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Vivid Waves by Eli Halpin

Earth Day Fun

April 22, 2016 / Crafts, Holidays

Earth Day Fun isn’t just for Earth Day. But since today, April 22, is Earth Day, we wanted to share some fun ideas for getting out there and celebrating our wonderful earth.

Leaf Rubbings: Find some beautiful leaves. They can be small, large, or in between. Turn them over so that the veiny side faces up. Put the leaves on a flat surface and place a piece of paper on top. Then use a peeled crayon to make rubbings by coloring the entire sheet with the side of the crayon. You’ll be left with a beautiful outline! Try groupings of leaves and see how different ones look positioned on the page together.

Geocaching: Did you know that parks all over the US have little treasures hidden in them? Geocaching is a popular outdoor activity in which people hide small containers in outdoor spots. A course map leads searchers to each hidden spot. Once you find the container, you can open it up, take a gift, and leave a gift. Gifts can be little trinkets like fun erasers, ping-pong balls, or stickers. Many caches also include a notebook for every visitor to sign. Search geocaching.com and see if there are geocache courses in your area.

Scavenger Hunt: Grab a bucket! Create a list of items that are often found outside, like a pinecone, a penny, a rock the size of a quarter, and a bird feather. Then see how many you can find. Or create two teams of searchers and see who can find all the items on the list first! Or do a photo scavenger hunt of items like a birds’ nest, animal tracks, and an orange flower.

Our Pinterest page, Venture Out! has some more clever ideas for outdoor adventures, including take-along treats to fuel you on your journey. And be sure to check out our nature art for nature-themed art for kids’ rooms that will make every day Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Animals Around the World by Melanie Mikecz

Vivid Waves by Eli Halpin

Woodland Creatures by Jenn Ski

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