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Olivia Gibbs

Posted on by Cecilia Mason

Olivia Gibbs is an Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer born and raised in Spain. She loves creating organic and colorful feminine designs and designing for children. Olivia finds inspiration from everything around her, but her art is mostly influenced by nature and its beauty.

She currently lives in Kansas with her husband and two little girls.

Stephanie Jeanne

Posted on by Cecilia Mason

After 25 years in the Pacific Northwest, Stephanie found a home in Nashville where she devotes her time to painting and riding horses. Her equine artwork and animal portraiture has earned her a place in galleries and national publications. Stephanie's home in the south has been of limitless inspiration. Her subjects are influenced by local farm life, botanicals, and that southern charm. Stephanie brings life to canvas, marrying vivid color with unique patterns and painterly strokes which lend to the individual character of each animal subject.

Paige Holland

Posted on by Cecilia Mason

Paige Holland began painting in the mid eighties after graduating from Baylor University. Not finding a job she loved, she decided to skip to what she really wanted to do and had planned to do upon retirement- painting! She is inspired by natural subjects like air, water, critters, light and botanicals. Describing herself as an optimist, Paige feels her work falls somewhere between Pooh Corner and the Garden of Eden- grinning dogs, happy deer and adventurous critters having a good day. She works in acrylic paints, ink and Mylar and when not creating, she loves to hike, travel, read and eat good food! Additionally she adores her adopted hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Bethany Joy

Posted on by Cecilia Mason

Bethany Joy is an abstract painter, focused on sharing joy through art. She expresses her joy through painting vibrant abstracts, flowers, and inspirational quotes. Her paintings involve many layers until she feels that the piece is harmonious and bursting with positivity. A graduate from Brevard College, Bethany obtained her BA degree in Fine Art. Along with her husband and puppy, Bethany lives in North Carolina where she works from her home studio and is the Art Director at her local Boys and Girls Club.

Molly Whalen

Posted on by Cecilia Mason

Born and raised on Long Island NY, Molly has developed a love for art as far back as she can remember. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tyler School of art at Temple University in PA. She draws much of her inspiration from nature and the beauty, color, and miracles it represents. Molly believes her paintings reflect who she is as a person, and what she is attracted to in everyday life. Art is a beautiful way to impact somebody's life and Molly hopes her art evokes a feeling of lightheartedness in those who view her pieces.

Terri Fry Kasuba

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Terri Fry Kasuba graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2000 where she discovered a love for telling stories through her illustrations and paintings. She has lived in the Philadelphia area her whole life, except for a brief stint in Kansas City, MO designing and illustrating for Hallmark Cards. Now her Havertown, PA home includes 1 husband, 2 sons and 1 dog.

Her work has been exhibited at in numerous places including Space 1026, Masthead/Phantom Hand Art Gallery, Giant Robot, Land PDX and Tractorbeam Gallery.

Molly Cranch

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Navigating the line between abstraction and realism, Molly Cranch’s paintings are infused with light, air, and atmosphere. Inspired by motherhood and nature, common subjects include complex botanical forms and delicate gestural renderings of birds and other animals. Molly Cranch received a BFA in painting from Washington University in St. Louis, a K-12 certificate in art education from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is a certified yoga instructor.She is working on illustrating her first children’s book.

Linda Tordoff

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Linda Tordoff is a surface pattern designer and illustrator who works from her home studio in the UK. She graduated in 2001 from Staffordshire University with a first class degree in surface pattern design. Since then she has worked mainly in the greetings card industry as an illustrator. All of Linda's designs begin with drawing, painting or collage which she then scans and graphically finishes the artwork. Linda lives with her three young children and their cat Primrose.

Kristen Balouch

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Kristen Balouch is a Brooklyn designer and illustrator. She writes and illustrates books for children and designs just about everything she touches…things like houses, dishes, quilts, kitchens, gardens, fabric, baby clothes, grown up clothes, shoes and even kitchen sinks. She can’t help herself. She’s inspired by nature, color, pattern, diversity and kindness. She is happy making inclusive beautiful things and hopes that happiness grows to you. 

Kate Capone

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Kate is a working graphic designer with a passion for creating bold, happy art and patterns. She strives to create work with a mixture of hand painted elements, rich textures, a fun personality and an exciting color palette. Her two daughters are always a place of inspiration and she loves creating art that they love too!

Jill Byers

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Jill Byers lives in beautiful Rhode Island with her husband and daughter. As a family, they enjoy being outside enjoying the New England seasons. She is happy to be a freelance artist working from home. Her days are filled with painting fun, colorful artwork and being a mom to a creative and adventurous daughter.

Bianca Pozzi

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

It was the passion to constantly create and imagine that made Bianca an Illustrator. After graduating in fashion design, she worked as a print designer and soon became a full time surface designer. She loves to create new softly colored characters and patterns with a vintage, delicate touch. Bianca's inspiration comes from children's books, her own childhood imagination and nature.

Allyn Howard

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Painter and illustrator Allyn Howard grew up in Richmond, VA but currently resides in Brooklyn. She received her BFA from VCU in Communication Arts & Design, then moved to NYC and received her MA from NYU in Studio Art/Painting. Allyn stays busy painting sets in the film business (USA Local 829), as well as creating custom murals for residential and commercial sites. She feels very lucky to be doing what she loves! 

Tina O'Neill Finn

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Tina O’Neill Finn is a RISD graduate and an experienced Colorado Springs-based illustrator and designer. Over the past four years she has specialized in the children’s markets but loves new design challenges. Her Tina Beans designs have been sold to Disney, JoAnn fabrics, Paperchase, Besco, Garven, Kids ii, American Greetings and more. She is a freelance designer and works in her beautiful back yard studio. Her main strength is ideation and her absolute love of color. Tina mainly works in digital media.

The Secret Zebra

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

The Secret Zebra is a lovely little collection of detailed and whimsical artwork by Katie Garrison. Katie has been a lifelong animal lover and finds her inspiration from all things wild and woodland. She and her husband Reuben  live in coastal Virginia and spend as much time as possible exploring both land and sea with their pup Heidi. When at home, Katie can be found in her studio drawing furry friends and daydreaming about their happy little lives.

Shawnie Mirandon

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Shawnie Mirandon creates her original paintings on the backside of Plexiglas, using acrylic paints blended with a mix of actual beach elements of sand, shells, and rocks along with hand-painted papers. Most critical to Shawnie is the expression of movement, and through years of  experimentation she discovered how to blend and layer her acrylics on glass, successfully creating the soft look of sea foam, waves, and clouds with mix ins of subtle metallics. 

SeeWhyZhang Design

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Cathy Zhang is a self taught artist currently residing in Portland, OR. Her expressive watercolor animals are lovable decor for nurseries and homes. After a ten year career in digital product analytics for startups and large companies, she reinvented her career leaving her full time job at Nike and founding her art business. Cathy's analytical nature influenced her approach to conceptualizing and painting, while her MBA and work experience equipped her with the practical skills she needed to launch a creative business.

Robert Kennedy

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Robert Kennedy has a varied past that includes playing professional baseball, coaching high school football, and practicing law for thirty years. Although he doesn't have  a formal artistic background, his passion for painting turned into his full-time occupation. Presently, he works primarily in acrylics and watercolors. Robert describes his work as an attempt to create the mood of another time: peaceful, serene, and unencumbered by modern-day stress.

Nancy Torns

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Nancy Gonzalez Torns was raised in New York City with a love of all art forms. Nancy’s collection of often described ethereal works hangs in local San Diego shops and design centers and in private homes throughout San Diego, La Jolla, and Napa Valley. Her works are a combination of art and classical music…the pieces influenced by the musical works she listens to while painting. 

Maren Devine

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Maren Devine has been a graphic designer, a published poster artist, a freelance designer, a mural painter, and - her all time favorite- an inner-city high school art teacher in Dallas. For more than 12 years, she has worked with interior designers and art professionals providing her custom art for many public and private spaces. Her work ranges from abstract to impressionist, and is whimsical and sometimes edgy, but always artful.

Laura Dro

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Laura Dro is an artist and textile designer who was born and raised by the sunny Atlantic Beaches of Florida. Her love of the colors of the perfect day at the beach are reflected in all her original paintings, prints and patterns. With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Florida, Laura draws inspiration from home textiles, interior designers, colorful floral arrangements and even from vintage photographs. Dro’s artwork is a breezy and fresh style that feels eclectic and dreamy. 

Jilly P

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Jillian Phillips is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in the South of England. Having studied Fashion in college, she began her career in 1998 as a graphic designer for children's clothing retailers. In 2007, Jillian started her own print studio, creating fun artwork for all manner of children's products. Her designs have been adapted for use on a variety of stationery, greeting cards, fabric, and clothing. A main influence of Jillian's work comes from her trips to Japan.

Green Lili

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Green Lili started in Sheffield, United Kingdom with a view to bring fresh, modern and original art to the walls of your home. The UK studio continues to develop different techniques in painting digitally, from exploring loose, big brush strokes, to intricate detail and texture with inspiration continually drawn from the latest in home interior trends.

Donna J. West

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Donna's lifetime love of fashion provides much of the creative inspiration for her paintings. She combines her passions of art and clothing in her work, striving to transform the otherwise ordinary into her creative vision of what fashion means to her. She uses both brush work and palette knife to manipulate the oil paint and create unique texture on the canvas.  Donna enjoys living and painting in downtown Chicago.

Christine Schwimmer

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Christine Schwimmer loves the challenge of painting, mixing paint right on the canvas, using charcoal and scratching to make line, creating images and then destroying them. Painting allows her to express her emotions and capture them in the images she creates. She prefers her paintings to be completed (or the facial features be provided) by the artist within those who observe her paintings. She is inspired by artists such as Nathan Oliviera, Antoni Tapies, Franz Kline and Basquiat. 

Ava Sharifian

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Artist Ava Sharifian lives and paints in Austin, Texas. There is a strong element of the natural world in most of her work. Color is essential in Ava’s paintings and she uses a palette knife to create textures and shapes within an atmospheric field made by using paint brushes. Ava believes that the visual world is so valuable in contributing to the way we feel everyday and that what we surround ourselves with is an integral part of being a conscious, healthy person. She hopes that her paintings bring a little magic to anyone who has a look!

Alison Jerry

Posted on by Tiffany Phan

Alison loves everything about art. She has won many awards and has her work placed with major retailers and hotels. Alison uses a variety of mediums like oils, watercolor, pastels, photography, and even Photoshop. Alison enjoys the entire process of making something beautiful and even making mistakes along the way which often turn out better than what she had planned. Her style is experimental, modern and yet complex. Alison currently lives in Dallas, Texas, where she works in her home studio with two cats who try to sleep on her work! 

Angela Staehling

Posted on by Cecilia Mason
Angela designs products such as dinnerware, stationery, textiles, home décor, and books. She enjoys gardening, hanging out with her kids, and hiking nearby nature trails. Angela draws much of her inspiration from the outdoors and delights in playing with new art mediums and styles. She is an active member of her local art community, volunteering as art council member, organizer of art events, and juror. Angela has designed and taught art programs to communities in need and brought art projects into schools that lack funding for the arts.


Posted on by Cecilia Mason

Jennifer Orkin Lewis is an artist and illustrator based in a beautiful little village outside of New York City. She is known for her daily sketchbook and the style she’s developed while creating it. She paints a 30 minute painting a day and the looseness and intuitiveness of those paintings have become her signature. They are inspired by the everyday small things Jennifer sees, from a bird, a teacup to a large crowd. She mostly paints with gouache but she happily throws in some acrylic, ink, and pencil into the mix. Jennifer spent many years after graduating from RISD as a textile stylist designing prints for children's clothing and lingerie.

Alison Junda

Posted on by Cecilia Mason

Alison grew up outside of Baltimore, Maryland, but spent her childhood summers vacationing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with friends and family.  These beaches grew to be a place she loved and partly inspired her to attend East Carolina University where she earned a degree in Interior Design. After graduating, her dream of living by the beach came to fruition as she moved to coastal New Jersey, which continues to inspire her painting. 

Vicky Barone

Posted on by Vicky Barone

Vicky Barone is an artist, illustrator, and designer who began her career as an engineer. With two engineering degrees from Virginia Tech, her mind is attuned to solving technical problems, which influences her creative practice. Her diverse artwork has been featured on greeting cards, gift products, packaging, and corporate branding. She is inspired by patterns, texture, color, nature, and the wonderful chaos of parenting. Vicky spends most of her time drawing, painting, creating, exploring, and having fun.

Heather Gauthier Art

Posted on by Heather Gauthier Art

Heather’s style is the culmination of experiences and influences in urban and rural settings. Her popular animal portraits are often described as "anthropomorphic realism": wild creatures in a civilized, very human setting. After a decade of living and working in Chicago (above a pizza parlor) and Africa (on a strawberry farm), Heather and her family of boys live in San Antonio, Texas. She has regular gallery and cafe shows in addition to being featured on the PBS program ARTS and HGTV. Also, she loves cheese.

John Baran

Posted on by John Baran

John Baran is an artist and illustrator from Santa Barbara, California. Already a successful abstract artist, one Christmas John decided to create some whimsical animal prints for his 10 year old daughter’s bedroom walls. It didn’t take long before the prints were selling and John's work will delight both adults and children. His pieces are colorful and whimsical fusions of his abstract art and animals from the land, sky and sea.

Sarah Walsh

Posted on by Sarah Walsh

Sarah is a Kansas City based artist and illustrator. She's inspired by animals, magical creatures, coffee, music, a good story, her friends and family, bravery, vintage children's books, and mid-century anything. Sarah has designed typefaces, illustrated for various card lines, dabbled in animation, and designed surface pattern. One of her favorite things about being an artist is that she gets to create a little world for someone to enjoy!

Sharon Furner

Posted on by Sharon Furner

Sharon Furner's interest in art informs many aspects of her life. She has published more than 20 decorative art books, taught decorative painting for 15 years in her store, The Gingerbread Haus, and taught at national workshops and conventions. Sharon has also studied with Swiss, Austrian, and Norwegian folk artists, who each left their influence on her work. Bright colors with simple patterns are visual candy of which Sharon never tires, applying them to a large variety of decorative motifs, wall-size murals, and one-of-a-kind art furniture.

Laura Amiss

Posted on by Laura Amiss

Laura Amiss is a designer working with digital and freehand illustrations. She is from England but currently calls The Netherlands home. She graduated from Goldsmiths School of Art (University of London) and is, in her own words,pretty obsessive about color and pattern (and pretty stationary). She draws inspiration from a variety of creative disciplines and her every day environment, intentionally creating art that is fun, colorful and smile producing.

Kelly Angelovic

Posted on by Kelly Angelovic

Kelly is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Colorado. Specializing in digital illustration, her experience also includes surface and pattern design, hand lettering, brand development and graphic design. In 2001, Kelly earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado. She later attended the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle to study Graphic Design, and established her creative studio in the fall of 2008. Kelly and her family reside in Boulder.

Suzanne Baker

Posted on by Suzanne Baker

Suzie Baker is an award-winning artist with work in public and private collections in the US and abroad. She holds a degree in Advertising & Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University and worked as an art director before trading in her Pantone swatches for paintbrushes. Suzie takes multiple plein-air painting trips annually with recent trips to Paris, the Bahamas, California, and Colorado. She paints and teaches oil painting where she lives in Texas with her husband and two children.

Kristina Bass Bailey

Posted on by Kristina Bass Bailey

Raised in Georgia, Kristina Bass Bailey obtained her first job as an artist at the age of 16 when she painted signs for her local grocery store. Upon receiving her BFA in fabric design from the University of Georgia, she interned in New York City in the textile and fashion industries. She came back to Georgia and created visual merchandising for a fashion-accessories company. Presently, Kristina is a full-time painter. Her different creative pursuits continue to influence her practice, and she hopes her art will inspire and bring joy to others.

Bee Things

Posted on by Bee Things

Bee Things was founded by Shay Ometz and Jeff Barfoot, whose intention was to produce art prints, posters, apparel, and products for the home under a signature brand. Bee Things designs and illustrations have been recognized by major awards shows and publications and featured in ReadyMade Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and D Home Magazine. Over their careers, they have done design and illustration projects for brands like The Dallas Museum of Art, Fossil, Hallmark, Hasbro, IBM, KEXP Seattle, Nickelodeon, Pepsi, Sony, and W Hotels.

Molly Bernarding

Posted on by Molly Bernarding

Molly began her career in brand identity development and packaging design. As a creative director, she led the creation of identity systems for brands like Reebok, Koppen, Field & Stream, Nike ACG, Umbro, adidas, Maxfli, Nishiki and Slazenger. Inspired by her 2 year old son, Molly began creating a line of children’s graphics that has expanded to include fabric, art prints and product designs. Through the launch of her own company, mingle studios, Molly reinvigorated her love of vibrant color, pattern and children’s motifs.

Christine Berrie

Posted on by Christine Berrie

Christine Berrie gained a 1st Class BA from Glasgow School of Art before heading to the Royal College of Art in London where she graduated with an MA in Illustration in 2002. Currently, everyday scenarios and objects are Christine’s favored subject matter and she has long had an interest in creating colorful, detailed imagery with a hand-rendered approach. The results display Christine’s aim to invest even the most mundane objects with personality. Originally from Glasgow, Christine now works from her studio in the Scottish Borders.

Ryan Beshara

Posted on by Ryan Beshara

Ryan Beshara is an LA-based designer and illustrator whose professional career began with a BFA in Photography from Parson's School of Design in New York. She worked as an advertising art producer and soon created her own series of lettered and numbered designs for children. Ryan's love of design and illustration and her eye for typography and color led to some well-known children's design projects. She is inspired by the German Bauhaus and by mid-century modern design, which she turns into aesthetic poetry for children.

Brett Blumenthal

Posted on by Brett Blumenthal

Brett Blumenthal has been passionate about wildlife, the environment, and the beauty of the natural world, for as long as she can remember. While pregnant with her son, Brett was eager to share this passion with him and created art for his nursery that could grow with him. Seeing the joy her art brought him, Brett was inspired to make her work available to others. Committed to wildlife and environmental conservation, Brett uses her art as a vehicle to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our beautiful planet.

Anne Bollman

Posted on by Anne Bollman

Anne is an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Los Angeles, California. Her work is influenced by a diverse background in art and design. Anne has a BA in Studio Art and Speech Communication from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, and also studied in the Design Communication Arts program at UCLA Extension in Westwood, CA. She has worked as both an interior designer and a graphic designer.

Miriam Bos

Posted on by Miriam Bos

Miriam Bos is a cheerful and energetic surface pattern designer & illustrator from the Netherlands who loves creating art that feels warm and joyful and brings a smile to your face. Every design and illustration is made with lots of love and dedication. In her studio, Miriam enjoys drawing elements of nature such as flowers, birds and whimsical elements. Combining her bright use of color and her quirky characters, she creates colorful and dreamy designs using both digital and traditional techniques.

Macrina Busato

Posted on by Macrina Busato

Raised in a Spanish/Italian family in San Sebastian, Macrina grew up in a creative environment, and after working in many museums, 8 years ago she decided to work full time as surface and product designer. With a love for vintage magazines, engravings, and books, Macrina’s museum and archaeological influences can be found in her vintage collages. She teaches design in colleges, organizes creative workshops, and directs the Surface Design Master at the IED. Macrina is represented by Lilla Rogers Studio.

Becca Cahan

Posted on by Becca Cahan

Born in Vermont and raised in Maryland, Becca now lives and works in Boston. After learning watercolor at a young age, Becca dabbled back and forth between mediums, always coming back for her love of watercolors. Now she integrates her love of line work with watercolors and occasionally explores digital media, sometimes combining all of them. Becca’s work has been focused around patterns, hand lettering, and the smallest details in images, which are her ultimate passion.

Patchi Cancado

Posted on by Patchi Cancado

Patchi Cancado is an eclectic artist whose work is focused on several types of design, including graphic, interior, fashion, and architectural. With a formal training in architecture and graphic design, Patchi combines these influences in her creations, focusing them on beautiful structures. The inspiration for her pieces comes from her kids, tiny details, travel, and nature, and her goal is to create art that is modern, fresh, chic, and fun.

Carter Carpin

Posted on by Carter Carpin

Carter Carpin is an artist and designer who holds a BFA in product/textile design from Parsons School of Design in New York City. After years of designing for prominent companies, she launched the magical world of Serious Whimsy, offering art and home decor for kids. Her passion for painting, color, patterns, and collage are fueled by memories of childhood, the beauty and magic in nature, most things vintage, and a need to stay eternally optimistic.

Angie Carrier

Posted on by Angie Carrier

Angie Carrier was born in Bristol, VA. and currently lives and works in Greenville, SC. In 2009, she founded Carrier Collective, LLC., an Art and Interiors company that uses her paintings to create reproductions and beautiful fabrics that are used in her Home Accessory Products. Her work is sold in numerous galleries and retail shops across the country. You will find her most days in her studio creating new work and managing the day to day needs of her art based business. She continues to be collected both nationally and Internationally.

Marcie Carson

Posted on by Marcie Carson

Marcie Carson graduated with honors in Fine Art and Communications from UC Santa Barbara, yet she began her career in fashion — touring with Madonna as a costumer. Inspired by her international travels, she opened her own graphic design firm in 1995. Marcie’s distinctive design approach has been extensively honored and published, garnering hundreds of awards and appearances. In 2012, Marcie launched MIXT Studio — an eco-friendly lifestyle brand based in Hermosa Beach, CA, bringing fresh ideas and inspirational products to the marketplace.

Irene Chan

Posted on by Irene Chan

Irene was born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied in Savannah, Georgia, and received her BFA in graphic design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She lived and worked in San Francisco before settling in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a seasoned designer for multiple platforms from graphic design to motion graphics. Her clients range from Disney, Nickelodeon, to Food Network and HGTV. Her latest desire is to create art for everyday life, and her son is her biggest inspiration! She now lives in Atlanta with her husband, her son, and her cat.

Todd Clark

Posted on by Todd Clark

Todd Clark was born in Calgary in 1963, and the prairies that surrounded him as a child are still among his strongest influences in landscape painting. He works part-time as an elementary school teacher while pursuing his interest in large, oil-based paintings, many of which can be found in galleries in both Canada and the U.S. With art as his method, Todd is on a mission to challenge our conventional understanding of landscape painting by giving it his unique perspective.

Joan Coleman

Posted on by Joan Coleman

Joan Coleman is best known for her versatility and tenacious design strategy. She specializes in creating fashion-forward artwork, utilizing a variety of techniques and mediums including acrylic paints, oil pastels, graphite, colored pencils, watercolors, inks, and digital-design software. Joan derives inspiration from photography, interior design, music, and crafting, and has a zealous interest in the world of pastry and cake decorating.

Eric Comstock

Posted on by Eric Comstock

Eric Comstock is an illustrator and designer based in Austin, TX. He started out in advertising as an art director, but he knew almost immediately that he wanted to be an illustrator. And that’s just what he did, albeit 15 years later. The clients he has worked with love his lettering, sense of vintage color, and quirky characters. He has created work for the Land of Nod, Hallmark, American Greetings, Shutterfly, TeNeues, Fab.com, Weider Publications, and Cosmo Cricket.

Lisa Congdon

Posted on by Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon is a San Francisco-based illustrator and fine artist with a love for all things natural. That love is expressed in her colorful paintings and drawings, which often depict the trees and animals that have surrounded her since childhood. Lisa collects inspirational objects and weird old things in her studio. Her work is represented by Lilla Rogers Studio.

Bonnie Dain

Posted on by Bonnie Dain

Bonnie Dain is a California native, who has lived and worked in Rome, Italy, Amsterdam and currently, Seattle. Bonnie graduated from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts and has worked in the creative arena for more than a decade. Bonnie has worked with clients such as Starbucks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman. She has also worked with many publications which include New York Magazine, Glamour UK, Flow Magazine, The Boston Globe and the LA Times.

Katie Daisy

Posted on by Katie Daisy

A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Katie Daisy takes her inspiration from childhood summers spent in Northern Illinois farm country. With a wildflower-toned palette, Katie paints directly from the heart. Her pieces inspire self-discovery and liberation and have struck a chord with thousands of admirers around the world. She is delighted to be able to share her work directly with these fans through her own shop, and also via licensing for a variety of beautiful products.

Bob Daly

Posted on by Bob Daly

Bob Daly is a Virginia based artist and illustrator. His simple and graphic artwork is inspired by vintage advertising and children’s books. Bob’s work has been used in books, publications, toys, stationary and fabric.

Andrew Daniel

Posted on by Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel studied painting at the University of Maine and then moved to Northern California, where he participated in the Honors Painting Program at Humboldt State University. He got his degree in 2001 and has been a professional painter ever since. Andrew creates eclectic artistic pieces inspired by nature, textiles, Mexican folk art, and various global cultural traditions.

Helen Dardik

Posted on by Helen Dardik

Helen Dardik was born by the Black Sea in Odessa, Russia and now works out of Canada. After living in Siberia, studying art & design in Israel, and finally settling in Canada in 1993, she began working as a graphic designer and illustrator. Helen mainly works in digital media, but once in a while watercolor, gouache, oil paint, and embroidery find their way into her repertoire. Her inspiration comes from her 3 little girls, vintage illustration, and her own childhood.

Ana Davis

Posted on by Ana Davis

Chicago native Ana Davis is a creative director and surface designer. Raised amongst writers, artists, and entrepreneurs, she grew up in a home that not only valued the enterprising spirit, but also the arts in all its wonderful forms. Outside raising her son and creating her designs, Ana has two other life-long projects: renovating her house in Chicago’s East Village and trying to rid her black sweaters of cat hair.

Nancy Egan

Posted on by Nancy Egan

Nancy Egan, a lifelong artist, sold her first painting at 15 and began winning accolades. She was taught art and inspired by her father, a Yale fine art graduate. When Nancy was ready for college, he insisted she pursue an engineering degree instead of the art path she wished for. Nancy earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management, but ten years ago she gave it up and switched careers to a full-time professional oil painter. She has a love for still life, landscapes, and seascapes.

Fancy That Design House & Co

Posted on by Fancy That Design House & Co

Stephanie Sliwinski is owner/designer of Fancy That Design House & Co. near Milwaukee, WI. Her childhood love of drawing rainbows and unicorns led her to a degree in both Art and Graphic Communication. These days, she is wife to an amazingly supportive husband, Chad, and mom to two young boys, Colton & Beckham. When she is not playing superheroes or stepping on legos, she can be found designing graphics full of elements she loves-color, texture, typography and personal meaning.

Alice Feagan

Posted on by Alice Feagan

Alice Feagan is a freelance illustrator specializing in the unique medium of cut paper. Since completing her MFA in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design, Alice has created work for the editorial, advertising, and book markets. Her illustrations contain bold colors and a graphic style that appeal to children and adults alike. Influenced by folk art from her childhood, paper cutting techniques, and traditions from different cultures, Alice fuses different techniques to create a new and fresh approach to the art of paper cutting.

Maia Ferrell-Smith

Posted on by Maia Ferrell-Smith

Maia grew up in NE Florida and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design. Maia is inspired by her great-grandmother, Gisella Loeffler, a well-known Taos, New Mexico artist of immense and diverse talent. In many of Maia’s works you can see her great grandmother’s influence of decorative child folklore figures, as well as many cheerful Austrian and Mexican motifs. Maia’s childhood was filled with art, fashion, textiles and vintage finds. Today, Maia’s greatest joy is her darling daughter Lucia.

Finny and Zook

Posted on by Finny and Zook

After graduating from SUNY Albany where she studied Art History and Photography, Karen Zukowski moved to NYC to pursue a career in the photo world. When her son turned one, Karen was inspired to start her own design company, Finny and Zook. Her collection of whimsical drawings are based around simple design and a sweet candy colored palette. Karen currently lives in Upstate New York and runs Finny and Zook full time.

Jessica Flick

Posted on by Jessica Flick

Jessica Flick grew up in a family of woodworkers, potters, and crafters. Her own artwork boasts a colorful array of illustration and design styles that reflect her creative spirit and love for pattern mixing, texture, and craft. The mother of two young boys, Jessica finds inspiration for her art while playing with her children, who are her best source for fresh approaches and imaginative endeavors.

Monika Forsberg

Posted on by Monika Forsberg

Monika was born in a seaside town in the very north of Sweden, where it was almost always winter. She moved to London to study art, became an animator and a mum. After her second son was born she decided to change careers and become an illustrator. Her work has appeared in magazines and books, and on children’s apparel and gift products. She is happiest hugging her family, swimming in cold water and sitting on her bed, listening to audio books and drawing.

Sara Franklin

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Sara Franklin is a designer, illustrator, and surface pattern designer who loves whimsy, color and pattern. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design from California Institute of the Arts, she has continued to grow and develop her naturally whimsical style as seen on surfboards, magazines, CD packaging, coffee labels, and more. She embraces her paints, brushes, dipping pens and calligraphy ink with gusto, getting lost for hours making a very happy mess. It is her wish for everyone’s world to be filled with art, design, color, and adventure!

Mary Beth Freet

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Mary Beth Freet is the artist and Creative Director of the fresh and fun new print studio Pink Light Design, which is currently based in Seattle. She brings a wealth of knowledge and creative flair from her 8 years of experience in the fashion industry. Mary Beth’s passion lies in creating her artwork in collections that are whimsical, modern, and bursting with bright happy colors.

Genevieve Gail Swinford

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Genevieve is passionate about design and creativity. She studied art at the University of Georgia, earning a degree in Graphic Design. She began her career as an Art Director for an international gift manufacturer, traveling the globe and creating collections for the gift industry. Now self-employed, Genevieve creates designs for jewelry, crafts, giftware, and fabrics. Her signature style is an on-trend, eclectic mixture of patterns and colors. Her goal is to create beautiful products that people will enjoy for years to come.

Carolyn Gavin

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Carolyn Gavin grew up in South Africa, which gave her plenty of warm memories of exotic color, rich imagery, and intense contrast. All these memories were filtered through her creativity and became an integral part of her current work, which includes two fabric collections for P&B Textiles and a scrapbooking line for K&Co. Carolyn enjoys music, movies, gardening, yoga, and riding her bike, all of which give her inspiration for future projects.

Lesley Grainger

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Lesley Grainger is an English designer who currently lives in California. She received a BA Honors Degree in illustration and design and began creating work that is mainly centered around her children, color, nature, and the beach. Her fun, colorful work can be seen on wall decor, home goods, fabric, greeting cards, baby collections, and more. In her spare time, Lesley enjoys painting, as it keeps her creativity alive and provides inspiration.


Posted on by Grandlarsen

Chris Larsen is a provocative artist who describes himself as a creative-intelligence specialist focusing on visual communications. Revolutionary concepts and visual/artistic propaganda are his trademarks, and his creative style stands out in any context. A marksman with sniper-like accuracy, his highly detailed stencil work and social commentary hit the mark, making a powerful visual statement. Razor blades and spray paint are all Chris needs for his designs, and the powerful messages of his art are entirely suited to the medium of stencils.

Caleb Gray

Posted on by Caleb Gray

Combining his tastes for contemporary and nostalgic design, art by Caleb Gray developed a uniquely modern style with a fun, retro vibe that can be seen internationally on a range of products. “It’s so fun taking the humor, style, and creativity I love and translating it into artwork that can entertain others. And it just goes to show you never really outgrow the fun that imagination brings!”

Halfpence Design

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Simplicity and whimsy define the aesthetic of Halfpence Design. Started as a side project by owner/designer Penny, it soon evolved into a growing and diverse collection married by bold color and clean lines. While no subject matter is off-limits, Penny is particularly influenced by music and the sciences. Penny graduated with degrees in Textiles & Clothing and English from the University of California, Davis. She works as an art director and lives in Northern California with her partner Todd and two-year-old son Tate.

Khristian A. Howell

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Khristian A. Howel's fabulous surface pattern designs can be found on fabric, wall coverings, stationery, & home accessories. Her work has appeared in ELLE Decor, Real Simple & HGTV Magazine. She's certain that exploration, listening, & hope can teach us new things about ourselves & each other. Based in Chicago, she hopes her passion for travel & inspired living is evident in her work. "I am positive one person can teach the world one honest footstep at a time. I deeply believe in living a life that is colorful, balanced, and inspired."

Meg Hunt

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Meg Hunt is an illustrator, printmaker, educator, and all-around maker of things. Growing up by the ocean and spending a few years in the desert, she now resides in the wooded city of Portland, OR, where the scenery is always inspiring. Charming characters, color, and pattern dominate her work, and she loves mixing traditional and digital techniques to create a lush scene. Her clients have included Disney, Cartoon Network, Scholastic, Storey Publishing, Oxford University Press, Monoblock, and many more!

Donna Ingemanson

Posted on by Donna Ingemanson

Donna Ingemanson is on a perpetual artistic quest using the medium of painting. She attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her art has been acclaimed and published by numerous arts organizations and publications. Traveling around the world for inspiration has provided Donna with many wonderful artistic influences, including figurative painting, folk art, Japanese pottery, nature and improvisational art.

Zoe Ingram

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Zoe Ingram is an artist with an honours degree in textile design. Originally from Edinburgh in Scotland, Zoe now calls Adelaide, Australia home. The fantastic weather and surroundings in Australia provide Zoe with loads of inspiration, as do her two daughters. Her work has been described as colorful, lush, and energetic. In 2013, Zoe won an international art competition with Lilla Rogers Studio and has since worked with clients such as Robert Kaufman Fabrics, American Greetings, Paperchase, and Midwest CBK.

Emily Isabella

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Emily Isabella grew up in a fairy tale inside her head. As a child, she loved to wander her family’s prairie and press Queen Anne’s Lace flowers against her cheeks, pretending they were powder brushes. She holds on to this idealism, as childhood nostalgia remains the main focus in her life and artwork. Emily studied textile design at The Savannah College of Art and Design and received her BFA in 2008. Since then, she has been living her dream by sharing her brain with the world in hopes of making people’s lives just a little better.

Bethan Janine

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Bethan Janine is a pattern designer and illustrator based in her home town of Sheffield, in the United Kingdom. Inspired by her surroundings of leafy Yorkshire and all things flora and fauna, she loves to draw, combining delicate line work and bright colors to create fun artwork to make you smile.

Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead

Posted on by Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead

With a unique quality for capturing the personality and humor of canines, Jo Chambers has drawn attention globally. Her contemporary take on pet portraiture has been admired since 2011 and continues to grow. As well as her passion for canines, Jo also loves to capture the joy of flowers, often abstracted and bursting with color. Colorful, whimsical and humorous illustrations are a trademark of her style and her work has been featured by Martha Stewart, Daily Candy and Oh Joy to name a few.

Joelle Joy

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Joelle Joy combines her passions for photography with experiencing the joy of God’s natural world. While surfing in the US, Caribbean, or Costa Rica; snowboarding, or exploring woods out West or in Michigan, she captures the thrill of her experiences through the surreal lens of her artistic eye. “All my art pieces are songs. I crank the jams and tweak an image until it matches the mood,” says Joelle, a photographic/graphic design artist in the Detroit area with a Communications & Graphic Design degree from Liberty University.

Rebecca Jones

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Rebecca Jones is an English illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up in a creative family with days spent roaming the English countryside chasing butterflies and birds, picking flowers, and drawing tiny pictures of everything she saw. After graduating from art school, Rebecca worked for many years as a textile print designer in London and Australia. Once her son was born, Rebecca chose to slow down, and create just for the love of it again.

Kalligraphy Designs by Kalli LeVasseur

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Inspired by her love for quotes and innate desire to doodle, Kalli LeVasseur began translating words into works of art. Each piece is done freehand and is unplanned; essentially creating itself with each word, each brush stroke. Bright colors and fun patterns are reflective of the joy and love Kalli puts into each piece. Her hope is to spread the same positive energy that goes into her work with those who see it.

Jane Keltner

Posted on by Jane Keltner

Jane Farrimond Keltner's career began with a degree in fine arts (music) from Rollins College and has followed a number of artistic twists ever since. A lifetime of talent and passion fuels her fresh looks and unique brush strokes. She is presently interested in the production of vintage-themed and children's painted furniture, and her new brand is sold under the name Allison Stephens.

Linda Ketelhut

Posted on by Linda Ketelhut

Linda Ketelhut is a self-taught illustrator and surface designer who now lives in Austin, Texas, after nearly two decades spent in New York City. Drawing on her love of space and design, she imagines different spatial worlds through her illustration, creating unique environments on paper. Linda combines the colors and details of everyday life while working in gouache and pastels. She works both traditionally and on the computer, citing her love of travel as one of her biggest inspirations. The color red is her current favorite.

Josephine Kimberling

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Josephine Kimberling is a surface designer who has been creating surface pattern, artwork, and design solutions for industry leaders in fashion, greeting cards, and gift wrap for over 12 years. With her work inspired by the fashion industry, Josephine’s brand and signature style combines modern influence with a vintage twist and a dash of whimsy — all infused with extraordinary color.

Tammy Kushnir

Posted on by Tammy Kushnir

Tammy Kushnir has been an artist ever since she can remember. She would often draw portraits to pass the time. Her work now ranges from whimsical to vintage inspired. She enjoys challenges and is constantly inspired by her family to create new things.

Joy Laforme

Posted on by Joy Laforme

Joy is a New York bred, Philadelphia based designer and illustrator, with a passion for surface design and illustrations that brighten a home. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Computer Science from Messiah College, and a Master of Arts in Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has worked with clients from all over the world, which has given her amazing experience, working alongside all types of brands in the design world.

Jill Lambert

Posted on by Jill Lambert

Jill Lambert is a self-taught artist who, as a little girl, was inspired to create while watching her grandpa paint and draw in his basement studio. Jill began her career as a middle school English teacher and is now pursuing her life-long dream of creating art. Her inspirations include water, nature, flowers, vibrant colors, inspirational quotes and her daughter. Jill’s creative mission is to share her love of color with the world and uplift through her vibrant creations. She hopes that her work will encourage others to follow their dreams.

Nicole LaRue

Posted on by Nicole LaRue

Nicole LaRue studied at Brigham Young University in Provo, and now spends every day drawing and coming up with super fun designs. She loves her job and feels insanely lucky, because that is all she has ever wanted to do. Nicole’s creativity has helped her work with some amazing folks. She has authored books, designed fun product lines, and illustrated cool projects for a variety of clients. Nicole’s excitement, silliness, and love for cool things make her fun to work with, and her personality shines through in every one of her designs.

Lauren Lowen

Posted on by Lauren Lowen

Since graduating from the Illustration Department at The Rhode Island School of Design, Lauren’s artwork has appeared in magazines, on book covers, and even as stickers! She taught Illustration at both Montserrat College of Art and RISD before starting a new chapter working in the gift and stationery industry. Currently, she lives with her husband in Nashville, TN, creating art for clients in editorial, publishing and licensing. You can find her currently teaching at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film and probably eating sushi.

Made of Sundays

Posted on by Made of Sundays

Made of Sundays is a tiny Finnish company with a mighty mission; to make this world shamelessly colorful for us all to enjoy. This happy family enjoys bright colors, nonsensical sayings, after work parties, Bill Murray, kittens, randomness and the great unknown. Alba, the company’s co-founder and illustrator, used to work as a consultant before deciding that drawing happy little creatures was more her thing. Alba loves puppies, bunnies or anything fluffy. She hates darkness and uncooperative hair.

Marco Marella

Posted on by Marco Marella

Marco Marella was born in Venice, Italy, where he still lives and works. He enjoyed some adventurous working years with jobs ranging from ship-boy to army officer. Marco then headed for London where he attended the Chelsea School of Art illustration classes. Since then Marco has received commissions in advertising, editorial and licensing fields, working for renowned Italian, British and US publishers and firms.

Kate Mason

Posted on by Kate Mason

Kate Mason is an illustrator living in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia along with her husband & 5 young children. She is a self taught artist & loves to work in a hybrid way with a mix of traditional & digital methods. Kate loves lush color, whimsical designs & storytelling.

Misha Maynerick Blaise

Posted on by Misha Maynerick Blaise

Misha Maynerick Blaise is an Austin based artist with an educational background in Middle Eastern studies and Conflict Resolution. She spent many years as a youth worker and community organizer in under-served neighborhoods in Chicago. After the birth of her first child, she turned her long time interest in the arts into a full-time career path. She is inspired by the idea that the arts can communicate the tremendous capacity the world has for love, unity, and justice.

Elizabeth Mayville

Posted on by Elizabeth Mayville

Artist and illustrator Elizabeth Mayville earned her BFA in 2006 and has been working and living in Grand Rapids, Michigan ever since. She likes to work in either gouache or oil paints, depending on what she’s hoping to achieve. She had her first baby in February of 2012 and currently spends her time balancing between being a painter, mom, wife and enthusiastic dog owner.

Jill McDonald

Posted on by Jill McDonald

Jill McDonald graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in textile design. She went on to work as a print stylist in New York for BabyGap, after which she returned to the Midwest to work as an illustrator for Hallmark Cards. Now, she creates an array of fun designs for bedding, wall art and more, drawing inspiration from lively color spectrums and floral patterns.

Jennifer Judd McGee

Posted on by Jennifer Judd McGee

Jennifer Judd-McGee is a mixed media artist and illustrator who lives and works in Northeast Harbor, Maine. Much of her inspiration comes from her coastal Maine surroundings and the patterns and forms she sees in nature. She has shown her work in galleries in the US, England, and Canada. Her work has also been featured in several books, including Old School, Jen-11, and The Handmade Marketplace. Clients include Target, Hallmark, Timberland and the NYC Arts for Transit Program, among others. She is represented by Lilla Rogers Studio.

Nancy McKenzie

Posted on by Nancy McKenzie

Nancy is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. She studied art and design at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a BA(Hons) in Drawing and Painting. Nancy likes to work with paint, ink, pencil and collage. She draws every day and takes her inspiration from nature, fine art and her collection of found objects.

Starla Michelle

Posted on by Starla Michelle

Starla Michelle Halfmann is an Austin artist and Texas native, and received her BFA Degree in Design Communications from Texas Tech University. She paints in impasto style combined with mixed media. “I grew up on a farm in west Texas where the only access I had to art was a “P” encyclopedia. At 4 years old I would thumb through and turn to “Paintings”. In college I took an entry level class for design and picked up a paint brush and haven't put it down since. Painting is such a joy to me and I love sharing this passion with others."

Melanie Mikecz

Posted on by Melanie Mikecz

Melanie Mikecz specializes in a charming, mixed-media style. Originally from Wisconsin, she earned a BFA from the Washington University School of Art in St. Louis. Melanie has worked as an illustrator and designer in Boston, London, and San Francisco, absorbing cultural and artistic influences from each of these places. Although her main artistic endeavor is illustration, she also enjoys painting in her spare time, which pushes her talent to new areas of exploration.

Edward Miller

Posted on by Edward Miller

Ed Miller is an award-winning author and illustrator of many children’s books, including The Monster Health Book, The Tooth Book, and Fireboy to the Rescue. He was an associate art director at Alfred A. Knopf Kids Books before opening his own design studio. Ed creates unique and engaging products for kids, including books, wall art, room décor, and toys. Ed is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and lives in New York City.

Mincing Mockingbird

Posted on by Mincing Mockingbird

Matt Adrian is a California-based painter whose work explores color and composition with a focus on all things avian. His passionate love of nature leads him on extensive travels where he gathers inspiration for his acrylic on wood panel paintings.

Carmen Mok

Posted on by Carmen Mok

Carmen Mok was born in Hong Kong. At 16, with two suitcases in tow, she started a new chapter in her life when she travelled to Canada to continue her high school and university education. She was trained in ceramic sculpture and dinnerware design at University of Waterloo and Sheridan College and continues to teach herself graphic design and illustration. Her works have been published in numerous magazines across Canada and the USA, and on products such as greeting cards, gift-wrap, stationery and home decor items.

Jim Monahan

Posted on by Jim Monahan

Jim Monahan is a Seattle-based artist who began oil painting at age 8. After studying at the University of Oregon and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, he began working as a freelance illustrator and continued exploring painting techniques and materials. Meticulously created in transparent layers of color, Jim’s paintings have a depth and luminosity that complement and enhance the whimsical nature of his subjects.

Monster Riot

Posted on by Monster Riot

Monster Riot are collaborative duo Catherine and Jason. They met at the University of Westminster, where they studied Illustration and Animation. Catherine and Jason started working together in 2010 to merge their love of all things cute, retro, character driven, and colorful into one entity. Together, they create eccentric illustrations and adorable plush characters. Monster Riot has worked with a variety of clients. Their work has been seen on t-shirts, prints, greetings cards, and magazines.

Morgan Moore

Posted on by Morgan Moore

Morgan Moore is a freelance graphic designer living in South Florida. He creates artwork from a combination of illustrations and photographs. His other interests include traveling, trail running and spending time with family.

Shannon Newlin

Posted on by Shannon Newlin

Shannon Newlin has always enjoyed a creative life. As a child, she used to love to paint pictures on her clothing and would wear them to school. This beginning eventually led to a successful career as a creative director in product development for several children’s brands. Now, a mother of two young children, she has found her paintbrushes again. She continues her artistic journey by creating expressive paintings, patterns, and images inspired by florals, nature, and the honest feedback of her kids.

Angela Nickeas

Posted on by Angela Nickeas

Angela Nickeas was born in Manchester, England and received a BA (with Honors) in Surface Pattern Design at Staffordshire University in 2002. Since graduating, she has worked mainly in the home textile and furnishing market, designing patterns and styling ranges for a number of major UK retailers and international clients. In 2010, Angela became a freelance artist and began various design projects for UK and European customers. Angela currently licenses her artwork through the print studio Pink Light Design.

Meghann O'Hara

Posted on by Meghann O'Hara

Meghann O’Hara received her BA in visual art from the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois. She has worked in illustration, with her inspiration often coming from her appreciation of color and fashion and the gifts of love and kindness. Her work focuses on simple shapes, but has a complex character and distinctive sweetness to it.

Mary Jo Olsen

Posted on by Mary Jo Olsen

Mary Jo Olsen, born and educated in California, now lives in Washington. She studied at UCLA, the Brentwood Art Center, Cornell University and in the Masters Class of the Santa Fe Art Institute. This extensive art education has helped her form unique skills and develop her own visual language, which is hallmarked by intense, vibrating colors and the expression of powerful passions. Her engaging canvases have been exhibited extensively in Los Angeles and throughout the western states.

Oopsy Daisy House

Posted on by Oopsy Daisy House

Here at Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids, we constantly surround ourselves with color and inspiration. Now through the Oopsy Daisy House collection, it’s even easier for you to find artwork for kids’ rooms that celebrates individuality. With over a decade of experience in providing engaging art products for children, we’re able to create the best and most unique designs that are sure to spark the imagination of your entire family.

Jill Pabich

Posted on by Jill Pabich

Jill Pabich graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in 1991 with a concentration in portraiture and realism. She brought those techniques and skills to creating children’s art, soon finding her individual and passionate voice. Painting various subjects for children makes Jill feel happy and inspired, and what she likes the most is sharing her creations with her family.

Jamie Palmer Keating

Posted on by Jamie Palmer Keating

Jamie Palmer Keating is a Vermont-born artist living in Concord, MA, with a B.A. in Fine Art and a M.Ed. in Teaching Visual Arts. Over the past ten years, she has taught while also building her fine art business through local gallery shows. When she isn’t spending time with her best friend and husband Steve, chasing around her 2-year old son or black lab pup, she creates art in a variety of mediums. Jamie’s specialty is in wood and linoleum block printmaking because of her love of the simplicity, beauty and meditative nature of the process.

HsinPing Pan

Posted on by HsinPing Pan

HsinPing Pan is an illustrator and animator who grew up in Taiwan and found her artistic self in Los Angeles. She loves drawing colorful things and animating them, and she always aims to create something happy and warm that will bring smiles to people’s faces. One of her main talents is to create funny faces on objects such as pianos, ovens, and meters. Her work can be seen in magazines, commercials, films, and music videos, and her clients include Nick Jr. magazine, Kraft, Calgonit and Yo Gabba Gabba!

Paste Face

Posted on by Paste Face

Paste Face is a design collective based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Paste Face got its name from the cut-and-paste aesthetic which utilizes the ability to reinvent images through a process of imprecise precision. Simultaneously dissecting, blending, and rebuilding non sequitur elements from popular culture, ephemera, science fiction, science, mechanics and uncharted realms of obscurity, Paste Face brings a fresh perspective to how we view our world.

Paola Zakimi

Posted on by Paola Zakimi

Paola Zakimi spent all of her childhood and part of her youth in cold Patagonia, Argentina. Her independent nature led her to Buenos Aires, where she studied Arts and Graphic Design. Paola lived in Buenos Aires, Palermo until 2007, when she was prompted to move to Villa Giardino, Cordoba, where she still resides today. Paola Zakimi specializes in art dolls, painting, drawing, and illustrating, because of its multiplicity and freedom of interpretation. She became a full-time artist after moving to her new home in Villa Giardino.

Katy Yeaw

Posted on by Katy Yeaw

Katy Yeaw is a San Diego, CA based artist and printmaker. Her hand drawn illustrations are originally created through the medium of screen printing. For Katy, there is something about constructing an idea, deconstructing it in layers, then re-presenting it in color that makes her brain tick. Her artwork is clean, modern, and vibrant. She constantly finds inspiration in simple design, undersea life, outer space, machinery and her family.

Johnny Yanok

Posted on by Johnny Yanok

Johnny Yanok is a contagiously energetic artist whose internationally recognized work spans painting to installation. He is inspired by mid-century style, vintage Halloween, Disneyland, and flea markets. Merging these using traditional gouache painting techniques and digital media makes his artwork unique. On the commercial side, Johnny has worked extensively in advertising and entertainment. His portfolio includes names like Galison/Mudpuppy, International Greetings, Up With Paper, K & Company, Checks In The Mail, and The Gift Wrap Company.

Nancy Wolff

Posted on by Nancy Wolff

Nancy Wolff began her career in textile design, where her work was adopted by leading designers and manufacturers. Later, creative experiments resulted in her colorful signature style. By combining pattern, texture, newsprint, and collage elements, Nancy creates charming and distinctive illustrations and designs. She is the author and illustrator of children’s books and animated shorts, and her creations have been awarded numerous prizes.

Winborg Sisters

Posted on by Winborg Sisters

Mendy Winborg Reese and Megan Winborg Gerrard are an artistic duo from Utah. Mendy studied at Utah State University in Logan, Utah and obtained a BFA and a K-12 teaching certificate, after which she taught art in public schools. Megan got a degree in elementary education from USU and spends many hours volunteering at her children’s charter school, teaching art and working on the art committee. Both Mendy and Megan are inspired by children’s literature and artwork and enjoy creating illustrations for little ones.

Kristen White

Posted on by Kristen White

Kristen White has a painting and art-therapy background at Arcadia University, but her artistic tendencies emerged when she was a little girl. Her interest in creating children’s artwork developed from her ability to evoke an aura of innocence with her artwork. Kristen finds inspiration in unique materials and has a passion for all things vintage, from antique stores to flea markets. The various objects she stumbles upon in these environments help expand her creative horizons and keep her full of fresh and attractive ideas.

Flora Waycott

Posted on by Flora Waycott

Flora is a freelance illustrator based in Wellington, the charming capital of New Zealand. She was raised in the UK and Japan, which influenced her creativity from a young age. Flora studied Textile Design and worked as an embroidery and print designer for children's apparel before focusing her energies on illustration. Today each piece of art Flora creates starts off as a pencil drawing. Her drawings are further worked upon using fine black pens and crayons, after which she digitally colors or hand paints them.

Sarah Watts

Posted on by Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts is an illustrator, designer, and licensing artist based in Atlanta, GA. She studied at Ringling College of Art and Design, earning her BFA in Illustration and gaining a strong drawing foundation. Along with her passion for art prints, she also designs books, fabric, kitchen textiles and stationery. Storytelling and a touch of darkness shine through in her work while ink drawings and vintage color shape her visual aesthetic. When Sarah is not making art she likes going thrifting and adventuring in nature with her husband, Scott.

Heather B. Warriner

Posted on by Heather B. Warriner

Heather B. Warriner is an illustrator who lives and works in Hartford, Connecticut. She received her BFA from the University of Connecticut, where she discovered her love of illustrating. Her sources of inspiration include animals, robots, texture, food, alphabets, things from generations past and the little, unnoticed details of life. In addition to being an artist, Heather is also a mama, wife, blogger, needle-felter, knitter, beach-comber, soup-maker, tag-sale-scavenger, neighborhood-wanderer, question-asker and lover of all things creative.

Vision City

Posted on by Vision City

Melanie Greenwood is the founder and art director of Vision City, a graphic design and photography studio in Southern California. Melanie graduated from George Brown College in Toronto, Canada with a diploma in graphic design. After traveling the world on rock tours with her musician husband and working for several years as a fashion model with Elmer Olsen Models, Melanie naturally focuses her attention on music branding; cover artwork, logo design and promotional campaigns.

Katie Vernon

Posted on by Katie Vernon

Katie Vernon is an illustrator who has spent most of her life in the midwest, but whose heart belongs in the mountains. Her inspiration comes from being a florist, working with alpacas, and living on a bus. She’s worked with Ikea, The Land of Nod, Urban Outfitters, and Chronicle Books; and has been featured on HGTV, Design*Sponge, and OhJoy! Some of her favorite things include rearranging furniture, seltzer water, and two different species of animals becoming friends. Katie is also rather fond of her partner, daughter, and part-dingo dog.

Dante Terzigni

Posted on by Dante Terzigni

Dante is an illustrator/designer living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2003, he has done editorial, stationery, advertising, social expression and design work for a wide variety of national and international clients. Selected clients include: IBM, Target, Ameriprise, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Harry Rosen, HOW magazine, The American Lawyer, UTNE Reader, and Inc Magazine. Dante lives happily with his wife, Lauren, and son, Luca.

Nicole Tamarin

Posted on by Nicole Tamarin

Nicole Tamarin is an freelance illustrator who recently found her way into licensing and surface design. Although much is done digitally, every piece still begins as a traditionally painted watercolor, her medium of choice for over fifteen years. Nicole is drawn to classic themes and imagery ranging from delicate florals to children's characters. No matter what the subject matter, her style is noted by its constant level of polish and exceptional attention to detail.

Jessica Swift

Posted on by Jessica Swift

Jessica Swift is a freelance artist and pattern designer who draws her inspiration from childhood visions and imagination. The ability to visually represent her childhood aspirations lies at the foundation of her work, which aesthetically guided her steps into adulthood. Jessica’s bright style is featured in a variety of ways and places, from paintings in galleries to illustrations on people’s walls and even their pajamas.

Star & Arrow Designs

Posted on by Star & Arrow Designs

Ashley is a self-taught watercolor artist, and loves designing in her Salt Lake City studio. She's a Boston native, a wife and mama and an avid hiker, always looking for the newest bits of inspiration.

Jennifer Stables

Posted on by Jennifer Stables

Jennifer Stables is a Canadian artist who has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, and her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education from the University of Calgary. As a kindergarten and art teacher, Jennifer has shared her passion for art with hundreds of children throughout the years. Her sweet, whimsical illustrations have a bit of a vintage feel and a lot of charm. Currently, Jennifer Stables resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband and their son.

Sorry You're Happy

Posted on by Sorry You're Happy

Sorry You’re Happy is an art licensing and surface design studio made up of husband and wife illustrators Kyle Reed and Jen Hsieh. Born in Taiwan and raised in Toronto, Jen is an illustrator with an enthusiasm for fashion, family and frivolity. Kyle was brought up in the extremely obliging suburbs of Southern Ontario and raised on a diet of picture books and Saturday morning cartoons. Sorry You’re Happy collections keep things playful and whimsical, creating characters and patterns that make us happy. We apologize if they make you happy too.

Linda Solovic

Posted on by Linda Solovic

Linda Solovic is constantly looking for new inspiration in cast off treasures from old estate sales, flea markets, and tag sales. Her influences range from 50’s children’s illustration, old feed sack art, quilts, and vintage greeting cards. Linda has spent a lifetime building unique collaged images that are a delightful blend of color, pattern shape with an occasional touch of whimsy.

Small Adventure

Posted on by Small Adventure

Keiko Brodeur began her line of paper goods, Small Adventure, as a way to not only enjoy drawing and painting but to observe nature and learn about traveling and cultural lifestyles. Her naturalistic yet sophisticated illustrated stationery and prints have been featured on blogs such as Apartment Therapy, Design Is Mine, Unruly Things, and publications Lucky and Bust magazines.

Katy Smail

Posted on by Katy Smail

KT Smail was born under the dusty trees of Scotland, learned to draw amongst the gothic sea-stone of Edinburgh and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a First class (hons) degree in Illustration. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York where she continues to work as an illustrator, designer and exhibiting artist. She is represented by

Lori Siebert

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Lori Siebert is an eclectic artist who creates everything from sculpture and drawing to painting and illustration in her Olika design studio. She uses media such as acrylics and watercolor, resulting in challenging combinations of textures and colors. Constant experimentation with techniques is a defining trait of her style, coupled with an insatiable curiosity that gives each collection its own unique personality. Lori finds inspiration in kids’ drawings and offbeat folk art, creating an ever-expanding portfolio of artistic experimentation.

Amy Shaw

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Amy Shaw has been a full time designer since 2006. She received an Advanced Diploma of Visual Communication, Advertising and Graphic Design at TAFE Croydon North Campus, Australia. Her design style can be quirky, simplistic, abstract and a mix of modern vintage.

Shannon Blue Photography

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As a young child, Shannon Schmidt obsessively pored over family photo albums. As she got older she documented her world with a 15-shot Kodak disc camera. But photography didn’t become a true passion until Shannon became a mother. Her desire to capture those special moments of her children’s lives led her on a path of self-education, camera in hand. Her images evoke memories of her own youth: spools of thread from her mother’s sewing kit, lazy vacations at the beach, the crunch of dried autumn leaves underfoot …

Jones Segarra

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Joni Segarra, a.k.a. “Jones,” is a self-taught artist who began her art career after she became a mother. She started with painting children’s art and soon moved on to painting in homes, businesses and show homes. She has sold her acrylic paintings all over the U.S. and abroad and her artwork has been published in several books and catalogs. In addition, she was honored to have the opportunity to paint two cows in the world-famous “cow parade.”


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Artist and designer Claire Cimbora’s whimsical world is perfectly showcased in her enchanting label – Schmooks. The Schmooks range of timeless artwork stirs the imagination and reignites the wonder of childhood through magical lands, exciting adventures and the sweetest of creatures.

Julia Riordan Scherer

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Julia Riordan Scherer has followed her lifelong passion for teaching and art, graduating from Rhode Island College with a degree in Art Education, then teaching and inspiring children to love art. After teaching art in public school for several years, she continues painting while raising her three children, who are her constant source of joy and inspiration. Julia uses bright colors and themes from nature and children to hand paint intricate and beautiful designs.

by Palafox Studio sass&peril

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sass&peril, by Palafox Studio, is an illustrated collection of goods by designer Shannon Kennedy. Adored by kids, parents, and design lovers worldwide, her illustrations are uniquely modern with a playful twist. A skilled screenprinter, Shannon's work can be found in limited editions, in addition to digitally printed mediums that allow her to further explore texture and color. Shannon’s designs have been featured on numerous blogs and websites and her screenprints have appeared on hit TV shows like Revenge, Parenthood, Glee, and Raising Hope.

Robin Rosenthal

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Robin Rosenthal is a graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in products for babies and children. She graduated from Yale University with a BA in art and has worked as a graphic designer ever since. She was an art director at Martha Stewart Kids magazine for three years, where she realized how much she loved designing and illustrating for children and their parents. Robin has owned her own company since 2007 and also designs iPhone games for children.

Paula Prass

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Paula Prass is a designer of interiors, textiles, art, clothing patterns, and accessories. Her success can be attributed to her unpretentious, lighthearted approach to artistic creation. By combining art and design and using crisp colors, Paula offers a new twist to classic patterns in a variety of products, including picture frames, canvas art, and stationery. Paula creates each original design using sketches, painting, or digital graphics.

Pim Pimlada

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Pimlada Phuapradit is an artist and designer at Pim-Pimlada Studio, which is based in Bangkok, Thailand. She earned BA in Textile Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, (RMIT), Australia in 2003 and worked as a knitwear and surface pattern designer in Bangkok. In 2011, she received her MFA (Illustration as Visual Essay) from the School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York. Today, Pim continues to work in the field of surface pattern design while consistently looking for new way to introduce illustrative elements into her designs.

Susy Pilgrim Waters

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Susy Pilgrim Waters is an illustrator, designer, and painter whose work is used extensively in print advertising, book and magazine publishing, and commercial licensing. Her signature style combines color, shapes, and wit for vibrant, evocative results. She applies a wide range of styles and approaches to her work, mostly using mixed media such as wood, fabric, paint, and printing. Susy’s artistic laboratory is centered around her numerous sketchbooks, which are her main source of inspiration.

Petite Malou

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Marie Louise is a fine artist and art instructor from Denmark. She spent her childhood in the countryside near forests, fields, and the sea. The surrounding landscape is her main source of inspiration as well as years spent abroad in the United States and France. Combining her Scandinavian heritage with her passion for art and nature, she creates timeless images filled with light and color.

Susan Pepe

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Susan has spent most of her career teaching art to kindergarten children, and now, after raising a daughter of her own (and two Labradors), is devoting herself full time to her art. Inspired by young children, Susan has developed a loose, colorful style - often combining tissue paper with acrylics, to create a soft, layered effect. She feels extremely blessed to have the opportunity to do what she loves, to follow her passion, her heart, as she paints her dreams.

Mara Penny

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Mara Penny had the pleasure of growing up in Lake Tahoe, and she remains a Californian to this day. She loves color, pattern, texture and line. She earned a BFA at California College of the Arts, studying both interior and jewelry design. She is inspired by all things including her relationships as a mother, wife, sister and daughter. Mara particularly loves drawing, painting, sewing and reading (cooking and gardening, not so much!). Her husband is her best friend and Mara tells us she is happy!

Meera Lee Patel

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Meera Lee Patel is an artist raised by the New Jersey shore, where she swam the bright waters and climbed cherry blossom trees until she grew old enough to draw them. Her illustrations are inspired by the magical mysteries of nature and the bold spirit of her native India. Her illustrations have appeared in numerous publications and books, and have been translated into housewares and apparel by various companies as well. Meera lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Rachael Taylor

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Rachael Taylor is an internationally acclaimed surface pattern designer and textile artist with a large number of prestigious clients around the globe, along with a number of successful licensed collections sold worldwide. She also runs and manufactures her own successful product label in the UK. Rachael creates ‘patterns to make you happy’ and her zest for life and colour comes through in her designs and brand. In 2009, she was awarded the title of ‘The Happiest Person in Britain’ (via Twitter).

Victoria Johnson

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Victoria is an English artist living in Rome. After graduating with a degree in textile design, she was offered a job as a print designer in Manhattan. She stayed in New York for twelve years, eventually, co-owning and running a design studio. Victoria’s work features very feminine color palettes, a broad variety of techniques, and even when whimsical it has a ‘grown-up’ quality and appeal. Victoria works from home and loves the fact that she can be tinkering with her artwork while being available for her two children.

Mati Rose McDonough

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Mati Rose McDonough is a passionate artist whose declared mission is to represent the types of magic she encounters on a daily basis. Her focus on imagination and beauty extends to children and grownups alike. Mati Rose creates fantastic creatures in paint, fabric, found paper, and canvas for lovers of hope and adventure all over the world. She currently lives in San Francisco, where she takes inspiration from the ocean and any colorful encounter.

WP House

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We’ve assembled an epic team of creative superheroes, and sometimes we have to let our creativity rip. The WP House collections of Canvas Wall Art and Fabric Wall Decals sport some of the freshest graphics around and we’re thrilled to be able to help you Wheatpaste your walls. Created exclusively for Wheatpaste Art Collective right here in the heart of San Diego, California, the WP House line is the final word in rad room décor. Don’t believe us? Shop the collection and see for yourself.

Amy Schimler-Safford

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Amy Schimler studied painting and fiber arts in Boston at the Museum School of Fine Arts and Massachusetts College of Art. She continued her studies in textile and surface design at Rhode Island School of Design. Amy enjoys experimenting with new color combinations and mixing a variety of media. This includes nature-inspired studio work, fabric embellishing, and jewelry-making.

GreenBox House

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Whether you seek to create a traditional, contemporary, or modern atmosphere for your home, it’s easy to make your statement with GreenBox Art and Culture. The GreenBox House collection was established with the idea that a home without art is a home without soul. Now you can choose from canvas wall art that emulates tranquility, sizzles with vibrancy, or simply provokes a conversation. By taking a hands-on approach to modern home décor, GreenBox House canvas wall art provides options that speak to you.

Liz Mytinger

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Liz Mytinger is a Florida native. She majored in illustration and earned her BFA with honors from Ringling College of Art and Design. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, Liz follows her passion of illustration and surface design. Her love of vintage and mid-century visual aesthetic shines through in her work. When she isn’t creating art, she enjoys exploring woodland and mountainous terrain, which are still very new and magical to her.

Stacy Amoo-Mensah

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Stacy Amoo-Mensah is the owner and designer behind ELM & GRAY, a design studio located just outside of Chicago. A former kindergarten teacher, turned self-taught graphic designer and illustrator, Stacy has found her true passion in her ability to create designs that are modern, fresh and unique!

Allison Cole

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Allison Cole is a Providence, Rhode Island based artist and illustrator and a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She has a love for illustrating all things whimsical and colorful and is inspired by vintage children's books, independent comics and the process of screen printing. She now works both digitally and traditionally and has worked with many different types of clients, from editorial to fabric to stationery. Allison is represented by Lilla Rogers Studio.

Amy Blay

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Amy was born in the 70's in Montreal, Canada and is the daughter of a graphic designer/illustrator and an arts and craft enthusiast. She spent her early life surrounded by magic markers, letraset, macrame, paint and fabric. A career in the arts was soon to follow. She gained a BA Honors Degree in Illustration from The University of Westminster, and a Masters from Central Saint Martins in London. She now lives in the UK with her husband, a sculptor and illustrator, her daughter, an incredible crayon scribbler and two cats.

Angela Donato

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Angela Donato graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design with a major in illustration and now works full time as a freelance illustrator. After an accomplished career in children's magazine and book illustration, she began licensing her artwork, creating vivid oil paintings inspired by children. Angela's vintage-style pieces whimsically weave the classic good old days with a creative modern appeal, joining decades of time with one brushstroke.

Angelo Franco

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Angelo Franco was born in Ecuador and moved to the United States when he was 19. He studied under a full-merit scholarship at the Art Students League in New York City and has been painting for more than thirty years. Angelo's work is included in the Art Students League's permanent collection and featured in numerous private and corporate art collections. His style is highly colorful and contrastive and is based on trying to capture the essence of his subjects, whether natural sceneries or still lifes.

Ashley Percival

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Ashley Percival is an illustrator from the United Kingdom. He gets most of his inspiration from wildlife and nature, the rest comes from his quirky imagination. Ashley's unique artwork is suitable for all ages and his products will add fun and color to your home.

Betsy Olmsted

Posted on by Betsy Olmsted

Betsy's inspirations are driven by the concept of localism. She loves funny suburban rodents, garden creatures, farms, and domestic animals as well as a good mix of weeds and flowers. Visiting local farmers' markets and flea, country craft, and antique shows are great places to find new ideas and develop vibrant color stories. Her two sons are a constant inspiration and loves that her self-driven, creative career allows her the freedom to spend time with them.

Brian Love

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Art is Brian Love's first language. He began drawing before he could read, and took oil painting lessons at 7, leading to his BFA in Media Arts from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Brian walks through life mesmerized by colors, shapes, letters and patterns. His designs have a mid-century sensibility seen through a modern eye. When not in front of Photoshop or an easel, Brian brings his creativity to others through yoga, as a Certified Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. He currently resides in Philadelphia. Be original Be you. B.Love.

Colleen Phelon Hall

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Colleen Phelon Hall graduated from the University of Richmond with an art and business degree. She specializes in painting murals and mostly works large-scale commissions for hospitals, schools, and homes. The wide range of images she creates has led to projects painting celebrity nurseries. Colleen's main artistic mission is to bring joy to others, and she works with non-profit organizations to create unique, joyful spaces for ill children.

Cory McBee

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Cory McBee is a South Carolina based graphic designer who holds a BA in Fine Art from The College of Charleston and an MFA in Graphic Design from SCAD. Her designs stem from her love of typography, mid century art and design, and the world around her. Her work has been featured on many design blogs and sites such as ApartmentTherapy.com. She has also been published many times, most recently in CMYK Magazine as a top professional for 2012. She lives each day with an artist’s mentality and never stops creating.


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Paul Davies is a highly skilled graphic artist with over 30 years of experience in the fields of advertising, design, and publishing. After giving life to other people’s creative ideas, he is now delighting audiences with his unique graphic style and a rather curious new name - Daviz Industries! At the early age of 11, Paul decided what his career path would be. He is a self-taught artist and produces hundreds of images for story boards, children’s books, and magazines every year.

Gale Kaseguma

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Gale Kaseguma was a popular artist whose work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Particularly interested in interacting with her audience, she appeared on television shows such as Good Morning America and All Year Round with Katie Brown. Gale's technique involved layering several media, including Japanese collage paper, wax, glazes, and paint to create highly textured surfaces of surprising effect. The careful crafting behind this process and the distinctive playfulness of her art are part of the artistic legacy she left us.

Jenn Ski

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Jenn Ski is an artist and illustrator with a passion for modern and mid-20th century art and design. Upon obtaining her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Massachusetts, she started creating the paper and acrylic paintings that began to define her style. Soon after she moved this aesthetic to the computer, and began trying to reproduce her painting style in digital form. Her paintings and digital giclée prints were a critical and commercial hit, which got her noticed by the Lilla Rogers Studio art agency. 

Jennifer Hill

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Jennifer Hill is a Boston-based designer and illustrator best known for her vibrant print series, "Places I Have Never Been." These depict imaginary vacations she has created since childhood, which showcase her talent and ability to present those visions in an artistic manner. Jennifer is inspired when working in a creative environment, surrounded by fellow artists.

Jillian Phillips

Posted on by Jillian Phillips

Jillian Phillips is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in the South of England. Having studied Fashion in college, she began her career in 1998 as a graphic designer for children's clothing retailers. In 2007, Jillian started her own print studio, creating fun artwork for all manner of children's products. Her designs have been adapted for use on a variety of stationery, greeting cards, fabric, and clothing. A main influence of Jillian's work comes from her trips to Japan.

Karin Grow

Posted on by Karin Grow

As a native to southern California, I can't help but be inspired by the nature around me. Although I enjoy using a variety of mediums, the majority of my work is acrylic. It's always fun playing around with interesting color combinations or painting with a soothing monochromatic palette. My career in art started out of high school when I worked as an assistant for an illustrator/muralist. Nowadays, my time is spent running a little art and vintage shop online, teaching studio classes, and working as the art curator for a local coffee house.

Kasey Hope

Posted on by Kasey Hope

Kasey Hope graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Elementary Education. In 2007, she combined her love for art and kids into one dream job when she opened P'zazz Art Studio. Her studio inspires children and adults to live their life to the fullest and to give back in big ways. She uses her studio and her art to help feed orphans around the world through the organization Rice Bowls. She has also traveled to Honduras to teach art at an orphanage she helps support. Kasey believes that serving others is truly the most fun way to live!

Linn Maria

Posted on by Linn Maria

Linn Maria Odnes Jensen is a Norwegian Graphic Designer and Illustrator, based in Oslo. She graduated as a Graphic Designer from Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo, Norway and studied Illustration at Solent University in Southampton. Linn has worked at Leo Burnett agency in Oslo and is currently working for Swix Sport. Her playful, yet reserved style feeds off of her love for geometric forms. Linn's work is very colorful, and she enjoys the contrast between organic and geometric forms.

Maria Carluccio

Posted on by Maria Carluccio

Maria Carluccio's career in graphic design began after she graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. She has had side careers as a textile designer, editorial illustrator, children's book author, and product designer, each of which has left its influence on her art. Maria draws her inspiration from nature, the random objects she collects, and her pets and their habits. Maria's collages have a vintage appeal thanks to the range of papers and trims she chooses, but she always adds a fresh sophisticated edge to her work.

Rachel Austin

Posted on by Rachel Austin

Rachel Austin is a Portland-based, full-time, self-taught artist who shows her paintings across the country. Recently, her colorful, fluid work has been featured on design blogs such as Daily Candy and Apartment Therapy. Rachel's inspiration comes from moments of everyday beauty, maps, and colors.

Rachel Mosley

Posted on by Rachel Mosley

Rachel Mosley lives in a rural Mayberry-like town near Newnan, Georgia. Inspired by her artistic, book-loving family, Rachel discovered her love of children's illustration and was delighted to find that she has a real knack for it. She uses a combination of hand drawing and digital illustration in her work, and loves to experiment with new and unique printing processes. As the proud mom of four little citizens of the world, her work is particularly inspired by travel, nature and classic children's literature.

Roger Groth

Posted on by Roger Groth

Roger Groth is a native of California. His original, modern artwork is inspired by the Golden State's sunny lifestyle of the fifties and sixties. Working with popular cultural influences and maintaining a constant interest in the vibe of the local communities, Roger using various techniques. While his primary medium is acrylics, many of his other pieces are mixed-media creations.

Sally Bennett

Posted on by Sally Bennett

Sally Bennett graduated as a painting major from Maryland Institute College of Art and studied at the Lacoste School of the Arts in Lacoste, France. She has worked in the interior design field for many years, specializing in decorative painting. Over the years, Sally's clients have included such high-profile companies as Barney's, the Whitney Museum Store, Saks 5th Avenue, and Portico Home. Sally's eccentric style led to jobs designing New York bars and nightclubs, where she gained experience with a variety of different styles and environments.

Sarah Lowe

Posted on by Sarah Lowe

Sarah Lowe has loved creating art for as long as she can remember. Her current work draws inspiration from the imaginative and joy-filled world of her two children. Sarah's painterly style is sweet, soft, whimsical and sometimes humorous. She believes one is never too young to be artfully inspired. Painting both digitally and traditionally, Sarah also works out of her Midwest studio as a freelance illustrator and custom portrait painter.

Shelly Kennedy

Posted on by Shelly Kennedy

As a child, Shelly Kennedy made jewelry from foil, sewed tiny pillows for her dolls, and decorated her sneakers with gum wrappers. Today, as a "grown-up girl" with training in art and illustration, her work is just as much fun, combining creative and entertaining elements into her art. Shelly is inspired by parties full of friends, vintage picture books and the ever-changing interests of her kids. She finds exhilaration in family chaos, magazines, rainy days, fingers dusted with sidewalk chalk and the way a puppy stretches after a good nap.

Stephanie Bauer

Posted on by Stephanie Bauer

Stephanie Bauer started painting at the age of six, and the motifs of her childhood have stood with her throughout her artistic studies and professional career as an artist, architect, and interior designer. Her connection to her three daughters and her passion for children's painting and illustration have influenced her whimsical and colorful art, resulting in pieces that little ones can truly relate to.

Stephanie Corfee

Posted on by Stephanie Corfee

Stephanie Corfee is a freelance graphic designer and artist who holds a degree in fine arts and a degree in Biology. She has worked as a watercolorist, fashion designer, portrait artist, and graphic designer. Her style is characterized by intricacy of detail and bold, brave colors, and her work is composed of high contrasts and balanced curves and forms. Stephanie's artisitic goal is to create works and prints that are accessible and joyful, and whose sales allow her to contribute to the greater good.

Steve Haskamp

Posted on by Steve Haskamp

Born and raised in the Midwest, Steve Haskamp holds a BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute and worked for Hallmark Cards, Inc. for twelve years. This experience led him to his present work on a wide variety of projects, from children's book illustration and stationery design to gift wrap and journals. Steve also enjoys doing editorial illustration for numerous magazines and finds inspiration in his garden of exotic plants and in the company of his energetic pets.

Susana Parada

Posted on by Susana Parada

Susana Parada is the artist behind Parada Creations. A professionally trained graphic designer, Susana creates art that brings a burst of color and positive element to any room of a home. New to the art-print scene, Susana's art is already gracing homes around the globe and can be found in numerous art publications. Following her deepest artistic desires, she currently is focused on bringing individual pieces of art to homes all over the world.

Tidal Photography

Posted on by Tidal Photography

Tidal Photography is owned by Ryan Cardone, who is a freelance photographer dedicated to images of the ocean, aquatic life, and surf. After traveling the world as a professional surfer and seeing so many amazing places, Ryan attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara to pursue a career in photography. The ocean is his main artistic inspiration, and his work has been published in National Geographic Kids, Surfer, Surfing, and Surfer's Journal.

Yellow Button Studio

Posted on by Yellow Button Studio

Yellow Button Studio is the home of illustrator and surface designer Jessie Schneider. She spends most of her days creating out of her home studio based in Saint Paul, MN. Her work is described as colorful, lighthearted, and inspirational. Jessie has a passion for creating unique, fun artwork with a folky twist. When Jessie isn't in the studio, she loves to spend time biking, drinking coffee, antiquing, and exploring the outdoors with her Shepherd/Corgi mix, Dolly.

Alison Jay

Posted on by Alison Jay

Alison Jay grew up in Derbyshire, England and studied graphic design at the London College of Printing, where she specialized in illustration. After working in animation studios, Alison began illustrating children's books. She works in quick-drying oil paint on paper and varnish and is known for her distinctive crackle finish. Alison has been influenced by everything from early Renaissance art to folk art. She finds inspiration in London street life, especially in the vibrating atmosphere of flea markets.

Ampersand Design Studio

Posted on by Ampersand Design Studio

Since Morgan Georgie and Carrie Keifer launched Ampersand Design Studio in 2009, their signature, bold patterns, which are playfully energized by shots of color, have appeared on textiles, paper goods, home décor and fashion! They collaborate on every design to incorporate their eclectic viewpoints seamlessly. Their mission is always to create looks and lives that are creative, harmonious and happy. Much of Morgan and Carrie's inspiration comes from their toddler sons who share a new world of inspiration and creativity daily. 

Anna Burnett

Posted on by Anna Burnett

Anna, a Visual Arts graduate from the University of Wyoming, uses ink washes, paint, and digital media throughout her work. She finds inspiration from her favorite illustrators Beatrix Potter & Rien Poortvliet, & especially from her 2 sweet dogs at home in Kansas City. Growing up on a ranch in rural Wyoming fueled Anna’s love for all creatures great & small, while her father & older brother (both artists) encouraged her love for drawing at a young age. Together, these events influenced Anna's classic animal illustrations with a hint of whimsy.

Anna Dance

Posted on by Anna Dance

Anna Dance lives in sunny, North Queensland in Australia. Her passion is mainly for digital illustrations that are bright and colorful with a modern retro feel. As an artist she is quite versatile and has more than one set style. Anna illustrated a book, "Flavours of Queensland" and has been a finalist twice in the Australian Etsy Design Awards. Some of Anna's prints were hand picked for use on the set of "The Mindy Project" on Fox TV in America.

Annette Tatum

Posted on by Annette Tatum

Annette Tatum received her degree in design from UCLA and began designing apparel. Inspired by vintage textiles and classic designs, Annette brought these designs into the realm of home décor in 1999, when she launched a bedding line. The high demand for lifestyle infant and juvenile décor led her to sell her designs in boutiques worldwide. Annette enjoys searching for creative inspiration and helping other women cultivate their business ideas.

Antoana Oreski

Posted on by Antoana Oreski

Antoana Oreski is a freelance illustrator who graduated from the School of Applied Art & Design. She resides on the wonderful Istrian Peninsula in Croatia, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. When she was a little girl, her favorite part of each day was listening to her mother's bedtime stories, which she remembers as an enchanting and magical experience. She loved watching Disney animated movies which she believes gave her imagination a sense of direction and a passion to draw, to create and to explore.

Arrolynn Weiderhold

Posted on by Arrolynn Weiderhold

Arrolynn is a freelance illustrator specializing in children’s and editorial design. She is originally from Florida, where she received her B.F.A. in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design. Currently residing in Washington D.C., Arrolynn spends her free time sketching at the zoo, museums, parks, and cafes. Her inspiration is pulled from her collections of children’s books, greeting cards, fabrics, and anything else she can get her hands on.

Bassett & Bachman

Posted on by Bassett & Bachman

Justine Bassett and Jill Bachman have been painting as a team since 2003. Trained as a fine artist at Tufts University and the Boston Museum School, Jill has always loved art for kids. Justine attended Wellesley College and Georgetown University and had a career in international business before becoming a mom and discovering a love and talent for kids' art and design. Now Jill and Justine undertake kids' artistic projects together, painting dinosaurs, building castles, designing spaceships, and having fun.

Bee Brown

Posted on by Bee Brown

Bee is a UK based illustrator who loves to travel. Bee knows so much inspiration comes from being someplace new and she always travels with her sketchbook & camera firmly in tow. Previously Bee worked for IPC Magazines, Harper Collins Children's Books and Papyrus. She loves being an illustrator and finds great joy in drawing & making art from inside her creative bubble. Other things that bring Bee joy are eating lemons and chocolate, hand-drawn lettering and learning new things.

Christopher Corr

Posted on by Christopher Corr

Christopher Corr was born in London and studied Graphic Design at Manchester Polytechnic. He was awarded a Leverhulme Traveling Scholarship in the U.S., after which he returned to complete a Master's Degree at the Royal College of Art. His artistic skills have led to many awards and over a dozen solo shows at the Curwen, Berkeley Square, and Cadogan galleries. Christopher is best known for popular painted posters for brands and organizations such as London Transport, National Aids Trust, Body Shop, Habitat and UNICEF.

Clare Birtwistle

Posted on by Clare Birtwistle

Clare Birtwistle is a freelance illustrator and designer. She graduated from Liverpool School of Design and Visual Arts with a BA in Printed Textiles and became one half of TC Design. Now freelancing for a variety of clients, Clare's work has been licensed and published in both the UK and US. Her portfolio encompasses many areas of design, from wall decor to surface pattern. Clare takes her inspiration from many places, but loves mid-century modern design, contemporary illustration and vintage children’s books and graphics.

Eric Carle

Posted on by Eric Carle

Eric Carle is the acclaimed creator of brilliantly illustrated and innovatively designed picture books for very young children, among which The Very Hungry Caterpillar is his best-known. He has illustrated more than seventy books, which have sold more than 90 million copies around the world. The secret of his books' appeal lies in Eric's intuitive understanding of and respect for children, who sense that he shares their most cherished thoughts and emotions.

Gary Logan

Posted on by Gary Logan

Gary graduated from UCM with a degree in commercial photography & psychology. He is a commercial and fine art photographer who has been playing for a living for the last 20 years, and still hasn’t figured out why no one has caught on to his scheme. Gary runs around with a camera shooting cool stuff like old toys, creepy buildings, and obsolete widgets. He forages for vintage toys, oddities, and relics and uses them to make neato images. Gary is content, he's happy, and he smiles a lot. Thanks for giving his print a good home.

Holli Conger

Posted on by Holli Conger

Holli Conger is a digital and dimensional illustrator-designer who lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in graphic design and advertising and oversees a popular blog that showcases diverse creative work and offers advice and inspiration to fellow artists. Holli's work has appeared in magazines, greeting cards, workbooks, CD covers, packaging, and children's books.

Jen Christopher

Posted on by Jen Christopher

Jen Christopher attended Design and Architecture Senior High School, after which she completed her studies at Purdue with a B.A. in apparel design and technology. Her passion for all things design took shape following the birth of her daughter, when she wanted to incorporate modern whimsy into her environment. The ability to bring create cheer and wonder with art is something that Jen never takes for granted, and she is dedicated to finding the best formulas of color, pattern, and story to stir up children's imaginations.

Jengadi Jean

Posted on by Jengadi Jean

Jen is a New England Artist and Graphic Designer. A love affair with color, fabric, textures, and a desire to live faithfully and abundantly for her Creator fueled the birth of Jengadi Jean Art. As an outlet for her creative mind and spirit, Jen began painting. Inspired by the oceans and mountains, sunsets and stars at night, she began putting thought to canvas. Her art is focused on children. From animals and fish to ships and buildings, her whimsical art brings smiles to people of all ages. 

Jessica Allen

Posted on by Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen received her BFA in Art History from Tufts University and studied at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. Her preferred medium is acrylics, which she often applies to plywood or illustration boards. Anything that tells a story (antiques, natural history prints, hand-lettering) inspires her. Additionally, she is intrigued by Indian and Persian art, illustrated manuscript marginalia, and textile design. All these influences can be found in Jessica's work, which displays intricate skills and a close connection to visual memory.

Jon Cannell

Posted on by Jon Cannell

Jon Cannell is the founder of Jon Cannell Design and Illustration based in North Bend, Washington. He studied illustration, graphic design, and packaging at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. His work includes children's books, kid's bedding, murals, CD packaging, and editorial illustration, all inspired by mid-century design, letterpress, and artists from the early 1900s-1950s. Jon’s illustration work is represented by Lilla Rogers Studio.

Juice Box

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Juice Box is a design collective based in Portland, Oregon focused on making stuff, building stuff, looking at stuff to make more stuff and taking apart old stuff to make new stuff. With a staff consisting of some of the world's preeminent technicians, Juice Box has been expanding the boundaries of stuff-making. Juice Box is dedicated to utilizing the most sophisticated "stuff-making tools" to create a vast array of goodness for all to enjoy.

Kathy Weller

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Kathy spent her early life in California, hiking to the Hollywood sign with her sisters and family dog, Sam, making up games and drawing all over everything. At age nine, Boston called and Kathy answered, eventually studying painting at Mass College of Art. Kathy's deepest creative inspirations are a mish-mosh of her favorite childhood treasures and happiest memories, her adoration for pets, and her sense of humor and ridiculous optimism all mixed up with the wild energy of a bustling city, which has now become her backyard.

Kris Langenberg

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Kris Langenberg is a Chicago-based artist who, after entering her first art gallery at the age of four, began her journey into the magical world of drawing and painting. Today, she paints memorable artwork onto canvas where a fable is told, a riddle is solved, a yarn is spun, or a magical tale is illustrated with playful colors. Kris' knack for creating "once upon a time" type paintings causes you to wander to another time and place. She resides in Chicago with her British bulldog, Lucy.

Laura Huliska Beith

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Laura Huliska Beith graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and worked for several years at Hallmark Cards, Inc. before starting her own illustration projects. Her ability to capture children's imaginations led her to illustrate children's books, and she has published several successful titles. When she is not painting or drawing in her attic, she can be found reading a book, walking the dogs, or riding on the back of a motorcycle with her husband.

Libby Ellis

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Libby Ellis is an award-winning children's book author and illustrator with a background in photography and illustration. Currently based in Martha's Vineyard, she primarily creates children's art books, but she is also involved in fine art projects and artistic-community endeavors. Libby names nature as one of her most important sources of inspiration, alongside all things lovely and magical.

Liza Lewis

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Liza is a freelance graphic designer/illustrator. Originally from Belgium, she lives in Southampton and creates fun, quirky illustrations and unusual children’s designs in her home studio. Inspiration comes from many sources, including her children, dog, books, toys, music, art, fabrics, and plants. Liza has a particular interest in children's illustration and enjoys creating new and exciting characters.

Margot Curran

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Margot Curran received her BA from the University of Minnesota and her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her interest in portraiture and oil painting led her to use her daughter's toys as models for her creations, which in turn resulted in a lively and warm visual palette. Particularly inspired by Rembrandt and his peers, Margot has an interest in showing the true nature of the people and objects she captures through her art.

Max Grover

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Max Grover has been an artist since childhood and his works have been exhibited in galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest and California. He is the creator of many popular books for young children, one of which received a Parents' Choice Award. Max is especially adept at tackling simple motifs and turning them into lovely creations, making him a favorite among the youngest generations.

Modern Whimsy Art

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Modern Whimsy's art is simple, modern, slightly vintage and always whimsical. It is dedicated to finding the best formulas of color, pattern and story to stir up a child's imagination through art, inventive games, puzzles, toys and more. Modern Whimsy Art is made up of three passionate women who draw inspiration from the imaginative and joy filled world of their children. Their combined creative experience includes textiles, graphic design, photography, product development and publishing.

Nancy Snow

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Nancy Snow's life as an artist is inseparable from her role as a parent of four and a recipient of a BFA from Temple University's Tyler School of Art. Her personal experiences have influenced her artistic development, resulting in her interest in children’s painting. Nancy teaches art in elementary schools, which brings her even closer to the ones she creates for. Nancy mainly works in watercolor and gouache paints, and she enjoys figurative painting.

Patti Rishforth

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Patti Rishforth hand cuts silhouettes of people's profiles without any special lights, tracing, or drawing. She draws inspiration from vintage silhouettes, cameos, and costume to blend modern day subjects with nostalgic, sentimental themes. Maintaining a silhouette studio in Greenville, SC has provided her the luxury of discovering new subjects and ideas, as well as her visits to boutiques and events. Patti continues to paint as a portrait artist and freelance illustrator enjoying oils, pastels, and specializing in watercolor.

Rachel Taylor

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Rachel Taylor grew up in an artistic home in northwest England. In an art and design foundation course, she developed a love for textile design and fashion. Rachel now has her own design company and produces work for all kinds of surface pattern, from greeting cards and gift wrap to kids' bedding and homeware. Her art is also influenced by her passion for vintage clothes, which she collects and sells at flea markets.

Rae Ritchie

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Rae Ritchie is an illustrator and pattern surface designer based in beautiful Minneapolis, MN. Rae’s work, focused in flowers, ferns and star-filled skies, captures the magic and wonder in the everyday. Her watercolor and gouache creations are greatly inspired by the lushness of nature, classic children's books and old photographs. When not creating art, she spends her time walking and running along Minnehaha Creek and hanging with her black cat Smeagol while knitting socks and sweaters.

Rebecca Elliott

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Rebecca has wanted to be an artist and writer since she was 6 years old. She fulfilled her dream in 2001, when she became a full-time children's book illustrator. She has since written and illustrated hundreds of picture books published worldwide. Rebecca's artistic style has evolved throughout the years, and now takes much inspiration from her obsession with all things mid-century, vintage, and Scandinavian. She uses mixed and digital media to create bold, bright, and funky children's artwork with a retro-modern feel.

Seventy Tree

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Seventy Tree are Kerry and Daniel Layton, a husband and wife team based in Devon, UK. Their love of pattern, character full creatures and color are at the heart of their designs. Kerry's drawings are brought to life as bold and playful prints for the young and young at heart.

Shelley Lane Kommers

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Shelley Kommers is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator. She studied advertising at the Art Center College of Design, after which she applied her skills to illustration, fashion design, and graphic design. Her favorite medium is collage, and she draws inspiration from daydreams, nature, and everyday life. Shelley's work has been featured in numerous national exhibitions and she likes to experiment with new media.

Sherri Blum

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Sherri Blum has more than a decade of experience in creating memorable, one-of-a-kind nurseries and children's rooms. Through her design firm Jack and Jill Interiors, Sherri's oft-touted, distinctive, and inspiring nurseries have earned her a reputation as the premiere "designer of choice" not only for celebrity clients, but also the family next door. She draws her inspiration from the natural beauty of her surroundings in rural PA, and the imaginations of her own children.

Sofia Cardoso

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Sofia Cardoso is a designer, illustrator and foodie, living and creating in Portugal. After graduating with a BA in Communication Design, she's been creating quirky illustrations and patterns, using both traditional and digital means, for stationery, home decor and books. Sofia is inspired by nature and food so chances are that you'll find fruit, desserts and whimsical characters in her work. When she's not creating, you’ll probably find Sofia in the kitchen cooking and baking!

Yelena Bryksenkova

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Born in Saint Petersburg and raised in the United States, Yelena has been a freelance illustrator and fine artist since 2010, creating illustrations for books, magazines, greeting cards and packaging. Her small pen and gouache paintings are inspired by the comforts of home and cherished objects, as well as more magical, mysterious and melancholy themes.

Jennifer McCully

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Jennifer McCully is graphic designer who expanded her artistic horizon to include mixed media work. Her creative spirit can be seen on her bold canvases, which feature vibrant and simple objects that are energetic and inspiring. Her childlike creations evoke happiness and her inspiration is drawn from practically anything. Jennifer feels art can help evoke one’s passion and purpose while adding color and tranquility to everyday life.

Bari J.

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The designer behind the Bari J. brand is Bari J. Ackerman. She attended DePaul University and is currently a fabric, surface, and sewing pattern designer. Bari is well known in the fabric industry for her whimsical designs and bold eye for pattern and color. She has created many successful lines of fabric for renowned fabric houses, a line of home decor wall stencils, and a line of sewing patterns. Bari is the author of the book, Inspired to Sew, and her work has been featured in many national and international magazines, and is sold worldwide.

Creative Thursday by Marisa

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Marisa is a Los Angeles-based artist, designer, and illustrator. After several years of exploring careers in advertising, graphic design, and interior design, she discovered true happiness and fulfillment in painting. A prolific creator and lover of color, Marisa’s work is usually acrylic on wood or canvas, and often includes mixed media. Her entrepreneurial spirit leads her to encourage people to find what makes them happy and follow their heart.

Barbara Chotiner

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Barbara Zuckerman Chotiner studied graphic design and illustration at Syracuse University and later received her MFA from the University of the Arts in book arts and printmaking. Through analog and digital methods, Barb combines textures, color, shapes and abstract forms. Inspired by the fusion of rules and repetition math and fluidity and freedom English, she spends her days drawing, making mono prints, scanning and taking out excessive amounts of children s books from the library. Only a few of which are actually for her two small children.

Harriet Mellor

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Harriet Mellor is a British artist currently living in Germany. She is a fine art graduate with a love of Eastern European art and history. Her detailed work is influenced by folk art, nature and her experience living in many different countries including Thailand, Lithuania, Mexico and the USA. Now settled in the Taunus hills outside Frankfurt with her husband, two children and two rescue dogs she works in a variety of mediums to create rich, detailed magical pieces.

Cathy Walters

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Cathy grew up in northern California and studied art at San Jose State and UCLA. She spends her days making art, lists, and green smoothies. She loves new possibilities and painted toes. She has almost no concept of time. Much of her work focuses on her love and empathy for animals. She longs to give meaning to their lives while also bringing beauty and happiness to people’s homes. She now lives in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband and two teenagers.

Eleanor Grosch

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Eleanor Grosch's arrangements of line and form are sleek, minimalistic experiments in geometry. Well-known for her unique modernist perspective on the feathered, the furry and the scaly, Eleanor brings a designer's edge and distinct mid-century aesthetic to her artwork. Eleanor draws inspiration from Spanish abstract painter Joan Miro and modernist illustrator Charley Harper. In 2010, Harper's estate asked Eleanor to redesign charleyharperprints.com. Eleanor's prints have appeared alongside Harper's work and that of Harper's descendants.

Jennifer Mercede

Posted on by Jennifer Mercede

Jennifer Mercede graduated with a B.A. in painting from Western Washington University before moving to Portland. By showing art in coffee shops, Portland formed Jennifer's artistic personality and she began to receive the love and support of a great community. Her painting style references free-flowing text, bright color fields, and crazy, energetic doodling. Jennifer's art is meant to engender joy and motivate, and she gets inspired by life adventures, children’s art, old-school hip hop, graffiti, abstract expressionism, and creative friends.

Jenny Kostecki-Shaw

Posted on by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw

Jenny Kostecki is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute whose passion for travel combines with her art in the most unexpected ways. Her love for India and Nepal inspires her, resulting in vibrant pictures and stories. Jenny also enjoys being in the outdoors with her family, where she always finds new resources for her art. She and her husband run the Dancing Elephant Studio, sharing spiritual and artistic knowledge with the world.

Lisa DeJohn

Posted on by Lisa DeJohn

Lisa DeJohn's work has always drawn from a variety of influences, including nature and the arts. She has an extensive career as a painter, designer, and mixed-media artist and has been showing her work in solo and group exhibits for over a decade. Lisa's work has also been highlighted in numerous blogs and magazines including The Boston Globe, Elle Decor and Marie Claire Italia.


Posted on by RedCamper

RedCamper believes life should just be a summertime road trip, forever. From the back seat wars with your brother, to snapshots of cheesy grins in random locations, to swerving onto the shoulder to stop at a roadside stand selling homemade pie, everything they make or do is about that….Summertime adventures and sticky fingerprints on the windows. RedCamper's signature greeting cards, journals, boozy jams and now wall art all celebrate wanderlust or tongue in cheek humor.

Suzy Ultman

Posted on by Suzy Ultman

Suzy Ultman was born in Pennsylvania, but colorful Amsterdam also plays a large part in her work. She has lived on three continents and embraced the culture of each, allowing them to influence her visual aesthetic. Suzy's style of illustration is influenced by her childhood, love of nature, and travel. She enjoys being in beautiful habitats among nature’s palette of forms, textures, and colors. Suzy explores the worlds within our world, the little details that make us smile, and the connections that make us all part of the global community.

Groovy Gravy

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Groovy Gravy, started in 2013, features the art of Michael Mullan, a Vermont-based illustrator with a love for bold shapes, bright color, & pattern. His work has appeared in magazine editorials, book publishings, advertising, and has been made into a variety of home textile & stationery products. He's inspired by folk & outsider art, as well as the art, music, & culture of the 1950's & 60's. When not creating, he loves folk music, running, & exploring new places. See www.oliver-towne.com where he explores new & fun ways of picture-making.

Heather Gentile-Collins

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Heather Gentile-Collins set up Gentile Designs soon after graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1992.  Her artwork has been featured in both television and print. Heather has worked as a freelance artist in many areas: as a commercial fashion illustrator, children's décor designer, muralist, and fine artist. Her goal has always been to create innovative artwork that inspires a sense of peace, nostalgia, and positive energy. Heather's studio and family live in harmony under one roof in Chicago.

Jones & Eggy

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Evelyn Strogis, a.k.a. "Eggy," is a self-taught mixed-media artist. Her keen eye for design has led to jobs in decorating and photography. Joni Segarra, a.k.a. "Jones," is Eggy's daughter, who has loved art as long as she can remember. Self-taught as well, Jones has sold her acrylic paintings all over the U.S. and abroad. Her artwork has been published in books and catalogs. This mother-daughter artistic duo specializes in particularly creative pieces, enjoying their recent foray into mosaics.

Keith Pytlinski

Posted on by Keith Pytlinski

Born and raised in Southern California, Keith Pytlinski lives with his wife and two children near Los Angeles. He has been around photography most of his life, growing up with a father who always had a camera in his hands. It wasn't until the rise of digital photography that he began pursuing photography as more than a hobby. Keith specializes in shooting action sports, but is not afraid to point his camera at an amazing landscape.

Lisa Chow

Posted on by Lisa Chow

Lisa Chow is a Houston, Texas based artist, illustrator, make believer and story teller. Armed with an overly active imagination, a healthy dose of creativity and self-taught skills learned through trial and error, Lisa's work is whimsical, delicate, surreal and strange. Drawing inspiration from crowded cities, fairy tales and bygone years, Lisa strives to transport viewers to foreign lands that still feel oddly like home.

Tonya Kehoe

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Tonya Kehoe earned her Master's Degree in art from the University of Iowa in 1997. Her passion for painting comes first in her life, along with her family, which constantly inspires her. The imaginative play of children is another one of Tonya's inspiration sources, which led her to paint dolls and toys to enhance their already existing character. She likes to think of the worn surfaces of toys as the "patina of play." Tonya's figurative, naturalistic style favors precise shadows on neutral backgrounds.

Kim Anderson

Posted on by Kim Anderson

Since graduating with a degree in Textile & Surface Design, Kim Anderson has created an extensive portfolio of artwork for a variety of greetings card publishers in the UK, Europe, and the United States. Her greetings card ranges have been in the prestigious finals of the Henries Awards, the highest accolade for design talent within the UK card industry, and some of the artists that have inspired her include Picasso, Elizabeth Blackadder, and The Bloomsbury Group.

Ellen Giggenbach

Posted on by Ellen Giggenbach

Born in Bavaria, Germany, Ellen now lives and works in Eastbourne, New Zealand. She is married with two young, creative sons. Ellen studied graphic art in Vienna and received a New Zealand Diploma with Distinction in Design. She creates art by cutting and assembling graphic shapes from vibrantly painted papers. Her inspirations include the birds and flowers she observes from her sunny studio. Ellen’s German heritage influences her designs and a passion for the nineteen fifties, sixties and seventies inspires her graphic shapes and bright color combinations.

Ciara Ni Dhuinn

Posted on by Ciara Ni Dhuinn

Ciara is a designer and illustrator from Carlow, Ireland transplanted to a small town in Illinois with her photographer husband and small daughter. She studied design at the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland and she loves making work full of texture and small details. Ciara is also a published children's book author and television illustrator.

Catherine Ledner

Posted on by Catherine Ledner

Catherine Ledner grew up in eccentric New Orleans surrounded by positive, hardworking people. She lives with two dogs, two cats, and four bunnies and her pets inspire her to photograph animals and people, too! Catherine enjoys the fresh perspectives on everyday life that come from traveling. She loves to listen, enjoys collaboration and firmly believes that all people are created equal and all questions are good questions.

Trina Dalziel

Posted on by Trina Dalziel

Trina is an illustrator based in London, England. She is originally from the North of Scotland, where she grew up on a tomato farm. Trina studied Illustration and twentieth Century Art and Design History. In her teens and twenties, she spent time living in The Netherlands, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Paris, working as a nanny. This fed into her love of art, design, nature, European cities, and her connection with children and the worlds they inhabit. The things that fill Trina with the most joy are dogs with beards, nature, and walking and drawing.

Bob Kennedy

Posted on by Bob Kennedy

Robert Kennedy has a varied past that includes playing professional baseball, coaching high school football, and practicing law for thirty years. Although he doesn't have a formal artistic background, his passion for painting turned into his full-time occupation. Presently, he works primarily in acrylics and watercolors. Robert describes his work as an attempt to create the mood of another time: peaceful, serene, and unencumbered by modern-day stress.

Eli Halpin

Posted on by Eli Halpin

Eli is short for Elizabeth. Artist Eli Halpin grew up in Alaska and now lives and paints in Austin, Texas. She focuses attention on the facial expressions of animals, while enjoying and celebrating their many features. Eli's original paintings are made on wood with oil. She uses large brushes to lay down super thick paint and her messy, drippy style is bright and metallic. Eli's work tells stories. The scenes she paints are infused with romance and humor, while emphasizing the instinct, intuition, and wisdom of nature.

Eric Isselée

Posted on by Eric Issel

Born in 1966 in Brussels, Belgium, Eric Isselée has always been passionate about the animal kingdom and nature. His first visit to Africa and the sight of beautiful endangered species brought to the creation “Life on White” in 2006. In the past six years Eric's project has grown to 22,000 photos of over 850 animal species. “Life on White” also helps through donations, made from the sale of animal photos, to animal charities and sanctuaries helping endangered species. Eric currently lives in Brussels with his wife, four children, and many pets.

Julie Bluét

Posted on by Julie Blu

Julie Varisco is a Virginia-based artist and illustrator. She is the owner of Julie Bluét, her own design studio. As a wife and mother of six grown children, Julie says that treasured memories from each of her children and grandchildren, along with the family pets, have inspired so much of her signature collection. Her work is rich with vibrant colors, beautiful patterns and a touch of whimsy.

Aaron Foster

Posted on by Aaron Foster

Aaron Foster uses the very distinct media of vintage license plates and reclaimed wood in his art. Having graduated from the University of California-Davis with a degree in history, he is preoccupied with the memory of the objects he uses and incorporates that into his artistic pieces. Aaron’s interior design work has been featured in numerous magazines and television programs, turning him into a distinctive figure in the U.S. home-design market.

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