertime art with you!

    Bright, Blue Skies

    Little Pink Vespa by Kris Langenberg Little Pink Vespa by Kris Langenberg

    What could be brighter and sunnier than a blue Paris sky? Little Pink Vespa by Kris Langenberg is the perfect way to bring some French flair to your walls. This kids wall art will inspire dreams of travel and sunny days.

    Colorful Flowers

    Cherry Blossom Birdies by Winborg Sisters Cherry Blossom Birdies by Winborg Sisters

    Who wouldn't smile every time they looked at Cherry Blossom Birdies? This personalized wall art by Winborg Sisters captures the beauty and promise of spring blossoms and sweet birds. It's so well-loved that we offer it not only as canvas art but also as night lights, growth charts, and even wall decal cut-outs.


    You Are My Sunshine by Carter Carpin You Are My Sunshine by Carter Carpin

    Keep sunshine on your walls all year long with You are my Sunshine art. This sunshine art piece by Carter Carpin is so bright, especially when it's a personalized night light. Talk about a summertime glow.

    Enjoy our fast-fleeting summer, and have a look at our bright summer art to celebrate the bright season.

  • DIY Wrapping Paper


    DIY Wrapping Paper


    If your house is anything like ours, you're looking for ways to entertain kids in the waning days of summer. Homemade wrapping paper is a great idea for a way to spend a day being creative while creating something useful.

    Over on Pinterest, we found a bunch of ways to make homemade wrapping paper. For each idea, start with either a large roll of craft paper or a few big sheets of art paper. (You can even cut up a paper grocery bag in a pinch!) Here are three of our favorites:

    Potato Watermelon Print

    This one requires just a paintbrush, some paint, and a potato. Cut the potato in half once, then in half the other way. Use the edge to make red prints onto the paper. Once dry, add black "seeds" and green "rind."


    This one has a sophisticated, artsy look we love. Wrap a small woodblock with twine. Make sure not to be too neat with the wrapping, since you want a loose, organic look. Then use a stamp pad to make prints of the wrapped block. Try different patterns.

    Corn Cob Print

    How fun is this? Use a corncob like a rolling stamp to make interesting prints and patterns. See if the recipient of your gift can guess how the prints were made!

    Spend a day making a few sheets of DIY gift wrap. School will be here before you know it, but so will the (gift-giving) holidays!

  • Map Art Makes Kids Rooms More Fun!

    Watercolor Map - Bright by Katie Vernon Watercolor Map - Bright by Katie Vernon

    Map Art is on our minds today because next month bring us Hawaiian Statehood Day! The third Friday in August is the official celebration of the day Hawaii became our fiftieth state on August 21, 1959.

    Hawaii Fast Facts

    Hawaii is the world's largest island chain.

    Hawaii's nickname is the "Aloha State." "Aloha" means hello and goodbye in Hawaii.

    There is only one land mammal native to Hawaii: the Hawaiian hoary bat. People brought all the other land mammals to the islands.

    Hawaii is the only state with 2 official languages: English and Hawaiian.

    The Hawaiian capital of Honolulu is the birthplace of our 44th president, Barack Obama.

    Hawaii expands more than 40 acres per year, thanks to Kilauea, Hawaii's largest volcano. Its eruptions add lava to the island that makes it larger every time.

    Can you find Hawaii on a map? Check out our map art!

    We can help! We have a lot of map art for kids, and some of it can even be personalized with a child's name. Some of our map art features the whole world and others feature the US. Map art combines learning and art in a creative and fun way.

    Happy Statehood Day (almost), Hawaii!

  • Art for Kids

    Art For Kids

    Summer is the perfect time for enjoying a book with the whole family. One of our favorites is about wintertime, and reading it is a great way to cool off on a hot day. Wolf in the Snow, by Matthew Cordell, is the 2018 Caldecott Medal winner for most distinguished American Picture Book of the year.

    We here at Oopsy Daisy love keeping track of the Caldecott Medal books, since we love books for kids almost as much as we love art for kids. The great thing about kids' art is that it sparks kids' imagination. The artwork on a child's wall can inspire a whole lifetime of stories and ideas.

    So in honor of Wolf in the Snow and summertime reading, we'd like to share some of our favorite art for kids' imaginations, and their walls! You can shop our site by theme, so it's easy to find the perfect art for the kids in your life, whether they love dinosaurs or dancing, sports or the circus. Here are a few others:

    For Kids Who Love Animals

    Sweet baby animals or exotic wild animals--find the animals that will spark your child's imagination. Invite your child to name the animals and make up adventures for them. Your art will inspire your own bedtime stories.

    For Space-Loving Kids

    Space art is so much fun! What sorts of adventures can your child dream up by looking at space art every night? He or she may be inspired to go see our vast Milky Way first-hand.

    Kids Who Love Words

    We've got all sorts of alphabet art for kids who like letters and words. Maybe your child will grow up to create a Caldecott winner some day!

  • DIY Pushpin Travel Map!

    Car Rentals. DIY Pushpin Travel Map Image via Car Rentals

    It's time to embark on unforgettable summer adventures!

    Summer marks the season of travel, where many of us will collect a passport full of stamps, take hundreds of photos and return home with trinkets to decorate our living spaces. After the dust has settled and our schedules return back to normal, there’s no better way to relive your adventures than with a pushpin travel map.

    A pushpin travel map allows you to creatively showcase your past travels, upcoming adventures and plan for your next dream destination all in one place. Many maps are costly and simply purchasing one can lack the sentiment that goes into creating your own. That’s why Car Rentals created this beautiful step-by-step guide that walks you through how to create your very own pushpin travel map complete with examples, materials and custom printables to help save you the money all while adding a piece of unique art to your walls that matches both your travel and living style.

    Whether you choose to create one for yourself or gift to family and friends, using this simple DIY guide makes the process a breeze. They also include a handful of free pinning legends to match the aesthetic of your map. Learn how to create a pushpin travel map from scratch using their simple step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the process!


    Car Rentals DIY Pushpin Travel Map Image via Car Rentals
  • Relax, It's Summer!

    Relax, It's Summer!


    Summer is finally upon us. What are your plans for summer vacation? We always like to take at least one day off before heading into summer. You have had a long school year, and you deserve a little time to relax. It's summer! Here are some ideas for taking a break.

    Read a Book (Outside)

    Grab a blanket and sit under a tree. Go to the park and find an empty bench. Sit on the front steps of your building. Wherever you live, find a little spot where you can sit in the fresh air and read.

    Star Gaze

    You can do this outside lying on a blanket. But all you really need is a window with a view of the sky. Or, if you live in a city with lots of lights even at night, find a big star book at the library. It's so relaxing, just gazing at stars and thinking about how far away they are. And if you're outside, you may see stars closer to the ground, in the form of fireflies!

    Make a Chalk Drawing

    Find a driveway or a sidewalk and grab some chalk. Create your own outdoor art! Our favorite thing about chalk art is that even after you've finished and gone home, your creations will still be there to make people smile.

    Have a Snack

    With all that relaxing, you're bound to get hungry. Here's a link to our Pinterest board, Silly Snacks. A fun way to refuel!

    Have a relaxing kickoff to your summer. Check back here all summer long for fun ideas and crafts to make this summer great.


  • Find Your Adventure By Nicole LaRue

    Find Your Adventure by Nicole LaRue Find Your Adventure by Nicole LaRue


    We're very proud to present Find Your Adventure, the second book from beloved Oopsy Daisy artist, Nicole LaRue. This unique journal is the picture-perfect way to track your beautiful journeys and adventures with a pop of positivity. The colorful pages and delightful illustrations make this a great gift item for any little explorer - especially with a new season of summer adventures upon us!

    LaRue's book encourages young ones to never stop wandering and learning about their surroundings. This thoughtfully curated journal is truly a great way to document any family vacation, road trip, and even the most spontaneous of adventures! Plus, you can store it away as a keepsake and revisit it next summer to reminisce on the most memorable explorations.

    Pick up your copy today at Small Made Goods and Amazon!

    Nicole LaRue's Find Your Adventure

  • Oopsy Daisy iPhone Sticker Packs Are Here!

    Can’t get enough Oopsy Daisy? Well, we have just the thing to make your day a little bit cheerier!

    Art lovers everywhere can now decorate texts with our brand new Oopsy Daisy Stickers. Available free (yay!) via the App Store on iPhone, the Oopsy Daisy app allows you to browse through a library of our cutest and coolest art images and send them through iMessage.

    You’ll find the perfect sticker for any occasion – whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because! We’ve taken the time to adapt over forty popular artworks from a few of your favorite artists, such as Eli Halpin, Heather Gauthier, Cathy Walters, and much more, to fit your unique messages. Art no longer has to live solely on your walls – spread your artistic side to your friends, family, and everyone in between with our creative Oopsy Daisy sticker pack.

    At Oopsy Daisy, we are an ever-evolving company that believes art can enlighten every aspect of everyday life. These delightful stickers were created with the help of experienced developers from THINKware, a leader in the tech industry that executes digital content for major corporations. We are proud to bring a touch of artistic flair to your mobile conversations and make each interaction more memorable than the last!

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