Polka Dots and Pink Roses on Pink Base


Children's lamp featuring stripes of pink and white, with purple and pink roses.

Bring instant cheer to your child’s room and make nighttime reading even more colorful with one of our vibrant canvas shade lamps.

Tabletop lamps are approximately 21” tall by 11” wide and include a canvas art shade atop a gumball-shaped ceramic base, available in 6 color options (turquoise, blue, green, red, pink and white). Due to the inherent properties of ceramic, slight imperfections and variations in surface and color may occur. These variations will not be considered cause for replacement as they are part of the artisan process. Our lamp bases and shades are made in the USA and have passed independent laboratory testing.

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Polka Dots and Pink Roses on Pink Base

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ARTISTShelly Kennedy read more

As a child, Shelly Kennedy made jewelry from foil, sewed tiny pillows for her baby dolls, and decorated her sneakers with bubblegum wrappers. Today, as a 'grown-up girl' with formal training in art and illustration, her work is just as much fun, combining creative and entertaining elements into her decorative art. Shelly is inspired by parties full of friends, pretty places, vintage picture books and the ever-changing interests of her own children. She finds exhilaration in family chaos, magazines, rainy days, fingers dusted with sidewalk chalk and the way a puppy stretches after a good nap.

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