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Bee Things

Bee Things

Art by Bee Things has been featured by Nickelodeon, Pepsi, and now Oopsy daisy! With a unique graphic style, Bee Things’ art for Oopsy daisy provides a cheery and fun addition to canvas wall art and fabric wall decal categories with an emphasis on animal wall art.

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Artwork by Bee Things is recognizable for the illustrative, yet digital approach to wall art for kids, art prints, and other modern home décor. Founded by Shay Ometz and Jeff Barfoot, Bee Things prints are part of the Bee Things brand of goods and Bee Things artwork from Oopsy daisy is exclusively available as canvas wall art and children’s wall decals. With past projects spanning from Hasbro, Sony, and the Dallas Museum of Art, Oopsy daisy is proud to offer Bee Things art for sale as wall art for children.