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Perfect Placemats for Kids

June 24, 2016 / Oopsy At Home

Last week we talked about picnics, and that brought placemats to mind. So this week we’d like to tell you about our personalized placemats for kids!

We have hundreds and hundreds of placemats for kids. Browse our site and see what we mean–there is something for every kid, no matter what their interests or hobbies. Here are some fun facts about our placemats:

They last a long, long time: these mats are made of vinyl. That means they can be wiped clean or hand-washed with soap and warm water again and again. They are super-resistant to stains and even when they’re wet, they hold up and protect the surface below. (They’re also independent lab-tested and meet all CPSIA guidelines)

They’re a very good size: at 17″ x 12″, these placemats protect the eating surface with room left over for plate, utensils, napkin and cup.

They’re totally portable: Roll it up! You can tuck this in a diaper bag and bring it along to grandma’s house. Or on a picnic, or to a restaurant, where it’s comforting to know you’ve got a clean surface for your little one.

They’re educational: some of the themes include the alphabet, space, animals and nature, and maps. Who says mealtime can’t be learning time as well?

They’re entertaining: each image is created by a professional artist. These placemats are true works of art, just in placemat form. So a child can spend a whole meal marveling at the details of the image.

They can be personalized: nearly all of these placemats can be finished with the child’s name. No more wondering who sits where, and what an imaginative gift for kids! Imagine a birthday party where every child gets his or her own placemat to take home. Talk about a memorable party favor.

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