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Shannon Blue Photography Bio

Behind the camera at shannonblue photography is Shannon Schmidt.

As a young child, Shannon obsessively pored over family photo albums. As she got older she documented her world with a 15-shot Kodak disc camera. But photography didn’t become a true passion until Shannon became a mother. Her desire to capture those special moments of her children’s lives led her on a path of self-education, camera in hand.

Shannon’s work is full of simple subjects in rich colors. Her images evoke memories of her own youth: spools of thread from her mother’s sewing kit, lazy vacations at the beach, the crunch of dried autumn leaves underfoot …

She’s inspired by her daughter’s freckles and gap-toothed smile, her son’s bright-eyed innocence, the colors of the last moments of daylight, and the ever-changing seasons of Colorado where she makes her home with her family.

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