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Sharon Furner

Sharon Furner

Create a fantasyland for your children with art by Sharon Furner! With mermaid art for girls, pirate artwork for boys, and more, your children will love escaping into her vibrant canvas wall art. Height charts and placemats for kids are also available to complete your Sharon Furner art collection.

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Art by Sharon Furner is heavily influenced by her travels, where she picked up techniques from folk artists in Switzerland, Austria, and Norway to create bright and whimsical wall art for kids. Her personalized growth charts, kids placemats, and canvas art prints allow you to create an entire room with her themes of travel, adventure, and whimsy. Themes include fairy wall art for girls, pirate art for boys, and even a magic carpet ride as canvas wall art. Introduce your children to the wonder of kids wall art by Sharon Furner today!