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Eli Halpin

Diving Into Ocean Art

July 8, 2016 / Uncategorized

Ocean art, mermaid art, seashore art, pirate art. We love it all, especially during summer days when a trip to the seaside is on the schedule.

We have a wide variety of art that celebrates the ocean, from the realistic to the fantastic.

What’s your favorite ocean art? Here are some fun ideas to get you started on seashore art of your own:

Collect some shells and make a rubbing. Gather a few shells with interesting patterns on them, like scallop shells, and place them under a piece of paper. Peel the paper off a crayon (or use chalk) and turn it on its side. Then rub lightly over the paper. You’ll end up with images of the shells in a very artistic way.

Create a brand-new octopus. What else could an octopus have on its eight arms: vacuum cleaners? Pool noodles? Spaghetti? Come up with an octopus no one’s ever seen before, then give it a name.

Underwater scene. What does the deep ocean look like? Draw an underwater scene with fish, plants, and maybe even a shipwreck. Now, what do you imagine might live in the ocean that scientists have never seen? Create a creature or two.

Use your imagination to create some ocean art of your own, then check out what our artists have come up with.

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