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Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

May 27, 2016 / Crafts, Holidays

Memorial Day is Monday, May 30 (it’s always celebrated the final Monday in May so we can all have a 3-day weekend!). Memorial Day is a day to remember all of the men and women who have died while service our country. People commemorate it by getting together to celebrate our country’s strength and the memory of the people who help keep it strong. So even though there is a very serious purpose for the day, it’s also a day to celebrate our freedom.

You may be planning on going to a parade (maybe even marching in one!), a Memorial Day service, or a picnic.

Whatever you do to observe Memorial Day, why not bring along some patriotic art to celebrate? Here are a few of our favorite Memorial Day Crafts for Kids.

Pom-Pom Flag Painting: All you need is paper, red, white, and blue paint, three cotton balls or pom-poms, and three clothespins. Put each cotton ball into a clothespin and dip one in each color. Then press the balls onto the paper to create a flag. The clothespins act as handles to keep your hands clean!

Patriotic Flower Pots: Grab a couple terra cotta pots or any size. Paint them with red, white, and blue paint and then bring them along as a little gift for your host at your Memorial Day picnic (maybe it’s your mom or dad!). You can fill it with dirt and flowers if you like.

Parade Shakers: Make some noise when the parade goes by! Just fill an empty, dry water bottle with any of these red, white, and blue items: pipe cleaners, torn paper, glitter, sequins, beads, bells, or tissue paper. Don’t have anything that makes noise? Toss in some dried beans or pebbles. Put the lid on very tightly, and shake away!

Speaking of patriotic art, did you know that all of our art is produced right here in the USA? We also have quite a few canvas art pieces that feature the USA and other patriotic art. Come take a look!

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