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Annette Tatum

Annette Tatum

Annette Tatum art is instantly recognizable with its textile-inspired patterns and subtle color compositions. Now you can buy prints by Annette Tatum from the exclusive Oopsy daisy collection, as well as personalized children’s night lights, growth charts, and other baby wall art.

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Artwork by Annette Tatum ranges from personalized canvas wall art to children’s growth charts and everything in between. The demand for lifestyle infant and juvenile décor led her to create the Annette Tatum art brand, which Oopsy daisy has been proud to offer since 2010. Prints by Annette Tatum are recognizable around the globe and have been sold in boutiques worldwide. Her collection of creative, pattern-driven nursery wall art is only available through Oopsy daisy, Fine Art For Kids, so explore the collection and shop Annette Tatum artwork today.