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Raceytay Biography

“I started taking photographs as a way to capture the beauty I saw around me. In a blade of grass, the sun glinting off a metal fence covered in ice, a single perfect snowflake. Much of what you’ll find in my shop is nature art; birds and animal, trees and flowers. Most are as Mother Nature intended (cardinals are red and bluejays are blue).

And then there is the whimsy. The fantastical. The fun. My photography has allowed me to express that which is creative, often buried deep inside. I truly like to make things. To solve the problem of how to show you want I see.

I do this because I truly love it. When I am taking photos or working on a photograph, I forget about everything else. I’ve walked into traffic. I’ve forgotten to eat. I’ve found myself sitting in the dark as the day turned into night. It is true escapism for me. And I love it.

Through photography I am finally able to let you see the world as I do.”

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