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Back to school art

Back to School Art

August 31, 2016 / Crafts

Back to School Art is cool! Even though summer is fun (and we do mean fun!), there’s something super-exciting about Back to School time. The new friends, new teachers, new school supplies, and new clothes that some with a new school year offer every student a fresh start. And new art, just like all those other new things, offers a fresh start to your walls and your world at home.

We have a lot of Back-to-School art at Oopsy Daisy, from school buses to schools of fish! and don’t forget educational art like map art and alphabet art.

pencil-door-hanger  Here’s some Back-to-School Art you can make yourself, and it will help you all school-year long! This pencil door hanger will let everyone who walks past your room know that you are hard at work. It’s a do-not-disturb sign that’s just for hard-working students like you!  And it’s simple to make:

You will need:

4 craft sticks

tan construction paper


ribbon or string (long enough to loop over a doorknob)

black marker

optional: foam sticker letters or red marker


Loop the string onto the construction paper and glue the craft sticks next to one another on the paper over the tips of it. When everything is dry, cut around the sticks on three sides (avoid the string!) and bring the fourth side to a point like a pencil (as shown in photo). Draw a black tip to look like the pencil point.

You can paint the sticks yellow if they aren’t already, or use a yellow marker. Then use the sticky letters or your red marker to write the words “Doing My Homework” on your new pencil door hanger.

Now, whenever you are hard at work, let everyone know! And happy school year.

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