Oopsy Daisy

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Artist Bio


Emily Green Bio

Emily Green is an artist, designer, and most importantly a mom to a delightful little girl named Daisy. As a young girl, Emily always traveled with her giant box of art supplies everywhere and anywhere she went. Today as a grown up, Emily Green lives in the endless world of imagination. She still travels every day with her giant box of art supplies, teaching art at her daughter Daisy’s elementary school and finding inspiring and imaginative places to paint her collections.

Emily began making placemats as gifts for her childhood friends in Michigan who were starting families. Soon, everybody was asking Emily’s friends where they could purchase these placemats. It’s hard to believe that six years later, thousands of people all over the world collect Emily’s designs.

Before creating Emily Green a brand of imagination, Emily worked as an illustrator for national magazines and newspapers, and has co-created kids animated television series. Her favorite ongoing project is working with kids and inspiring every little artist. She is currently creating a “recycle, reuse, reinvent program” for schools.

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