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Flag Day Crafts for Kids

June 9, 2016 / Holidays

Flag Day is June 10. We’ve rounded up some fun Flag Day Crafts for Kids, but first here’s some background on the holiday:

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress voted to adopt the Stars & Stripes as our national flag (of course, it looked a little different back then!). More than 100 years later, in 1885, a teacher in Wisconsin had the idea for his students to celebrate the flag on its birthday. The holiday caught on pretty quickly, but it wasn’t until 1949 that President Truman declared the holiday a national one.

Today, Flag Day isn’t celebrated as much as it once was, perhaps because it falls between Memorial Day and Independence Day. Still, Flag Day is a great time to display your flag as well as your patriotic pride. Here are some fun Flag Dy Crafts for Kids:

Flag Handprint: We love this one because it tickles! Get a paintbrush, piece of paper, and red, white, and blue paint. Paint one quarter of your palm blue (the quarter that’s furthest away from any fingers). Don’t worry about the stars just yet. Then paint each finger with one stripe of red and one stripe of white. Now carefully make a print of your hand on a piece of paper. Don’t move your hand or the paint will smear! When the flag is dry, add a few white stars in the blue part. Don’t forget to put the date on your flag handprint.

Sidewalk Chalk Flag: This one is pretty easy! Just grab some red, white, and blue chalk and draw a big flag. This one is fun because you can place your big proud flag in your sidewalk, your driveway, or on your front steps.

Flag Cake: The yummiest one of all! Make a sheet cake according to directions, then frost it white. Slice strawberries and gather a bunch of blueberries. Use a toothpick to lightly divide the cake into 4 equal parts. In the upper left part, place all the blueberries (leave spaces for starts to peek through!). Then place the sliced strawberries in a row for each tripe, with white showing in between. Enjoy.

Happy Flag Day!


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