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Rae Ritchie Bio

Rae Ritchie is an illustrator and pattern surface designer based in beautiful Minneapolis, MN. Rae’s work, focused in flowers, ferns and star-filled skies, captures the magic and wonder in the everyday. Her watercolor and gouache creations are greatly inspired by the lushness of nature, classic children’s books and old photographs, which evoke a remembrance of the past and an appreciation of the present. As a child, nighttime storytelling and book reading, shaped who Rae became as an artist and person. Today, she creates art that asks the viewer to appreciate the small complexities of the world, and to seek joy in the simple things. When not creating art, she spends her time walking and running along Minnehaha Creek and hanging with her black cat Smeagol while knitting socks and sweaters. She’s excited to share a piece of her world with you through her illustration and surface design work.

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