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Summer Fun Times Two!

June 18, 2016 / Events, Fun & Favorites

Summer fun is twice as nice this week! June 18 is International Picnic Day and International Go Fishing Day. It’s a perfect chance to combine two favorite summer fun activities into one unforgettable day.

Bring a picnic with you and go fishing, or catch a fish and cook it up for a picnic! If you can’t go fishing, how about picnicking before or after a trip to the aquarium, or packing a picnic to take along to a pond?

Here are three ways to bring favorite foods along to a picnic. There are all one-hand treats, so you can have the other hand free to hold the fishing pole!

Chip Bags: use regular brown paper bags (maybe there are some left over from packing school lunches!) and trim them so they’re about half as tall as before. Use fancy scalloped scissors for a fun look. Then fill the bags with individual portions of popcorn or chips.

Fruit Salad Cones: Ice-cream cones aren’t just for ice cream anymore! Fill a few with cut-up fruit for a fruits salad in an edible container.

Ants on a Log: It’s a classic for a reason! These super-simple snacks (fill celery with peanut butter and dot some raisins on top) are ideal for a picnic because they’re healthy, easy to eat, and a funny nod to the ants-and-picnic cliche (as in, it’s not a successful picnic without them!).

Have a terrific week. Enjoy your Summer Fun day and here’s to many more! (and here’s some picnic art and some fishing art we think you’ll enjoy)

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