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About Oopsy

Fresh, fun and for you!

Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids is the number one source in the United States for engaging art-based products that embrace childhood and celebrate individual artistic efforts. From our award winning (and often educational) stretched canvas artwork to personalized birthday banners, we have showstoppers for your walls and fabulous gifts for special occasions. We’re so glad you found us and we invite you to immerse yourself in color and craft. So browse (and smile)…

Our Oopsy Daisy Story

What we’ve learned on our company’s decade-plus-long journey is this – we make art that makes a difference. A room is dramatically changed when you introduce artwork that has depth and soul and elicits an emotional connection. Our idea for this business was born alongside our son. As expectant parents, we searched in vain for art that was more than an accessory. We wanted to engage our child and inspire interest, questions and interaction. Not finding what we wanted, we quit our jobs (scary!), moved to California and launched Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids. While slow going in the beginning, when we saw our toddler learn his letters via his “Animal Alphabet” collage, we knew we were on the right road. Our second child cemented our course when she chose to christen each princess on her “Once Upon a Time” canvas. With a new house in a new neighborhood (yes, business was growing), she utilized her art to make a new room a more familiar place. A child’s environment matters, and every day we get a thrill out of making a product that brings a positive change to homes, hospitals and schools around the world. What began with two parents seeking a better solution is now a group of more than 140 artists and 45 Oopsy Daisy team members. Journeying (thankfully) from our small garage to now a 28,000 square foot facility, we remain as committed as ever to providing simply the best art for kids everywhere. Oopsy Daisy’s sibling companies include GreenBox Art + Culture with Art for the Home and Wheatpaste Art Collective with Art for Teens. We hope that you and your family will enjoy shopping all of our brands to find art that speaks to who you are now. Tom & Karen Capp Founders