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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

February 5, 2016 / Crafts, Holidays

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14. That means there’s just enough time to create some lovable Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Hop on over to our Pinterest page for a whole host of ideas, or enjoy these three Valentine’s Day crafts for kids that we’re especially loving right now.

I Love You From My Fingers to My Toes sign

This is messy fun that creates a treasure. Divide a paper into four equal parts. Using red washable paint, write a letter “L” in the upper left and a letter “E” in the lower right. Then make a handprint in the upper right for the “O” and two footprints in the lower left for the “V.” It’s a sweet sentiment and a lovely way to preserve little ones’ hand and foot prints while they’re still, indeed, little.

Celery-Stamp Flowers

What a great idea for a natural, organic print. All you need is paper, red paint, green paint, and a full head of celery. First, use a big knife to cut all the stalks off and set one aside (slather the rest with cream cheese or peanut butter for a yummy snack to fuel your crafting!). Dip the remaining head into red paint and press onto the paper. Then use the stalk you set aside as a “paintbrush” to create the flower stalks. Pretty!

Crazy Cup

These goofy creatures are perennially popular with kids. All you need is colored paper, tape or glue, a plastic cup, and a marker. Turn the cup upside-down and think of it as a cute little character. Cut strips of paper and then accordian-fold them. Attach for arms and legs. From there, let your imagination go wild. Add eyes (googly eyes if you have them, or just draw them on with the marker) a huge smile, and maybe hands and feet. What a fun greeting on the breakfast table or the teacher’s desk!

You’ll find lots more crafts on Pinterest. Get started this weekend and you’ll have Valentine’s gifts for everyone you love. And don’t forget to check out our collection of heart art and love art for kids’ rooms. It’s like a Valentine on your wall year-round!

Oh, and by the way, did you hear about Punxutawney Phil?  (check out last week’s blog post about Groundhogs Day) He did not see his shadow. And that means, in the official words of Phil’s handler:

“There is no shadow to be cast! An early spring is my forecast!”

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