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Tiny Tofu the tiger

Introducing Made of Sundays

July 29, 2016 / Featured Artist

Have you met Made of Sundays? Allow us to introduce you.

This tiny Finnish company delights in creating happy little creatures that make us smile. Every. Single. Time.

The company is tiny and their little creatures are too: Tiny Haru the Bear, Tiny Tofu the Tiger, and Tiny Marcus the Hamster. Some of the little buddies have a banner below for personalization: anything from Smile to Hello to a child’s name.

A whimsical way to display Made of Sundays’ art is as repositionable fabric wall stickers. That’s right: Made of Sundays wall decals! These can be applied to any smooth surface and moved when you’d like. That means Tiny Haru can peek over a child’s dresser or around a corner. Or perch on the wall above the desk.

But here’s our new favorite way to display some of Made of Sunday’s creatures: on a door. The art consists of removable fabric wall stickers in a fun-to-apply kit. Choose a door of any size and put the creature fright on it. What an amazing and imaginative idea for a kid’s bedroom! Aaron the Charming Dragon will keep watch over the closet, or Anni the Sleepy Bunny will remind visitors to tip-toe past Baby’s room (she can be personalized, too!).

We at Oopsy Daisy are awfully proud of our family of artists. And we are thrilled to include Made of Sundays among our talented group.

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