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Creative Thursday by Marisa

Animal Families

July 22, 2016 / Holidays, Oopsy At Home

Animal Families are our focus this week, because this is the week to celebrate family. July 24 is Cousins Day. It’s also Parents Day. And July 26 is National Aunt and Uncle Day. That’s a lot of family!

Here at Oopsy Daisy, we love to celebrate Animal Families. Our Oopsy Daisy artists have uniquely imaginative ways to do it.

Check out the work of Creative Thursday by Marisa. She creates images of sweet collections of animals and kids doing fun things together, from celebrating to flying away on a balloon to setting off on an adventure.

Eli Halpin paints colorful, dramatic animals in interesting, often unexpected family groups. A barnyard menagerie of donkey, llama, goat, and sheep, for instance. Or a group of rainbow-tusked walruses, or a group of dancing fawns.

Meghann O’Hara‘s sweet monkeys appear in groups of two (perfect for twins!) and in parent/child groups of three. She’s also got parent/baby horses, elephants, and cows. Awfully sweet in a new baby’s room.

Here’s a fun way to celebrate all the family-related holidays this week: why not draw a picture of your own family? It can include cousins, parents, aunts and uncles and, of course, animals!

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