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Fourth of July Fireworks

July 1, 2016 / Uncategorized

We want to talk about Fourth of July Fireworks in this week’s blog, but first here’s something else we’re so excited about! We recently saw this photo of Kourtney Kardashian next to Cherry Blossom Birdies, one of our favorite fine art works, by Oopsy Daisy artists Winborg Sisters. It’s a perennial best-seller, and we think it would look perfect in baby Reign’s nursery! This canvas can even be personalized, so come on over and take a look.

And now back to this week’s topic, which is The Fourth of July, of course. Specifically, fireworks. We love those bright blasts, but did you know there are actually different types and names of fireworks? Here’s a primer so that on the Fourth, you can identify the sparkles you’re seeing in the sky:

The Spider: These are fun to watch. They have a little wiggly trail of sparkle as they go up into the sky, often accompanied by a whistle. And then once they burst, the “legs” shoot out straight and fast.

The Peony: These big round bursts have a center that crackles, almost in a secondary detonation.

The Chrysanthemum: These are pretty classic. They “bloom” really large, with each point leaving a straight trail of sparks.

There are other styles of fireworks, too, like The Willow and The Horsetail. Can you identify them? (hint” they look like their names!)

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Enjoy the fireworks. And check out our patriotic art!




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