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Patti Rishforth Biography

Patti Rishforth hand cuts silhouettes of people’s profiles without any special lights, tracing, or drawing. She travels frequently to demonstrate this rare art form at special events and study similar works at museums, both in the states and abroad. She draws inspiration from vintage silhouettes, cameos, and costume to blend modern day subjects with nostalgic, sentimental themes. Maintaining a silhouette studio in Greenville, SC has provided her the luxury of discovering new subjects and ideas for many of her pieces, as well as her visits to boutiques and events.

Spending many years as an illustrator for educational books and publications, she is able to translate these hand cut gems into beautiful graphic designs and colorful artwork. Her silhouettes on canvas display charming images that offer glimpses of childhood for a parent to remember and a child to play out.

Patti continues to paint as a portrait artist and freelance illustrator enjoying oils, pastels, and specializing in watercolor. She also creates silhouettes everyday for people not only in person, but by email correspondence.

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