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Caleb Gray Bio

Caleb Gray was artistic from a young age, whether he was coloring with crayons on the wall or on paper. Tales of fantastic places and colorful characters inspired his imagination, so he began to tell his own stories through pictures.

Years later, Caleb no longer colors on the wall, but his creative spark still ignites his work. A degree in Fine Art, experience at a Disney animation studio, and a professional background illustrating and designing giftware at C.R. Gibson only helped hone his skills.

Combining his tastes for contemporary and nostalgic design, art by Caleb Gray developed a uniquely modern style with a fun, retro vibe that can be seen internationally on a range of products. “It’s so fun taking the humor, style, and creativity I love and translating it into artwork that can entertain others. And it just goes to show you never really outgrow the fun that imagination brings!”

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